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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Jan 14 fra>eng Le cours de la pensée est sous pression his/her train of thought is/cognitions are influenced by stress easy closed ok
- Feb 8 '19 eng>esl has rages manta en cólera/se pone hecho unas furias/està furioso con o ante easy closed ok
- Nov 11 '18 eng>esl historic, countryside church iglesia histórica, ubicada en el campo easy closed no
- Nov 9 '18 eng>esl his little girl su "pequeñita" easy closed ok
- Oct 1 '18 eng>esl not bothered enough no están preocupados tanto easy closed ok
- Oct 1 '18 eng>esl suffer from sufren porque tienen demasiados conflictos en la conciencia easy closed ok
- Jul 3 '18 fra>eng un affect anxieux sans exacerbation an anxious affect of mild intensity, i.e., devoid of any heightened tension easy closed ok
- Feb 21 '18 fra>eng L’alcool ne lui fait pas alcohol doesn't agree with him easy closed ok
4 Aug 30 '17 fra>eng manifestations suggestives très riches florid symptoms easy closed ok
- Aug 29 '17 fra>eng dépendance caractérielle a form of maladjusted dependency easy closed ok
- Mar 27 '17 fra>eng un choix bien personnel that it is mostly a personal choice easy closed ok
- Dec 10 '16 fra>eng Il est sûr d'être rapidement sur pied she or he is sure to recover almost immediately easy closed ok
- Dec 10 '16 fra>eng Pour la plus grande satisfaction de tous to achieve the greatest amount of satisfaction possible, for everyone easy closed ok
- Dec 10 '16 fra>eng Il voit immédiatement une montagne d'obstacles she or he sees, and right away, what appears to be unsurmontable obstacles easy closed ok
4 Dec 10 '16 fra>eng Elles se prononcent sur les événements how they express their opinions about certain events easy closed ok
- Dec 10 '16 fra>eng Des journées ensoleillées entrecoupées de quelques pluies bénéfiques bright, sunny days, punctuated by a few beneficial showers easy closed ok
- Oct 26 '15 ita>eng conoscenza di sé self-awareness easy closed ok
4 May 29 '10 fra>eng pleurs hallucinés hallucinatory tears easy closed ok
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