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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Jun 7 fra>eng légèrement bancale... rather questionable easy closed no
4 May 27 fra>eng ...pèse le plus lourd dans la balance what counts more heavily/carries more weight easy closed ok
- May 26 eng>esl Old beyond time más antiguo que el tiempo easy closed ok
- Feb 8 '19 eng>esl has rages manta en cólera/se pone hecho unas furias/està furioso con o ante easy closed ok
- Jan 15 '19 fra>eng a bien retranslated (with a high degree of) accuracy easy open no
- Jan 6 '19 fra>eng Saloperie d’existence Life is a bitch. easy closed no
- Jan 5 '19 fra>eng Il me semble très mal en point it seems to me as if he's really out of it easy closed ok
- Jan 4 '19 fra>eng lui ne faisait que regarder. and all he did was look easy closed ok
- Dec 12 '18 fra>eng Pourquoi s’arcbouter ? Why give in to them? easy closed ok
4 Nov 24 '18 fra>eng manquer un bras et une jambe he felt as if he were missing an arm and a leg easy closed no
4 Nov 23 '18 esl>eng brisa oceánica oceanic breeze easy closed ok
- Nov 11 '18 eng>esl historic, countryside church iglesia histórica, ubicada en el campo easy closed no
- Nov 9 '18 eng>esl his little girl su "pequeñita" easy closed ok
- Oct 1 '18 eng>esl not bothered enough no están preocupados tanto easy closed ok
- Oct 1 '18 eng>esl suffer from sufren porque tienen demasiados conflictos en la conciencia easy closed ok
4 Aug 11 '18 ita>eng Conti era un mangia palluni hogged the ball easy closed ok
NP Jul 3 '18 esl>eng De allí, que se haga posible configurar un gran archivo... hence, one gets the impression that it might be possible to come up with a large archive easy open no
NP May 1 '18 eng>esl blindfolded un hombre con los ojos vendados easy closed ok
3 Feb 3 '18 esl>eng Algos some things about it that reminded one of women easy closed ok
- Feb 3 '18 esl>eng tener que ver what he had to do with that woman/what his relationship to that woman was easy closed ok
4 Feb 2 '18 ita>eng come una gambina gialla something like a little yellow seed easy closed no
- Jan 28 '18 eng>esl I settled down volví a la normalidad/me normalicé easy closed ok
4 Jan 25 '18 ita>eng acute / in acute high/top note easy closed ok
4 Jan 22 '18 ita>eng E' facile crederci. It's easy to believe that. easy closed ok
- Jan 18 '18 fra>eng Elle ne va jamais forcément toujours là où on l’attend. she sometimes takes it (her singing) to an entirely different level easy closed no
NP Jan 13 '18 esl>eng la abeja tiene aguijon the bee has a stinger easy closed ok
- Oct 17 '17 ita>eng rappresentare la vostra parte migliore come la peggiore make your best characteristic/attribute look like your worst easy closed ok
- Oct 17 '17 ita>eng ho preso coscienza di me stesso I became self aware. easy closed ok
- Oct 16 '17 ita>eng da qui che devo partire this is really the place I have to start from easy closed ok
- Oct 13 '17 ita>eng l'aria ne è satura the air is saturated with her fragrance easy closed ok
- Oct 10 '17 ita>eng un miglioramento fisico in the form of a much more highly evolved physical specimen easy closed ok
- Sep 15 '17 ita>eng Il mio viaggiare in India e per il mondo my travels to India and throughout the world easy closed ok
- Sep 11 '17 eng>esl laughing his head off tuvo un ataque de risa easy closed no
- Aug 26 '17 por>eng Pode se apoiar forte you can lean all your weight on it easy closed ok
- Aug 24 '17 esl>eng Poco se aprende por cabeza ajena one only learns through one's own mistkes easy open no
- Aug 2 '17 fra>eng tout ce qui est symbole anything related to concrete symbols easy closed ok
- Jul 31 '17 fra>eng qui est proprement le disque selon which, actually/in specific terms, is the solar disk as... easy closed ok
- Jul 30 '17 fra>eng Le bien-fondé de cette remarque the validity of this observation easy closed ok
4 Jul 30 '17 fra>eng la forme propre de the characteristic/distinctive form easy closed ok
- Jul 30 '17 fra>eng on peut même dire de prédilection one might even say, the one that is preferred/looked upon as the best. easy closed ok
4 Jul 30 '17 fra>eng à la marge de l’abstraction which borders on abstraction easy closed ok
4 Jul 18 '17 por>eng madrugada alta early hours/the wee hours of the morning easy closed ok
- Jul 14 '17 por>eng Como é What's happening? easy closed no
- Jun 27 '17 fra>eng il faut admettre le cas où one has to also acknowledge the possibility that easy closed ok
4 Mar 27 '17 esl>eng aunque ella misma se oponga even though she herself is opposed to it easy closed ok
- Mar 26 '17 esl>eng se ha perdido dentro de su propia cabeza got all messed up inside of her own head easy closed no
- Mar 26 '17 esl>eng Qué no diera yo por saber qué hacer what I wouldn't give to know what I should do easy closed no
4 Mar 7 '17 esl>eng estar allí Warhol: Being There easy closed ok
4 Feb 16 '17 fra>eng ne peut pas aller contre a fact which one can't contradict/cannot be disputed easy closed ok
- Dec 27 '16 fra>eng ronger son coeur doubt and confusion ate away at his heart easy closed ok
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