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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
NP Mar 15 '19 .fs>eng بیمارستان سوانح و سوختگی Accident and burn hospital pro closed ok
- Feb 2 '19 eng>fas impingement اصابت pro closed ok
- Dec 10 '18 eng>.fs Reduced-purified antibodies are then incubated سپس آنتی بادی های کاهش یافته و خالص تکوین می یابند pro closed no
4 Nov 29 '18 eng>fas 7t binds eminently to COX-2 7t به طور واضحی با cox-2 پیوند می خورن pro closed no
- Nov 22 '18 .fs>eng داشتن قبض به‌منزله مالکیت جوابیه خواهد بود Having a receipt represents possession of reply pro closed no
4 Jul 17 '18 .fs>eng درد مفاصل arthralgia pro closed no
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