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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Oct 12 deu>eng "Auf dass es immer so bleibt, wie es ist" May today last forever pro closed ok
- Sep 24 deu>eng schildern dürfen pleased to share with you pro closed no
- Sep 20 deu>eng nach Aktenlage based on spreadsheets pro just_closed no
- Jul 11 deu>eng die das 35. Lebensjahr noch nicht überschritten haben dürfen Applicants must not exceed the age of 35. pro closed no
- Jun 25 deu>eng setzen Sie gekonnt in Szene give/provide your brands (products) with a professional display pro closed no
- Apr 21 eng>eng To keep a stiff upper lip (buckle down and) grit your teeth pro just_closed no
4 Mar 10 deu>eng vieles ist noch im Enstehen krank; misconceived from the outset pro closed ok
4 Feb 26 deu>eng Argumente Top reasons why your kids should not miss out on this. pro closed ok
- Jan 29 deu>eng Sanierungsauftakt Getting started with a home upgrade pro closed no
- Jan 28 deu>eng Jetzt raus mit der Ölheizung Say goodbye to oil. Turn up the heat on fossil fuels pro closed no
- Oct 25 '19 deu>eng doppelt spitze dual act at the top pro closed no
- May 17 '19 deu>eng sagen einem zwar immer alle everybody is telling you easy closed ok
- Apr 26 '19 deu>eng verplappert sich slipped up easy closed ok
- Apr 25 '19 deu>eng hinbekommen pull off pro closed no
4 Mar 6 '19 deu>eng wie nicht which it didn't pro closed ok
- Feb 14 '19 deu>eng wie die Feuerwehr cake heros/Let Them Eat Cake team easy just_closed no
- Jan 17 '19 deu>eng Nachgefragt: In depth: pro closed ok
- Jan 11 '19 deu>eng das noch junge Jahr nascent year pro closed no
- Dec 12 '18 deu>eng Aufklärung und Aufarbeitung clearing up abuse and self-examination pro just_closed no
- Oct 31 '18 deu>eng 1582 heiratet er die acht Jahre ältere Anne Hathaway, "In 1582, he wed Anne Hathaway, eight years his elder". easy closed no
- Aug 3 '18 deu>eng Wohlüberlegt [...] Considering how much thought we put in this easy closed no
- Jul 8 '18 deu>eng nicht einmal mit Wohlwollen als Halbwahrheiten durchgehen ...don't qualify as half-truths even by the most charitable standards pro closed ok
- Jun 20 '18 deu>eng sich abgeholt fühlen feeling at ease pro closed ok
- Jun 13 '18 deu>eng meine How long will my information be stored? easy closed ok
- Jun 7 '18 deu>eng es wird schon nichts passieren head-in-the-sand attitude pro closed ok
- May 14 '18 deu>eng Halb-Irren semi-lunatic easy closed no
- Apr 10 '18 deu>eng Milliardenpleitier high-flying business owner gone bust pro closed ok
3 Feb 21 '18 deu>eng als vollständige SHK-Fachmesse angekommen has come into its own pro closed no
- Dec 17 '17 deu>eng Lebensbejahende Körperbau body shape attesting to a fondness for life's pleasures pro closed ok
- Dec 15 '17 deu>eng Die hosch guat hinkriagt Looks like you did a good job raising her pro closed no
- Dec 13 '17 deu>eng Hetzpost Incendiary postings pro closed ok
- Dec 12 '17 deu>eng seriöse versteht sich serious comments, of course easy closed no
NP Sep 4 '17 deu>eng konsequent with teeth (to it) easy open no
- May 19 '17 deu>eng Ganz schön krank You have to be sick to do this pro closed ok
- Feb 7 '17 deu>eng Rauskommen (So) what did we accomplish? easy closed ok
- Jan 19 '17 deu>eng Der Kölner an sich verreist ungern To Cologners, traveling has its inconveniences easy closed no
- Dec 29 '16 deu>eng geb: Kohaut maiden name:Kohaut easy closed ok
- Dec 10 '16 deu>eng Mal unter uns Let's be honest easy closed ok
- Nov 11 '16 deu>eng So einfach geht‘s zu Getting your bonus coupon is a cinch easy closed ok
- Nov 9 '16 deu>eng tussig a show-off easy closed ok
- Nov 9 '16 deu>eng Todesfall melden announce the death pro open no
4 Oct 27 '16 deu>eng Grund You're on solid ground pro closed ok
- Oct 4 '16 deu>eng Verwurstung distorted legacy pro open no
4 Sep 15 '16 deu>eng Latschdemo protest stroll pro closed no
- Aug 22 '16 deu>eng Heino tritt auf Heino will be performing! easy closed no
- Jun 3 '16 deu>eng Downloadgebühr download charges easy closed ok
- May 9 '16 deu>eng es bleibt bei stuck with keyword searches pro closed ok
- Mar 18 '16 deu>eng Mosaikpolitik hodgepodge approach pro closed no
- Jan 24 '16 deu>eng durch (here) Using novels to foster cross-cultural understanding pro closed no
- Dec 15 '15 deu>eng ging mir sehr ab was very hard on me pro closed no
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