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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Mar 17 '15 .fs>eng هرچي خدا بخواهد Whatever God wills pro closed ok
- Oct 15 '12 .fs>eng در حدِ Within the boundary/limit of pro closed ok
- Sep 21 '12 .fs>eng به همین راستا in this way pro closed ok
4 Jun 10 '12 .fs>eng تلبنار شدن کارها piling up of work pro closed no
4 Jun 10 '12 .fs>eng کارهای عقب افتاده backlog pro closed no
4 Jun 8 '12 .fs>eng به خود آمدن to come to one's self / to come to one's senses pro closed no
- Jan 18 '12 .fs>eng اينه جاي تشكّرت؟ Is this how you say thank you? pro closed ok
- Nov 27 '11 eng>.fs one hand washes the other تو به من و من به تو pro closed no
- Nov 19 '11 eng>.fs My heart bleeds for you! دلم برات خون میشه pro closed ok
- Nov 6 '11 eng>.fs as opposed to chasing them به عوض تعقیب آنها pro closed ok
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