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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Jun 10 eng>esl If either one is si cualquiera de los dos lo sea pro closed ok
- May 26 eng>esl spread the gap extender sus capacidades normales pro closed no
- May 7 fra>eng qui tient davantage du face à face that keeps the confrontation of two egos under control pro closed ok
- May 7 fra>eng entre deux impressions d’immensité amid two impressions indicative of grandeur/expansiveness pro just_closed no
- Mar 5 ita>eng Una metà del cuore… e l’altra metà one half of the loving team,.. along with the other half pro closed no
- Jan 12 ita>eng già allora, sapremo con sei mesi.... even then, we will know, six months in advance... pro closed ok
- Dec 15 '19 ita>eng ha già trovato ampi riscontri which, by and large, have been well documented pro closed ok
- Jul 8 '19 fra>eng seront de tous les combats, dont the students will take part in every fight that leads to pro closed ok
- May 16 '19 fra>eng fait son identité that today is an expression of its personality pro closed no
4 May 3 '19 ita>eng messi in crisi dalla patologia mentale. who are undergoing a mental health crisis pro closed ok
- May 3 '19 ita>eng prendere la propria posizione nel mondo assume her/his own position in the world pro closed ok
- Apr 9 '19 fra>eng maison de famille family-owned accommodations/vineyard pro closed ok
- Apr 2 '19 fra>eng Je vous laisse me suivre? Do you want to follow me? pro closed ok
- Feb 6 '19 esl>eng cordial saludo cordial greeting pro closed no
- Dec 2 '18 esl>eng Ve los muñequitos, go watch the cartoons pro closed no
- Dec 2 '18 esl>eng Pajaro, maldito pajaro! you're a damn prick pro closed no
- Dec 1 '18 esl>eng luego comienzas con una peleadera.. you start to quarrel (with me) pro closed ok
- Sep 30 '18 esl>eng a colaborar will contribute pro closed ok
- Sep 30 '18 esl>eng Ojo billar Be careful! pro closed ok
- Sep 19 '18 ita>eng fuori dalla mente flight of fancy pro closed ok
- Aug 18 '18 ita>eng si arriva poi alla fierezza di essere one ends up feeling proud that they are Italian pro closed ok
- Aug 18 '18 ita>eng influenzare cose molto personali have an impact on things that point to highly individual tastes pro closed ok
- Aug 7 '18 eng>esl spatial relación personal con el medioambiente pro just_closed no
- Aug 7 '18 fra>eng Avoir un tempérament commercial have a business temperament pro closed no
4 Aug 2 '18 ita>eng Trasmettere/trasferire qualcosa conveyed pro closed ok
- Jul 12 '18 ita>eng Non meno ampie sono le notizie the news is not any less extensive when it comes to/with regard to pro closed ok
- Jul 10 '18 fra>eng vivre à tes crochets to sponge off someone else pro closed no
- Jul 10 '18 fra>eng je te balance des horreurs I'm always getting into your face/hurling insults at you pro closed no
- Jun 29 '18 eng>esl more un número adicional de pro closed no
- Jun 25 '18 esl>eng Nunca mejor dicho se podrá decir que it couldn't be said any better: ... (that) pro closed no
- May 28 '18 fra>eng à votre attention drawn to/meant for your attention pro closed no
- May 10 '18 esl>eng No me tira it doesn't appeal to me/holds no attraction for me pro closed no
- May 10 '18 ita>eng Data definizione date to be set/established/determined (at a later time) pro just_closed no
- Apr 24 '18 fra>eng c'est moi qui pousse au cul for once, it ain't gonna be me who's firin' buckshot into their backs pro closed no
- Feb 26 '18 ita>eng i suoi limiti arricchenti their considerable/substantial limits pro closed ok
- Feb 26 '18 ita>eng Risaltano nei cuori their eyes reflect/project the passions and battles in their souls pro closed ok
- Feb 25 '18 ita>eng la sua storia naviga its history makes its way/unfolds along pro closed no
- Feb 25 '18 ita>eng la regina della non-verità the queen of lies pro closed ok
4 Feb 24 '18 ita>eng sulla scena terrestre on the terrestrial stage pro closed ok
- Feb 16 '18 esl>eng Ponte guapo get gussied up pro closed no
- Feb 5 '18 ita>eng infrattati in un luogo di perdizione we were already rolling around with one another, in a place of perdition pro just_closed no
- Feb 2 '18 ita>eng per immaginare meglio il buio. so he can visualize the dark that much better pro closed ok
4 Jan 29 '18 por>eng fazer o trânsito de making the transition (from) pro closed ok
- Jan 29 '18 ita>eng avere una mente maldestra I must have a dumbed-down mind./ I must have a head that's not screwed on right. pro just_closed no
4 Jan 29 '18 ita>eng Dissociato disjointed pro closed ok
- Jan 29 '18 ita>eng disse il pazzo alla puttana said the nut job to the female fucker pro closed ok
- Jan 28 '18 esl>eng potro he had a lot of spunk pro closed no
- Jan 27 '18 eng>esl How far along / feel like hasta dónde han llegado/me parece que fueran pro closed no
- Jan 16 '18 ita>eng Sbattuto fuori tossed/thrown out on my ass pro closed ok
- Jan 16 '18 ita>eng con i fiocchi prima in the first place, the Professor Emeritus... pro closed ok
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