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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Apr 28 por>eng despoletar gives rise to pro closed ok
- Mar 12 '19 esl>eng fijar domicilio establish domicile pro closed ok
- Sep 24 '18 eng>esl Mistrial juicio viciado de nulidad pro closed ok
- Jul 2 '18 esl>eng No se le han aplicado ninguna de las sanciones none of the sanctions have been applied (to him)/in his case pro closed no
4 May 19 '18 ita>eng viene affidato congiuntamente a entrambi i genitori each parent shall be awarded joint custody pro closed ok
4 May 10 '18 eng>esl A reasonable person would assume una persona razonable supondría (que) pro closed ok
4 Feb 25 '18 esl>eng frente a los intereses de su compañía in opposition to/counter to the interests of your company pro closed ok
4 Feb 9 '18 eng>esl Integrity Counts Integrity Counts pro closed ok
- Jan 12 '18 fra>eng risques pénaux legal risks pro closed ok
4 Dec 31 '17 esl>eng siéndole concedidas las siguientes facultades the following powers having been granted/conceded to him pro closed ok
4 Dec 26 '17 esl>eng COMO UNA CERTIFICACIÓN DEL MISMO as certification of the same pro closed ok
- Sep 9 '17 esl>eng Padre o madre de cercanía afectiva father or mother who offer emotional attachment/stability pro closed ok
- Aug 28 '17 esl>eng Ministerio Publico Department/Ministry of Family Law pro closed ok
- Jul 8 '17 por>eng menor relativamente incapaz a minor, relatively incompetent pro closed ok
- Apr 4 '17 eng>esl people's governments gobiernos, por la gente pro closed ok
- Jan 23 '17 ita>eng oggetto di edizione which is the subject of the text pro just_closed no
4 Nov 17 '16 esl>eng Solicitud de Admisión al ejercicio de la abogacía Application for Admission to the Bar pro closed ok
- Mar 18 '16 por>eng Câmara Criminal do Tribunal de Justiça Criminal Chambers of the Tribunal of Justice pro closed ok
- Jul 18 '15 esl>eng por los delitos que resulten because of the crimes that will transpire/come about pro closed ok
- Jul 13 '15 por>eng suplente their substitute(s) pro just_closed ok
- Jun 21 '15 esl>eng consulta legal legal inquiry pro closed no
- Jun 20 '15 fra>eng Lettre de réserves registered letter pro closed ok
- Jun 15 '15 esl>eng rechazable and not having been refused entry into pro closed no
4 May 16 '15 esl>eng libre ejercicio de sus derechos civiles free exercise of her/his civil rights pro closed ok
- Apr 30 '15 esl>eng deben trasladarse (in this context) some preliminary considerations/reflections should be analyzed pro closed ok
- Sep 3 '11 esl>eng carecen de cualidad lack recognition by the courts pro closed ok
4 Aug 31 '11 fra>eng modification retenue adopted modification pro closed ok
- Aug 28 '11 eng>esl factual assumption suposiciones/supuestos de hecho pro closed ok
- Jul 31 '11 esl>eng "sin que ello pueda ser entendido como abdicación o renuncia de ningún derecho with no possibility of it being understood as an abdication or waiver/relinquishment of any right pro closed ok
- Jul 16 '11 ita>eng le valutazioni asessments pro closed no
- Jul 5 '11 esl>eng constatado as confirmed by pro closed no
- Jun 26 '11 fra>eng lien d’indivisibilité of an indivisibility that exists in pro closed ok
- Jun 24 '11 eng>esl Hearsay Evidence evidencia por referencia pro closed ok
NP May 10 '11 esl>eng haber constreñido de manera ilegal having illegally restricted pro closed ok
- May 9 '11 esl>eng costas pueden ser compensadas court expenses may be paid pro closed ok
- May 9 '11 esl>eng año 161 de la independencia year 161 of independence pro closed ok
- May 9 '11 esl>eng se transformará en arresto shall result in incarceration pro closed ok
- May 8 '11 esl>eng cuando reclamaron sus pretensiones relacionadas a when they declared their objectives/goals related to/in relation to pro closed ok
- May 7 '11 esl>eng en lo relacionado as pertains to the same (the Agreement) pro closed ok
- May 7 '11 esl>eng resulta elocuente one finds eloquent pro closed ok
- Apr 27 '11 esl>eng que induce una expectative cierta de comportamiento determinado that leads to a certain expectation when it comes to a given behavior pro closed ok
- Mar 26 '11 esl>eng apartamiento waivers pro closed ok
- Mar 15 '11 esl>eng Afianzar y dar garantías to guarantee pro closed ok
- Mar 12 '11 ita>eng nei limiti delle estensioni innanzi indicate within the parameters previously set forth/stated pro closed ok
4 Mar 12 '11 esl>eng Certificado a petición de partes Certificate (issued) Per Request of the Parties/Upon the Parties' Request pro closed ok
- Mar 5 '11 fra>eng combinaisons de l'intelligence mixed modes of intelligence pro just_closed no
4 Mar 5 '11 esl>eng Interponer papeleta to file a petition (petition papers) for pro closed ok
- Mar 5 '11 fra>eng poste de réclamation claim listed on/mentioned in... pro closed ok
- Feb 25 '11 fra>eng aliéner notre propriété may only transfer/assign pro just_closed no
4 Feb 25 '11 eng>esl Temporary Restraining Order (Mexico) juicio de amparo provisional/temporal pro closed ok
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