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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Jul 6 esl>eng ayudante member of the help/support staff pro open no
4 Jul 2 esl>eng operarán de manera reducida will operate at reduced capacity pro closed ok
- Jul 1 esl>eng éstas realizarán sus mayores esfuerzos para solucionarlos directamente will do everything they can to come up with a direct solution pro closed ok
- Jul 1 esl>eng forma societaria company form pro closed ok
- Jul 1 esl>eng para la consecución realization of the operation pro closed ok
4 Jun 30 esl>eng virutas secas (cubitos) dry chips pro closed ok
- Jun 22 esl>eng donde va a removerse el caldero will not be impacted by the revolution but by efforts on the part of the opposition pro closed ok
- Jun 20 esl>eng bloque narrativo narrative breaks pro closed ok
- Jun 12 esl>eng raciones de pan a las que les falta medio chorizo bread portions meant for only half of a sausage pro closed ok
4 Jun 8 esl>eng como elemento decorativo o cuando nos deleitamos al observarlas every time that we show our preference for them as decorative elements, or when we enjoy gazing at t pro closed ok
- Jun 7 esl>eng actores informativos news makers pro closed ok
4 Jun 7 esl>eng estudio Education: pro closed ok
- Jun 6 esl>eng ha aprobado el plan de estudios successfully completed the course of studies pro closed no
4 May 31 esl>eng Nota de Egreso patient discharge note(s) pro closed ok
4 May 26 esl>eng empresa de firma digital digital signature company pro closed ok
- May 25 esl>eng alienación delincuente alienation based on criminality pro closed no
- May 25 esl>eng peculio own money/money in their pocket/modest savings pro closed no
- May 19 esl>eng plan de desconfinamiento easing/lifting of restrictions plan pro closed ok
- May 12 esl>eng servidor laborer pro closed no
- May 3 esl>eng "hacer el focus" monitor everything she does pro closed no
- Apr 28 esl>eng la afectación debe ser total must be completely utilized pro closed ok
- Apr 28 esl>eng gastos aparejados and expenses related to it pro closed ok
- Apr 26 esl>eng Ministro de jornada Minister of the Day/Day Minister pro closed ok
- Apr 25 esl>eng una compra venta a plazos sales purchase, to be paid in installments pro closed ok
4 Dec 15 '19 esl>eng ciudadano elector citizen voter(s) pro closed ok
- Oct 14 '19 esl>eng café con nieve coffee a la mode pro closed ok
- Sep 13 '19 esl>eng cuadro psicológico psychological profile pro closed ok
- Aug 16 '19 esl>eng Menús veganos en escuelas, hospitales y cárceles vegan options for schools, hospitals, and jails pro closed ok
- Jul 15 '19 esl>eng No era exactamente guapa, ni dejaba de serlo. she wasn't exactly a handsome woman, but neither was she unattractive pro closed no
- Jul 15 '19 esl>eng desde sus enfáticos años y su sintética voz de adolescente starting with her passionate years as a fast-talking adolescent pro closed no
- Jul 10 '19 esl>eng de estilo barroco con reminiscencias neoclásicas whose style is baroque, and reminiscent of Neoclassicism pro closed ok
- Jul 1 '19 esl>eng con arcos y flechas se hace señor with bows and arrows, she becomes the master pro closed ok
- Apr 8 '19 esl>eng favorecer nurture/develop a feeling of empathy pro closed ok
- Apr 4 '19 esl>eng dar mayor alcance may have a greater influence/impact (on) pro closed ok
- Apr 2 '19 esl>eng observatorio de experiencias monitoring of experiences pro closed ok
- Apr 2 '19 esl>eng personas protagonistas de la misma people who are players in the same pro closed ok
- Mar 31 '19 esl>eng menor tendencia a la derecha less of a right wing bias pro closed ok
- Mar 27 '19 esl>eng No te me relajes you need to get a grip and let up on me pro just_closed no
- Mar 27 '19 esl>eng Tirandome por los suelos raking me over the coals pro closed ok
- Mar 12 '19 esl>eng fijar domicilio establish domicile pro closed ok
- Mar 11 '19 esl>eng lustre de oro Golden Luster pro closed ok
- Mar 6 '19 esl>eng senos de bufé warming tray buffet server pro closed ok
- Feb 26 '19 esl>eng saber ser y saber estar should know how to find things out, and know how to be ready/prepared pro closed no
- Feb 12 '19 esl>eng con gran solvencia using a high level of skill/because he had a great deal of aptitude for it pro closed no
- Feb 10 '19 esl>eng tierra de paso land of passage pro closed ok
- Feb 6 '19 esl>eng cordial saludo cordial greeting pro closed no
- Jan 27 '19 esl>eng naturaliza la aceptabilidad turns a blind eye to pro closed ok
- Jan 26 '19 esl>eng Le tiene comido el seso it's taken over his mind pro closed no
- Jan 16 '19 esl>eng Reclutamiento inclusion pro closed ok
- Jan 12 '19 esl>eng Libro de proyecto project report pro closed no
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