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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Oct 22 por>eng Fundo Endowment pro open no
- Oct 21 por>eng Divida líquida e certa Liquidated, fixed-sum debt pro open no
- Oct 21 fra>eng e-acte d’avocat lawyer's /court e-filing/ archives > e-record pro open no
- Oct 18 fra>eng prestation d'obligation contract compliance vs. duty to perform pro closed no
4 Oct 8 eng>ron conditional or absolute subscription Subscriptie conditionat sau neconditionat de actiuni pro closed ok
4 Oct 3 esl>eng carácter patrimonial a capital asset in nature pro closed ok
- Oct 3 sve>eng återförvisning BrE / IrE the case remand application pro closed no
- Sep 28 eng>fra output contract contrat de fabrication globale pro closed no
- Sep 21 eng>nor Notice to agent is notice to principal, notice to principal is notice to agent En /hensigts/erklæring ovefor oppdragstagere er erklæring overfor opdragsgivere, tvertom er... pro open no
- Sep 23 fra>eng charge solidaire et indivisible a joint and and non-severable (mutually enforceable) covenant pro closed no
3 Sep 22 fra>eng se manifester give / any / notice (of its desire) pro closed ok
- Sep 20 fra>eng bénéficiaire du nantissement factoring assignee / of a public procurement contract pro closed ok
- Sep 15 eng>esl transact on comerciar en / tramitarse en pro closed no
4 Sep 10 eng>ron shall constitute a complete adjustment of the property rights constituie reglarea / compensatie / definitiv al drepturilor patrimoniale / reale / pro closed ok
- Sep 13 esl>eng ampliar el contrato de construcción a widen /out/ the construction agreement to pro closed ok
- Sep 13 esl>eng rangos de contratación out/sourcing tiers pro closed ok
- Sep 12 esl>eng recepción municipal de las obras US City / UK Borough / Council delivery-take of project pro closed ok
4 Sep 9 fra>eng la finalité impliquant une telle communication the purpose warranting any such disclosure pro closed ok
- Sep 8 deu>esl zu treuen Händen se me hallan en depósito de mi confianza (en calidad de escribano/a depositario/a) pro closed ok
- Sep 8 ita>eng contenuto programmatico standard in form; to a set formula pro closed ok
- Sep 8 ita>eng in via rituale che irrituale acting with formal procedure or informally (ex aequo et bono) pro closed ok
4 Sep 6 deu>esl reallastartig derecho real propio de un censo pro closed ok
- Sep 6 eng>ita automatic stay of execution proveddimento de sospensione ex lege (d'ufficio) dell'efficacia esecutiva [del titolo] pro closed ok
- Sep 4 eng>deu Covered Transaction jeweils erfasstes Verrechnungsgeschäft pro open no
4 Sep 2 nor>eng U, off.: offl. § 13, jf. fvl. § 13 forste ledd nr. 1 Classified info.: s.13 Norwegian Freedom of Info. Act; cf. s. 13 (1) /subs. 1/ no. 1 Pub. Admin Act pro closed ok
- Aug 30 esl>eng recibido conforme received in conformity pro closed ok
- Aug 30 esl>eng (significará) la existencia de relaciones de índole laboral o de dependencia (shall mean neither) the existence of any labo/u/r or employment /BrE: control-tested/ relationship pro closed ok
- Aug 29 esl>eng redundando en su beneficio y siendo ejecutables (por y en contra de ellos) BrE: inuring /AmE: enuring to their benefit and/or being enforceable (by and/or against them) pro closed ok
- Aug 29 eng>deu dispute claim Reklamationsanspruch > litigation: Klag/e/anspruch pro closed no
- Aug 28 deu>esl Ablöseforderung solicitud / demanda / del saldo por liquidar pro open no
- Aug 29 esl>eng fiel cumplimiento de lo pactado proper compliance with what has been agreed > herein pro closed ok
- Aug 28 esl>eng permuta work change order vs. contract modification pro closed ok
- Aug 27 eng>esl be engaged obligado (sociedad = obligada) al efecto cuando corresponda pro closed no
- Aug 26 por>eng representada Principal(s); (Fem: Corporate) Clients pro open no
4 Aug 26 deu>esl Geschäftsbesorgungsvetrag contrato de comisión ; (admin. Spanien) de gestoría pro closed ok
4 Aug 25 nor>eng eierseksjon joint share of ownership ('joint tenancy' of house) / (E&W flats vs. US condo) commonhold interest pro closed ok
- Aug 25 esl>eng procederse a su liquidación there is to be a terminal account taken of such (of the contracts wound up) pro closed ok
- Aug 21 fra>eng régularisation authentique settling (of the conveyance) in duly certified form; (E&W) engrossment under notarial seal pro closed no
- Aug 20 por>eng Processo obrigacional process of finding liability pro closed no
4 Aug 19 fra>eng éviction 'crowding-out' ; loss caused by repudiatory breach pro closed ok
- Aug 18 por>eng Casos Omissos Contract lacunae pro closed no
- Aug 17 eng>ita operative title documents Titoli di proprietà validi e vigenti pro closed ok
- Aug 15 por>eng fundo de investimento em direitos creditórios não padronizados non-recourse factoring investment fund pro closed no
4 Aug 13 esl>eng en que intervienen los documentos /activities / in which the documents are involved pro closed ok
- Aug 12 esl>eng hacer incurrir en responsabilidad contractual is not to make the ... incur any liability in contract generally or pre-contractually pro closed ok
- Aug 7 deu>eng Mutationsverfügung (Schweiz) notice of re-appointment pro closed ok
4 Aug 6 esl>eng libramiento de ejecución US Am: issuing /levy/ of execution pro closed ok
3 Aug 4 eng>esl Joinder Shareholder accionista adherido/a; pro closed ok
- Jul 28 fra>eng à défaut pour without prejudice to; notwithstanding pro closed no
- Jul 27 fra>eng sur support papier ou dérivé on hard-copy paper or allied medium pro closed no
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