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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- May 15 fra>eng travaillant comme dix works as is she has the stamina of 10 people,.. pro closed no
NP Nov 5 '19 fra>eng 'Être fou comme un lapin' crazy as a loon pro closed no
- Jan 26 '19 esl>eng Le tiene comido el seso it's taken over his mind pro closed no
- Sep 5 '18 esl>eng cayeron como chorlitos fell into a trap/were apprehended/arrested pro closed ok
- Aug 18 '18 eng>esl aligned with se pone al lado de pro closed ok
- Jul 23 '18 esl>eng el santo picture pro just_closed no
- Jan 16 '18 eng>esl to be nuts on se volvió loco (en cuanto a) pro closed ok
- Dec 28 '17 eng>esl Go postal ponerse de morros pro closed ok
- Aug 15 '17 eng>esl did good for hacemos el bien (por nosotros mismos, etc.) pro closed no
- Aug 13 '17 eng>esl My thoughts and love are with you Pienso en ti. Te adoro. Todo el tiempo. pro closed ok
4 Aug 10 '17 por>eng a voz da vez the voice of our time/the voice of our times pro closed ok
- Aug 2 '17 esl>eng No te hagas la película don't get overworked/bent out of shape/worry pro closed ok
- Jul 30 '17 por>eng Quem está mal muda-se The one who is in the wrong changes (what she/he says) pro closed no
- Jun 17 '17 eng>esl in the books ha sido realizado/cumplido pro closed ok
- Jun 12 '17 ita>eng che non c'era a restaurant like no other pro closed ok
- Apr 5 '17 esl>eng vas de listo? Are you ready to go? pro closed no
2 Dec 8 '16 ita>eng Di che morte morire we knew what the future held/we knew what was going to happen pro closed no
4 Nov 17 '16 eng>esl "play it by ear" ver sobre la marcha pro closed ok
- Oct 22 '16 eng>esl Blow their minds los deja atónitos/maravillados pro closed ok
- Aug 26 '16 esl>eng "El hace el pendejo para que lo carguen" he plays the fool/acts like an idiot/stupid so that they feel compelled to put their foot down pro closed ok
- Aug 21 '16 eng>esl Mourning for the cat drbrs de estar llorando por el gato/lamentando la muerte del gato pro closed no
- Jun 1 '15 esl>eng presintos the world of those who have been pre-programmed/the pre-programmed pro closed ok
- May 19 '15 esl>eng tentarse at the very moment she is exploding in laughter pro closed ok
- May 2 '15 fra>eng filer le blues fill you with the blues pro closed ok
4 Dec 27 '11 por>eng Sentir frio pelo corpo to feel a chill run though one's body pro closed ok
- Oct 9 '11 ita>eng smaltire la boria work off his own arrogance pro just_closed no
- Aug 5 '11 esl>eng Diablo venido del fuego, se aleja con la ceniza The Devil came is a storm/hail of fire, and then dissipated with the ashes. pro closed ok
- May 30 '11 fra>eng sans coup frémir at the drop of a hat/without batting an eyelash pro closed ok
- Mar 14 '11 ita>eng in divenire is always/forevre in a state of transformation pro closed ok
- Jul 8 '09 eng>esl summer is sure to be a breeze segurísimo que el verano será coser y cantar pro closed ok
- Feb 18 '09 esl>eng No saber ni jota to have no idea pro closed ok
- Jan 4 '06 esl>eng no somos gran cosa we're not so great pro closed ok
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