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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Jan 12 '19 esl>eng Libro de proyecto project report pro closed no
- Jan 15 '18 esl>eng no hay un buffer entre... there's no buffering between the machines pro closed ok
- Jun 18 '15 por>eng para o boneco won't work pro closed ok
2 Aug 31 '11 esl>eng buzones / buzonetes hoppers/bins/chutes-large hoppers/bins/chutes pro closed no
- May 1 '11 ita>eng Massimo Incidente di confronto largest comparison pro just_closed no
- Jan 15 '11 esl>eng morro head pro just_closed no
- Jan 15 '11 esl>eng por lo que no se considera que existan for which reason it is believed/thought that there are no nearby sites pro closed ok
- Aug 29 '10 esl>eng el material de una fabricación probada maanufactured material that has been tested pro just_closed no
- Oct 24 '09 eng>esl Fresh, breathtaking design with dazzling lines, unique spaces and looks diseño nuevo e impresionante, con líneas deslumbrantes, y espacios y aspectos sin igual pro closed ok
- Oct 23 '09 eng>esl clean, straightforward design un diseño fluído/ bien definido y sencillo pro closed ok
- Oct 24 '09 eng>esl directly to the place where great design starts: the architectural world directamente al ambiente donde florecen los grandes diseños; el mundo de la acquitectura pro closed ok
Asked | Open questions | Answered