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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
NP Nov 12 '18 esl>eng mimosa affectionate pro open no
- Jul 30 '11 esl>eng Siento que nos han tomado de punto", I'm afraid they targeted us/staked us out pro closed no
- Jul 30 '11 esl>eng cosa de ellos These young people, nowadays...They're always up to something/up to their usual tricks. pro closed no
- May 3 '11 eng>esl doesn't look like much no es muy atrayente pro closed no
- Dec 26 '10 eng>esl dash home volver corriendo para casa pro open no
- Aug 8 '09 esl>esl Me gusta como te mueves I like the way (como) you move. pro closed ok
3 Jul 20 '09 esl>eng CONGREGATIVO collective morpheme pro closed ok
- Feb 19 '09 esl>eng flexible en las colocaciones y firme en la posición by being flexible in one's stand and by taking a strong position pro closed ok
- Nov 28 '08 esl>eng ¿A que sí? ¿A que no? Isn't that right? That's not so/right? pro closed no
- Jun 17 '07 esl>eng sin ti diciendo nada without your saying anything pro closed ok
- Jun 17 '07 esl>eng he leído el declaracion de advertiso en que estoy avisado de mis derechos. I have read the statement of notification which advises me of my rights. pro closed ok
- Jun 17 '07 esl>eng del juridico of the legal process/of my legal rights pro closed ok
- Jun 17 '07 esl>eng ni presura nor any pressure pro closed ok
- Jun 17 '07 esl>eng quien estaba arrelgado who got ready pro closed ok
- Jun 18 '07 esl>eng estás perdonado que lo hiciste to tell them that you are pardoned for what you did pro closed ok
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