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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Mar 31 fra>eng ensemble du monde the entire human race easy closed ok
- Mar 30 fra>eng récupérer have taken advantage of (the corona virus crisis) pro closed ok
- Mar 22 fra>eng hôtellerie de plein air open-air camping/accomodations pro closed ok
- Mar 21 fra>eng À l’arrivée (in this context) date of publication pro closed ok
- Mar 16 esl>eng Hemos atravesado cientos de adversidades we have had to endure/suffer though thousands of adverse circumstances easy closed no
- Mar 5 ita>eng Una metà del cuore… e l’altra metà one half of the loving team,.. along with the other half pro closed no
4 Jan 14 fra>eng Le cours de la pensée est sous pression his/her train of thought is/cognitions are influenced by stress easy closed ok
- Jan 12 ita>eng già allora, sapremo con sei mesi.... even then, we will know, six months in advance... pro closed ok
- Dec 29 '19 fra>eng explication de protocole explanation of protocol easy closed ok
- Dec 18 '19 fra>eng comité économique et social business and economics development committee pro closed no
- Dec 17 '19 fra>eng tu t’es pris la tête dessus you put your (whole) heart and soul into it easy closed no
4 Dec 15 '19 esl>eng ciudadano elector citizen voter(s) pro closed ok
- Dec 15 '19 ita>eng ha già trovato ampi riscontri which, by and large, have been well documented pro closed ok
4 Dec 15 '19 fra>eng Aptitudes abilities easy closed ok
NP Nov 5 '19 fra>eng 'Être fou comme un lapin' crazy as a loon pro closed no
- Oct 14 '19 esl>eng café con nieve coffee a la mode pro closed ok
- Sep 28 '19 eng>esl clubhouse club de esperanza pro closed no
- Sep 13 '19 esl>eng cuadro psicológico psychological profile pro closed ok
- Sep 2 '19 fra>eng il y a souvent plusieurs vies dans une vie One life is often made up of a lot of different lives. easy closed ok
- Aug 16 '19 esl>eng Menús veganos en escuelas, hospitales y cárceles vegan options for schools, hospitals, and jails pro closed ok
- Aug 15 '19 eng>esl gun violence violencia causada por armas de fuego pro closed ok
- Aug 14 '19 eng>esl Mental health days días de recuperación mental pro closed no
- Jul 23 '19 ita>eng per aver visto delle cose dal passato having also looked at certain historical occurrences pro closed ok
- Jul 23 '19 eng>esl Churro Takes the Cake ¡El churro es el colmo! pro closed ok
4 Jul 15 '19 ita>eng dinamiche funzionali functional and social dynamics pro closed ok
- Jul 15 '19 esl>eng No era exactamente guapa, ni dejaba de serlo. she wasn't exactly a handsome woman, but neither was she unattractive pro closed no
- Jul 15 '19 esl>eng desde sus enfáticos años y su sintética voz de adolescente starting with her passionate years as a fast-talking adolescent pro closed no
- Jul 14 '19 por>eng Porcentagem de famílias recebendo assistência familiar com matrizes lógicas percentage of families receiving assitance, which falls within logical numerical parameters pro closed no
4 Jul 14 '19 ita>eng quanto di più distante dalla realtà no matter how far removed from the reality of his obligation pro closed ok
- Jul 10 '19 esl>eng de estilo barroco con reminiscencias neoclásicas whose style is baroque, and reminiscent of Neoclassicism pro closed ok
4 Jul 10 '19 por>eng centro universitário university center pro closed ok
- Jul 8 '19 fra>eng sont soignées look like they have been carefully done/built pro closed ok
- Jul 8 '19 fra>eng emplois induits which have been created pro closed ok
- Jul 8 '19 fra>eng seront de tous les combats, dont the students will take part in every fight that leads to pro closed ok
- Jul 7 '19 esl>eng Tuvo muchas profesiones he had a lot of "careers" easy closed no
- Jul 7 '19 fra>eng un petit temps de préférence and, ideally, it doesn't take too long to get to that point/speed pro closed ok
- Jul 1 '19 esl>eng con arcos y flechas se hace señor with bows and arrows, she becomes the master pro closed ok
- Jun 30 '19 por>eng Ele Não Tem Simancol he needs to get a grip pro closed ok
- Jun 30 '19 por>eng Que Folga!! How bold! pro closed ok
4 Jun 24 '19 por>eng forma de trabalhar style of working/working style pro closed ok
- Jun 24 '19 por>eng não anda com o negócio when the technology does not keep up with the needs of the business/does not reflect the needs of... pro closed ok
- Jun 24 '19 por>eng em franca expansão in open expansion pro closed ok
- Jun 21 '19 fra>eng loué avant meublé (to be)rented unfurnished pro closed ok
- May 30 '19 fra>eng mal de terre unsteady (on your feet) easy closed no
- May 24 '19 fra>eng devenue "un papillon" admirable whichwas turned into an ostentatious structure, to be admired pro closed ok
- May 24 '19 eng>esl lunchmeat fiambre pro closed ok
- May 16 '19 fra>eng fait son identité that today is an expression of its personality pro closed no
4 May 16 '19 fra>eng séjour détente a relaxing stay easy closed ok
4 May 3 '19 ita>eng messi in crisi dalla patologia mentale. who are undergoing a mental health crisis pro closed ok
- May 3 '19 ita>eng prendere la propria posizione nel mondo assume her/his own position in the world pro closed ok
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