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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Apr 4 '13 urd>eng "ذمہ داری سےمبرّاہونا" to be devoid of responsibility pro open no
4 Mar 23 '13 urd>eng "بات میں وزن ہونا" a word that carries weight pro closed no
4 Mar 12 '13 urd>eng "حیلے بہانےکرنا" Making excuses pro closed no
- Sep 22 '12 urd>eng کوئی کچھ بھی کہے anyone says anything / whatever anyone says pro closed no
- Aug 23 '12 urd>eng اسباب Causes / tools pro just_closed no
- Jun 10 '12 urd>eng قیاس آرائی کرنا gaging/measuring/estimating (also evaluating) pro closed no
4 Jun 8 '12 urd>eng سمجہ سےبالاتر Beyond understanding pro closed ok
- May 20 '12 urd>eng "kisi chez li arr lena" to seek refuge in/under/behind something pro closed no
- May 20 '12 urd>eng "kisi chez ki arr mai kuck karna" To do something under the pretext of something pro just_closed no
- May 20 '12 urd>eng "kisi k kahnde pe rakh ke bandook chalana" To put one's gun on someone else's shoulder and fire pro just_closed no
4 Oct 15 '11 urd>eng مجھ پہےاحسان نہئں کیا (You) didn't do me a favour. pro closed no
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