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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- May 8 por>eng A vida é um prato cheio Life is a full plate. pro closed no
- Dec 13 '18 eng>esl It's all good inside! "Todo es bueno adentro." pro open no
4 Jul 4 '18 por>eng mascotes stuffed mascots pro closed no
- Feb 26 '18 esl>eng Declinación relacional a decline in customer relations pro open no
4 Nov 13 '17 ita>eng si facesse sentire makes its presence felt pro closed ok
- Nov 11 '17 ita>eng un ritmo quasi tribale. at a cadence that seems almost primitive/rough pro closed ok
- Oct 25 '17 ita>eng il vizio di lucignolo "mangia e divertiti" Feast and have fun! pro closed ok
- Jun 29 '11 esl>eng el consumo que hacen sus clientes customer use of pro closed ok
- Jun 29 '11 esl>eng ajuste de la predicción sales prediction adjustment pro closed ok
- Jun 22 '11 esl>eng comparaciones de los intangibles comparisons between intangible brand characteristics pro closed ok
- Jun 21 '11 esl>eng aporte de los intangibles... al negocio how a brand's intangible assets promote/contribute to the business pro closed ok
- Jun 18 '11 esl>eng no permitirían optimizar el efecto would not allow optimization of the effect pro closed ok
- Jun 6 '11 eng>esl bang for the buck llevarse más por el mismo precio pro just_closed no
- Jul 24 '10 ita>eng nella sua giornata ci sono già tanti momenti caldi There are so many moments during the day when he feels hot. pro closed no
- May 27 '10 ita>eng danno inizio ad una storia lunga It was the start of a long, successful history for this company. pro closed ok
- Nov 7 '09 eng>esl That's as true for looking back as looking ahead. es lo mismo si miras al pasado, o al futuro pro closed ok
- Jul 1 '09 eng>esl trendsetting experiencias ultramodernas pro closed ok
- Jun 27 '09 eng>esl graceful fearlessness con intrepidez digna pro closed ok
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