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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Jan 26 sve>eng sakligt arkiverade archived matter-of-factly pro open no
- Jan 17 deu>eng Geschäftsfall (commercial vs. land) dealing > ref. no. pro closed ok
- Jan 13 eng>esl Global Limit Credit Facility Agreement contrato de apertura de crédito de límite global pro open no
- Jan 10 eng>esl transit shipment notification aviso de mercancía en tránsito pro closed no
- Jan 6 deu>eng im Umgang in negotiating the passage pro closed no
4 Dec 31 '19 sve>eng Orderläggning Order-logging; logging as an order pro closed ok
- Dec 22 '19 nor>eng anvrop (order) requisition pro closed ok
4 Dec 19 '19 eng>esl unearned premium or claims prima(s) percibida(s) pero no devengada(s) o siniestros pendientes de resolver o de desembolso pro closed ok
- Dec 11 '19 eng>deu write a story Geschichte schreiben pro closed no
- Dec 3 '19 deu>eng verstehen sich in Schweizer Franken are deemed converted into Swiss francs easy closed ok
- Dec 1 '19 esl>eng Las Sociedades gestoras de entidades de inversión colectiva de tipo cerrado Managing Companies of closed-end collective investment institutions pro closed ok
- Nov 26 '19 esl>eng preconcurso voluntary scheme (of arrangement/US: Chapter 11) stage pro closed no
- Nov 21 '19 esl>eng socio promotor joint sponsor-cum-backer pro closed ok
- Nov 13 '19 deu>eng Anlass und Ausgestaltung the function invited to and the way structured pro closed ok
- Nov 8 '19 deu>eng Ergebnis (pledge) score pro closed no
- Nov 2 '19 ita>eng cooperative edilizie e frazionabili council housing and tenement co-ops / co-operatives pro open no
- Nov 1 '19 deu>eng Der Lieferant schuldet die Verschaffung vorbehaltslosen Eigentums. The Supplier's responsibility is to procure unqualified (unretained) title pro closed ok
- Oct 31 '19 ita>eng seguono le sorti (re-/ins.) follow the fortunes (doctrine or clause) pro open no
- Oct 23 '19 fra>eng prescripteur procurement requisition approver ('manipulator') pro just_closed no
- Oct 19 '19 fra>eng organisme nantisseur (institutional) securitis/zer pro closed no
- Oct 9 '19 deu>eng Kalkulationsansatz costing approach pro closed ok
- Sep 18 '19 esl>eng traen aparejada ejecución (BrE) trigger immediate /levy of / execution pro closed ok
- Sep 18 '19 esl>eng y sin más demora and one brooking no delay pro closed ok
- Sep 18 '19 eng>deu aligned gleichgesinnt; mit ... zusammepasst pro just_closed no
4 Sep 18 '19 ita>eng sussistenza di IRPEF a debito existence of any (Italian) personal income tax due/left outstanding pro closed ok
- Sep 16 '19 esl>eng reforzar el cobro bolstering recovery pro closed ok
3 Sep 11 '19 eng>deu a public foundation limited by guarantee eine öffentlich-rechtliche Stiftung mit beschränkter Einstandspflicht der Stifter pro closed no
- Sep 10 '19 sve>eng Etablering Set-ups; business launch; (UK: co. or partnership formation) pro closed no
- Sep 6 '19 ita>eng conferire contribute pro just_closed no
- Sep 5 '19 fra>eng réseau de franchises TVA sur les débits. network of output VAT (US approx.: sales tax) franchises pro closed ok
- Sep 4 '19 esl>eng Pretensiones que se ejercitan Allegations that are raised with pro closed ok
- Aug 31 '19 esl>eng se liquidó y no se percibió su cobro (the total had been) assessed and no payment had been forthcoming pro closed no
- Aug 30 '19 por>eng Receita Face à Vista Brickwork facings sales revenue pro open no
- Aug 30 '19 sve>eng anbudsvara a requisition-offer (fixed-quote) article pro closed no
- Aug 18 '19 fra>eng bureau de la position cash-balances (accounting position) office pro open no
- Aug 18 '19 deu>eng Anspruch auf Abnahme entitlement to have delivery taken (make xxx accept) pro closed ok
4 Aug 15 '19 fra>eng Code apporteur Introductions agent code pro closed ok
4 Aug 15 '19 fra>eng N° liasse Corporation tax reference No. pro closed no
- Aug 9 '19 por>eng "analista de gestão patrimonial" capital investment (plant & equipment) analyst pro open no
- Aug 8 '19 esl>eng Tanto para circulante como para largo plazo for current and long-term (exposures and liabilities) alike pro closed no
4 Aug 5 '19 ita>eng fondo consortile consortium fund pro closed ok
- Aug 1 '19 sve>eng Terminsrullningar futures rolls pro closed no
- Jul 14 '19 eng>deu Variation Notice Letter (AmE/CanE) Änderungsanordnungsschreiben; 'TüV' Aufforderung zur Umsetzung einer Produktänderung pro open no
4 Jul 10 '19 eng>deu disputes of right vs. disputes of interest Rechts- ggü Interessenkonflikte bzw. -kollisionen pro closed ok
- Jul 10 '19 esl>eng Un saluda A three-part chit pro just_closed no
- Jul 9 '19 ita>eng Volturabilità Substitutability; amenability to subrogation pro closed ok
- Jul 8 '19 eng>deu Beneficial interest (DE) Nießbrauch pro closed ok
- Jul 8 '19 eng>deu Principals (nat. bzw. jur.) Person(en) mit maßgeblicher Einflußnahme bzw. Kontrolle pro closed ok
- Jun 30 '19 esl>eng "en el dia" (Pe) in due course pro closed no
- Jun 29 '19 eng>deu professionals die Angestellten (dürfen nicht berufsmäßig) pro closed no
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