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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- May 11 fra>eng déconfinement lifting of restrictions easy closed ok
4 Dec 3 '18 fra>eng lettre de liaison de sortie d'hospitalisation hospital discharge letter easy closed ok
4 Feb 28 '18 eng>esl choice selección de easy closed ok
4 Jun 14 '17 esl>eng Motivo del Ingreso reason for admission easy closed ok
4 Jul 12 '15 por>eng Complicações da Anestesia complications from Anesthesia easy closed no
4 May 31 '15 esl>eng inflamación del hígado y del intestino inflammation of the liver and intestines/intestinal tract easy closed ok
4 Jun 24 '10 ita>eng Istruzioni per la preparazione agli esami instructions for medical tests preparation easy closed ok
- Dec 6 '08 fra>eng examen très minutieux very minute examination easy closed ok
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