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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Jul 1 esl>eng Tener mucha tela por cortar to have a lot of ground to cover easy closed no
- Jun 23 eng>esl insight from God perspicacia compartida por Dios easy closed ok
- Jun 22 esl>eng pirracha damaged fruit easy closed no
- Jun 10 eng>esl youth-engaging organizaciones que implican los jóvenes easy closed ok
4 Jun 9 eng>esl closest to lo más similar/parecido a easy closed ok
4 Jun 8 eng>esl demons acting like the humans demonios comportándose como humanos easy closed ok
- Jun 4 eng>esl went into the heavens un hotel, la cumbre de que ascendìa al cielo easy closed ok
- Jun 1 eng>esl forehand (for left-handed players) drive easy just_closed no
- May 27 eng>esl to reenact recrear easy closed ok
4 May 26 eng>esl Mall map mapa del centro comercial easy closed ok
- May 26 eng>esl As such por consiguiente easy closed no
- May 24 eng>esl drag his feet arrastrar los pies easy closed ok
- May 24 eng>esl die down apagarse easy closed ok
- May 24 eng>esl get shaky about volverse desequilabrados/trastornados easy closed ok
- May 19 esl>eng en la confianza de que in the hope that easy closed no
- May 13 ita>eng spirito with the same kind of soul/esprit/verve (as) easy closed ok
- May 12 eng>esl getting lulled to sleep arrullando a alguien hasta que se duerma easy closed ok
- May 10 eng>esl get it right lo hará como se debe easy closed ok
- May 10 eng>esl that’s it Eso es todo. easy closed ok
4 May 1 eng>esl vividness of the vision la intensidad de la visiòn easy closed ok
4 Apr 19 fra>eng monde pourri rotten world easy closed ok
- Apr 17 fra>eng c'est nul It's a big nothing... easy closed ok
4 Apr 15 fra>eng ça baigne ? ça baigne dans l'huile Things going/goin' OK? Everything's going smoothly/(just)fine. easy closed ok
4 Apr 14 fra>eng ça roule ma poule How's it going? easy closed ok
4 Mar 31 fra>eng ensemble du monde the entire human race easy closed ok
- Mar 16 esl>eng Hemos atravesado cientos de adversidades we have had to endure/suffer though thousands of adverse circumstances easy closed no
- Dec 17 '19 fra>eng tu t’es pris la tête dessus you put your (whole) heart and soul into it easy closed no
- Jul 7 '19 esl>eng Tuvo muchas profesiones he had a lot of "careers" easy closed no
- May 30 '19 fra>eng mal de terre unsteady (on your feet) easy closed no
- Apr 15 '19 eng>esl big ideas ideas muy grandes easy closed no
- Jan 11 '19 esl>eng altamente priorizados given top priority easy closed ok
- Dec 4 '18 esl>eng Tu estas muy mal. You're really nasty. easy closed no
4 Dec 1 '18 esl>eng El le esta haciendo unos arreglos... he's fixing it up/making some repairs to it easy closed ok
4 Dec 1 '18 esl>eng para tener la gallina de los huevos de oro. so that you can end up with the goose that lays the golden eggs easy closed ok
- Nov 17 '18 esl>eng Cuidado, hombres cocinando watch out, it's men who are doing the cooking/men cooking easy closed ok
4 Nov 5 '18 esl>eng © De esta edición copyright for this edition easy closed ok
- Nov 4 '18 esl>eng dialogan porque buscan la verdad they hold/take part in an ongoing dialogue because they are both searching for the truth easy closed ok
4 Nov 1 '18 esl>eng es que no es solamente and the worst thing is that it's not only easy closed ok
- Oct 3 '18 eng>esl Offshoot elementos de derivación easy closed ok
- Sep 29 '18 esl>eng encontrar lo que nos une to come up with/decide on what unites us easy closed ok
- Sep 19 '18 ita>eng immagini degli antenati with images of people who were born before/from the past easy closed ok
4 Aug 15 '18 esl>eng Bebe con moderación. Es tu responsabilidad. Drink responsibly. It's up to you! easy closed ok
4 Aug 1 '18 esl>eng silencios que requieren recomprenderse silences that have to be comprehended all over again easy closed ok
- Aug 1 '18 esl>eng levantada on fire easy closed ok
- Jul 30 '18 ita>eng Uomo di preghiera e comunione a prayerful man in communion with God easy closed ok
- Jul 29 '18 ita>eng Esperienza expertise easy closed no
- Jul 29 '18 ita>eng Occuparsi/dedicarsi we have decided to concentrate on easy closed ok
- Jul 18 '18 ita>eng In fondo, . . . when all is said and done easy closed no
- Jul 17 '18 ita>eng Realizzare/creare un evento come up with an event easy closed ok
3 Jul 12 '18 esl>eng funcionario del Estado a state official/functionary easy closed ok
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