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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Oct 14 '19 esl>eng café con nieve coffee a la mode pro closed ok
- Aug 16 '19 esl>eng Menús veganos en escuelas, hospitales y cárceles vegan options for schools, hospitals, and jails pro closed ok
- May 24 '19 eng>esl lunchmeat fiambre pro closed ok
- Sep 23 '18 esl>eng acompañar las comidas of spicing up your meals pro closed no
- Sep 21 '18 esl>eng Momentos de encuentro moments to remember (during the times that you share) pro closed ok
- Sep 21 '18 esl>eng llenos de vitalidad y energía which enhance energy and vitality pro closed no
4 Aug 18 '18 esl>eng Barredura refuse pro closed ok
- Jan 3 '18 esl>eng aún sin aprovechamiento which has yet to be taken advantage of pro closed ok
- Jan 3 '18 esl>eng es la forma de consumo de is the form of consumption (for about) pro closed ok
- Nov 20 '17 eng>esl coffee house bullshit sandeces que se expresan en los cafés pro closed ok
- Nov 19 '17 eng>esl “Barq’s Has Bite!” Barq's tiene un sabor picante pro closed ok
- Apr 27 '17 eng>esl Bottomless desayuno tardío, con las (bebidas) Bloody Mary inagotables pro closed ok
- Aug 7 '15 fra>eng planchette It's for the small table. pro closed no
- Jun 17 '15 fra>eng restaurant ouvrier blue collar restaurant pro closed ok
- Dec 13 '09 fra>eng envahisseurs pervasive (pervade the market)/whose presence is strongly felt pro closed ok
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