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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Jun 12 esl>eng raciones de pan a las que les falta medio chorizo bread portions meant for only half of a sausage pro closed ok
- Nov 11 '18 eng>esl Easy to Act On en que es fácil actuar pro closed ok
- Aug 12 '18 esl>eng por cada hueso del costillar de ternera, for each bone that forms part of the calf's ribcage pro closed ok
- Jul 7 '18 por>eng para todos os gostos for every taste imaginable pro closed ok
4 Feb 28 '18 eng>esl bright, refreshing drink bebida viva y refrescante pro closed ok
- Feb 15 '18 esl>eng jugo de oporto port wine juice pro closed ok
- Jan 30 '18 fra>eng cuisine précieuse unrivaled cuisine pro closed no
- Jan 29 '18 esl>eng Gaseosa carbonated beverage pro closed ok
- Aug 26 '17 esl>eng Plano Not/It isn't up to snuff. pro closed ok
- Apr 27 '17 eng>esl bold flavours sabores acentuados pro closed ok
- Nov 23 '15 esl>eng y sus amigos (con sus invitados) and its accompaniments pro closed ok
- Jul 16 '11 esl>eng el sabor del face It tastes awful. pro closed no
- Mar 22 '11 eng>esl casserole guiso/cazuela pro closed no
- Nov 8 '09 fra>eng Cuisine d'établissement professional cuisine pro closed ok
- Jul 28 '09 esl>eng hacer ondas making swirls pro closed ok
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