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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Jun 30 ita>eng raccogliersi chill out pro just_closed no
- Jun 22 ita>eng sul suo muso di gattone sprovveduto over the nose of the big, clueless cat pro closed no
- Jun 21 ita>eng vuoti e pieni should be interpreted on the basis of its gaps/lacunae, rather than through its roundedness pro closed ok
- Jun 3 ita>eng Il progetto (dei paesaggi abbandonati) abandoned landscapes initiative pro closed ok
4 Apr 18 ita>eng vicinanza ai consumatori the company's priority has always been that of supporting our customers pro closed ok
- Mar 5 ita>eng Una metà del cuore… e l’altra metà one half of the loving team,.. along with the other half pro closed no
- Jan 12 ita>eng già allora, sapremo con sei mesi.... even then, we will know, six months in advance... pro closed ok
- Dec 15 '19 ita>eng ha già trovato ampi riscontri which, by and large, have been well documented pro closed ok
- Jul 23 '19 ita>eng per aver visto delle cose dal passato having also looked at certain historical occurrences pro closed ok
4 Jul 15 '19 ita>eng dinamiche funzionali functional and social dynamics pro closed ok
4 Jul 14 '19 ita>eng quanto di più distante dalla realtà no matter how far removed from the reality of his obligation pro closed ok
4 May 3 '19 ita>eng messi in crisi dalla patologia mentale. who are undergoing a mental health crisis pro closed ok
- May 3 '19 ita>eng prendere la propria posizione nel mondo assume her/his own position in the world pro closed ok
4 Mar 12 '19 ita>eng Mi definisco un "innamorato del corpo umano" alla continua ricerca I have an intense fascination for the human body... pro closed ok
- Jan 13 '19 ita>eng Come vivere a colori How To Experience Colors pro closed ok
4 Jan 2 '19 ita>eng risalendo ascending by semitones pro closed ok
- Dec 26 '18 ita>eng ricaduta since it has an effect on pro closed no
- Dec 24 '18 ita>eng inespresso silent pro closed ok
- Dec 23 '18 ita>eng pulizia della mano destra sweeping movement of the right hand pro closed ok
4 Dec 2 '18 ita>eng Accoglienza turistica hospitality staff uniform(s) pro closed no
- Oct 2 '18 ita>eng anche qui non si risolve even, in this case, is not resolved pro open no
- Sep 28 '18 ita>eng dell’inefficacia di un gesto che vuole essere autentico risk that an artistic gesture might be ineffective pro closed ok
- Sep 19 '18 ita>eng fuori dalla mente flight of fancy pro closed ok
- Aug 18 '18 ita>eng si arriva poi alla fierezza di essere one ends up feeling proud that they are Italian pro closed ok
- Aug 18 '18 ita>eng influenzare cose molto personali have an impact on things that point to highly individual tastes pro closed ok
- Aug 12 '18 ita>eng grafia spelling pro closed ok
4 Aug 2 '18 ita>eng Trasmettere/trasferire qualcosa conveyed pro closed ok
- Jul 31 '18 ita>eng promozione dei giochi pubblici promotion of games meant for the public pro just_closed no
- Jul 29 '18 ita>eng coinvolto associated with pro just_closed no
- Jul 12 '18 ita>eng Non meno ampie sono le notizie the news is not any less extensive when it comes to/with regard to pro closed ok
- Jul 7 '18 ita>eng e che come parli stai? what you say reflects how you're feeling pro closed ok
4 May 19 '18 ita>eng viene affidato congiuntamente a entrambi i genitori each parent shall be awarded joint custody pro closed ok
- May 10 '18 ita>eng Data definizione date to be set/established/determined (at a later time) pro just_closed no
- Feb 26 '18 ita>eng i suoi limiti arricchenti their considerable/substantial limits pro closed ok
- Feb 26 '18 ita>eng Risaltano nei cuori their eyes reflect/project the passions and battles in their souls pro closed ok
- Feb 25 '18 ita>eng la sua storia naviga its history makes its way/unfolds along pro closed no
- Feb 25 '18 ita>eng la regina della non-verità the queen of lies pro closed ok
4 Feb 24 '18 ita>eng sulla scena terrestre on the terrestrial stage pro closed ok
- Feb 17 '18 ita>eng dover essere of what must take place in a marriage pro closed no
- Feb 5 '18 ita>eng infrattati in un luogo di perdizione we were already rolling around with one another, in a place of perdition pro just_closed no
- Feb 2 '18 ita>eng per immaginare meglio il buio. so he can visualize the dark that much better pro closed ok
- Jan 29 '18 ita>eng avere una mente maldestra I must have a dumbed-down mind./ I must have a head that's not screwed on right. pro just_closed no
4 Jan 29 '18 ita>eng Dissociato disjointed pro closed ok
- Jan 29 '18 ita>eng disse il pazzo alla puttana said the nut job to the female fucker pro closed ok
- Jan 23 '18 ita>eng Creazione di messaggi attrattivi the creation of powerful messages that will draw customers to the hoiels pro closed ok
- Jan 16 '18 ita>eng Sbattuto fuori tossed/thrown out on my ass pro closed ok
- Jan 16 '18 ita>eng con i fiocchi prima in the first place, the Professor Emeritus... pro closed ok
- Jan 16 '18 ita>eng E giù citazioni a grappoli. he then rattled off a whole bunch of citations pro closed ok
- Jan 15 '18 ita>eng obiettivi di risanamento financial reconstruction pro closed ok
- Jan 15 '18 ita>eng naufragati failed attempts pro closed ok
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