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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Mar 19 '19 eng>.fs patron مشوق pro closed no
NP Jan 24 '19 eng>fas help plant seeds just to be a vegetable کمک می کنه که نتیجه ی دلخواه بدست بیاد pro closed no
- Jan 11 '19 fas>eng آسیب‌شناسی تاریخ‌نگاری هنر Pathology historiography of art pro closed ok
- Jan 4 '19 eng>.fs mother of fools مادر احمق pro closed no
4 Aug 18 '18 eng>.fs clumsy band and button بند و دکمه بد بسته شده pro closed no
4 Aug 18 '18 eng>.fs the change in the face تغییر در چهره pro closed no
- Aug 18 '18 eng>.fs rough head سر ژولیده pro closed ok
- Aug 12 '18 eng>fas keep feet to fire برای انجام کاری به کسی فشار آوردن pro closed no
- Aug 5 '18 eng>.fs feel productive احساس خوبی داشتن pro closed no
- Jul 19 '18 eng>.fs to cave تسلیم شدن pro closed no
4 Jun 26 '18 eng>.fs dead set against مخالف پر و پا قرص چیزی بودن pro closed no
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