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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Jun 15 '18 por>eng Apetite less of a desire/are not all that motivated to pro closed no
- Jun 15 '18 por>eng pavimentados are not fixed in stone pro closed no
4 Jan 17 '18 esl>eng empleos genuinos real jobs pro closed ok
4 Nov 21 '17 esl>eng riesgo de la vejez risk(s) associated with old age pro closed ok
- Jan 10 '17 fra>eng volontarisme state voluntarism/action pro closed no
- Mar 7 '11 fra>eng lustre d'antan former zenith pro closed ok
4 Mar 5 '11 fra>eng Les lieux où elles (les crises) rebondissent The environment in which they (the crises) develop/pick up again... pro closed ok
- Aug 10 '09 ita>eng a priori in the first place pro closed ok
- Jul 25 '09 eng>esl on the other end cuando la tempstad/el tumulto ha sido capeado pro closed ok
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