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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Jun 11 fra>eng groupes intégrés integrated groups pro closed no
- May 26 fra>eng producteur de séjours campground vacation entrepreneurs pro closed no
- Mar 22 fra>eng hôtellerie de plein air open-air camping/accomodations pro closed ok
- Jul 23 '19 eng>esl Churro Takes the Cake ¡El churro es el colmo! pro closed ok
- Mar 6 '19 esl>eng senos de bufé warming tray buffet server pro closed ok
- Feb 10 '19 esl>eng tierra de paso land of passage pro closed ok
- Jan 10 '19 fra>eng duo de choc aux petits soins pampering duo, who create a positive impact pro closed ok
4 Dec 2 '18 ita>eng Accoglienza turistica hospitality staff uniform(s) pro closed no
- Oct 1 '18 eng>esl wilderness tierra virgen pro closed no
- Sep 30 '18 esl>eng la idea cuajó con tanta fuerza que... the idea/concept caught on with so much force pro closed ok
1 Jun 13 '18 eng>esl parking space parking pro closed no
- May 3 '18 esl>eng intricacion (bureaucratic) red tape pro closed no
- Feb 24 '18 eng>esl qualify as calificará como/contará como pro closed ok
- Nov 9 '17 esl>eng Trasladate al pasado take a trip back in time pro closed ok
- Oct 25 '17 ita>eng Uno dovrebbe essere una persona diversa non in vacanza, ma dopo la vacanza You shouldn't be a changed person during a vacation, only as a result of the vacation. pro closed no
- Sep 6 '17 por>eng parlamentos government buildings pro just_closed no
- May 1 '17 esl>eng turismo de borrachera drinking binge tourism pro closed no
- Mar 18 '17 esl>eng masajes para enamorados massages for lovers pro closed no
- Sep 9 '15 esl>eng estar en consulta [Venezuela] to be in the consultation process pro open no
- Jun 16 '15 por>eng unidade formal a conventional kind of uniformity pro closed ok
4 Apr 22 '15 esl>eng la vida es un trámite Smile. Life is a wonderfully entertaining journey. pro closed ok
- Dec 21 '11 por>eng "bem vindo ao mundo mágico do (nome do hotel)" welcome to the magic/extraordinary world of pro closed no
- Dec 21 '11 por>eng " O (nome do hotel) dará asas a sua imaginação" The hotel's name will give free rein to the/your imagination. pro closed ok
- Sep 5 '11 esl>eng recinto urbano urban grounds pro closed ok
4 Aug 30 '11 ita>eng passeggiata esperienziale nature walks pro closed ok
- Jul 4 '11 esl>eng rodaje de doble circulacion bi-directional taxiway pro closed ok
- Jun 22 '11 esl>eng régimen Meal Choices pro closed ok
- Mar 22 '11 esl>eng ocultos contenidos simbólicos, de oscura motivación of hidden symbolic content, based on obscure motivation pro closed no
- Feb 5 '11 esl>eng sitio de paso a place to have a restful interlude pro closed ok
- Jul 13 '10 ita>eng offerta turistica tourist deal pro closed ok
- Jun 21 '10 ita>eng possibilita' di solo pernottamento overnight option pro closed ok
- Jun 17 '10 esl>eng tomar distancia than to look at it from a distance pro closed no
- Oct 23 '09 esl>eng pasar un buen rollito make the most out of your stay pro closed ok
- Sep 27 '09 eng>esl Night Owl un ave nocturno pro closed no
- Jul 28 '09 ita>eng realtà its very own world and culture pro closed ok
- Jul 27 '09 esl>eng GRAN TRACA DE INICIO DE FIESTAS a huge fireworks display will kick the festivities/celebration off pro closed no
- Jun 12 '09 eng>esl infield terreno central pro closed ok
- May 31 '09 esl>eng museización a certain kind of museum-like transformation of specific establishment pro closed no
- May 17 '09 esl>eng Aglutinante the binding force of the city's cultural life pro closed ok
- May 7 '09 fra>eng Un vrai bonheur a truly pristine paradise/site pro closed no
- Apr 17 '09 esl>eng aquel primer día que viniste a casa por primera vez since the very first day that you showed up/appeared at my house pro closed ok
- Apr 11 '09 esl>eng Cobertura Range/Scope of Groups, Conventions and Events pro closed ok
- Apr 9 '09 esl>eng POR EL PARAÍSO EUROPEO crossing through the European paradise pro closed ok
- Mar 24 '09 ita>eng gruppi di amici groups of friends pro closed no
- Mar 10 '09 fra>eng bâtiment d'accueil visitor information center pro closed no
- Mar 10 '09 fra>eng bâtiment d'accueil welcome center pro closed no
- Feb 20 '09 esl>eng es punto de paso obligado it's a must-see (travel) spot pro closed no
- Feb 18 '09 esl>eng ORGANIZAR MEJOR SU TIEMPO PARA SER MAS EFICIENTE to organize one's/his/her time better in order to be more efficient pro closed ok
- Feb 14 '09 esl>eng guarnicionería harness craft (shops) pro closed ok
- Dec 19 '08 esl>eng el valor paisajístico y patrimonial the desirable appearance of the landscape and the significance/importance of our heritage pro closed ok
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