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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Jan 23 eng>esl by reimbursement en régimen de reintegro pro open no
- Jan 23 esl>eng Derecho de Asuncion Adicional Right of Additional /Rights /Take-Up ('Subscription') pro open no
- Jan 18 fra>eng en charge et en droit negative and positive easements (Scots law) servitudes pro open no
4 Jan 18 esl>eng finiquito (contrato) (UK) release and discharge pro closed ok
- Jan 17 esl>eng totalmente desocupado de personas y cosas (UK) with vacant possession and unfurnished - without any contents - throughout pro closed ok
- Jan 17 eng>ita Property in law la proprietà in diritto (formale) pro closed ok
- Jan 16 eng>fra practice area leader Chef d'équipe et de secteur au Cabinet d'Avocats pro closed ok
- Jan 15 esl>eng satisfacción por equivalente satisfaction by equivalent relief pro open no
4 Jan 14 eng>ita the effect of undertaking of performance of third parties l'effetto di promessa del fatto altrui/ del terzo pro closed ok
- Jan 5 esl>eng carta minuta draft letter pro closed no
- Jan 5 esl>eng "reportar el dinero" repatriate the money (proceeds) pro closed ok
4 Jan 1 esl>eng previa sustanciación del procedimiento after the conducting (of the admin.) proceedings pro closed ok
4 Dec 30 '19 por>eng pedido do fecho do expediente (admin) application to close the case pro closed ok
- Dec 29 '19 eng>esl Obligations to Perform Services obligación/obligaciones de ejecutar prestaciones pro closed ok
4 Dec 27 '19 esl>eng extinguido extinguish/ed; discharged (by constructive dismissal) pro closed ok
- Dec 25 '19 eng>deu sign its certification (AUT: die Fragenkatalog-Checkliste) zur Bekräftigung derselben unterfertigen pro closed ok
- Dec 23 '19 esl>eng condición mutua a mutual (anti-suit) covenant pro open no
- Dec 22 '19 eng>sve printed accidents o>lycks>trycks>händelser/fall pro just_closed no
- Dec 22 '19 esl>eng juicio de estado civil preliminary judgment in rem pro open no
- Dec 22 '19 esl>eng estipulante nominator of a substitute (by contract novation) pro closed no
- Dec 21 '19 esl>eng Giros de Equity Transfers of Capital Contribution (Equity Injections) pro closed no
4 Dec 21 '19 eng>sve requisites nödvändiga personuppgifter pro closed ok
4 Dec 21 '19 eng>sve owe the right to Part ska icke äga rätt att pro closed ok
4 Dec 18 '19 fra>eng tenu indéfinement et solidairement liable without any limit, as well as jointly and severally pro closed ok
- Dec 19 '19 ita>eng premesso altresi che Further, (AmE: in consideration of the premises) WITNESSETH that: pro closed no
- Dec 18 '19 fra>eng grever du chef du bailleur be chargeable - to the Landlord in that capacity - on the letting income pro closed no
- Dec 14 '19 deu>eng Lieferabruf delivery requisition ('outer') pro closed ok
4 Dec 14 '19 deu>eng Abruf der Leistungen requisitioning ('call-off') of the services pro closed ok
4 Dec 13 '19 esl>eng Subhipotecar Sub-mortgage pro closed ok
- Dec 12 '19 fra>eng dont la loi conserve le rang the priority of which (interest) ranks pari passu as a matter of law (with the principal)) pro open no
- Dec 11 '19 deu>eng abzustellen the case is to turn on; (coll.) the focus is to turn to pro closed ok
- Dec 5 '19 fra>eng approbation déclarative notice of preliminary (pre-)approval pro closed no
- Dec 4 '19 eng>deu passage of time or notice bei Zeitablauf bzw. einer Mahnung (Fristsetzung zur Abhilfe) pro just_closed no
- Dec 4 '19 deu>eng Trennungstatbestand de facto element (ingredient) of separation pro closed no
- Dec 1 '19 eng>deu Escrow Holder/Agent Hinterlegungsstelle /(non-Liecht) Treuhänder/in pro closed no
- Nov 30 '19 fra>eng réserve préalablement émise protest previously entered; pre-entered caveat pro closed no
- Nov 30 '19 fra>eng non libératoires non-exempting from further performance; not discharging the defaulter pro just_closed no
- Nov 29 '19 fra>eng par defaut de cause (post-contractual) for failure of substratum; (pre-contract) for lack of consideration pro closed no
- Nov 25 '19 esl>eng contratación de mínima cuantía mini-(competition) procurement pro closed no
- Nov 24 '19 eng>esl that party brought into relationship esa parte intervenido a la relación pro closed no
4 Nov 21 '19 esl>eng contratos indefinidos open-ended contract; contract for a term uncertain pro closed ok
- Nov 20 '19 eng>deu wind-down period - Abwicklungsfrist? oder: Vertragsauflösungs- bzw. -aufhebungsfrist pro closed ok
4 Nov 18 '19 ita>eng Registro somme e valori escrow (UK: stakeholder money & securities) account record pro closed ok
- Nov 12 '19 eng>esl failing to give a notice of... al dejar de denunciar.... pro closed no
4 Nov 11 '19 esl>eng sustanciará (the appeal is to) be conducted, heard or disposed of pro closed ok
4 Nov 11 '19 esl>eng no ha lugar realizar pronunciamiento alguno en materia de There is no case for making any ruling as to ... ('no order for costs is made') pro closed ok
4 Nov 9 '19 esl>eng para la formación de los autos for assembly /and entry/ of the (US) court record pro closed ok
- Nov 9 '19 esl>eng para que se decrete judicialmente el divorcio for the divorce decree to be court-ordered pro closed no
4 Nov 9 '19 esl>eng ha sido parte el ministerio fiscal (US) The State Counsel's Office (UK: Queen's Proctor) Treasury Solicitor Off. joined in as a party pro closed ok
- Nov 9 '19 esl>eng intervención (voluntary vs. forcible) joinder as a party pro closed no
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