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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Nov 8 '17 fra>eng objets et notions objectives and ideas easy closed no
- Jan 29 '17 esl>eng emitir comentarios independientes expressing/issuing/putting forward independent comments easy closed ok
- Jul 17 '15 esl>eng árbritro (contexto académico) referees easy closed no
- Sep 5 '11 eng>esl resistance alone solamente por resistencia easy closed no
- Jul 29 '11 eng>esl "have a green thumb" se le dan muy bien las plantas easy closed ok
- Jan 4 '11 fra>eng le vent rentre the wind will begin to make a comeback through easy closed no
- Feb 8 '06 esl>eng Mujeres en edad Fértil en pareja... women who are in their child-bearing years and who are sexually active easy closed no
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