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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Jul 11 ita>eng stirpe ancestral heritage pro open no
- Jul 11 por>eng Núcleo de Vida Escolar academic life center pro open no
- Jul 10 esl>eng vaso de faltriquera glass handbag/purse vase pro just_closed no
- Jul 8 esl>eng entrada its intake pro closed ok
4 Jul 8 esl>eng ser invisibles es la mejor manera de ayudarte remaining in the background is the best way to help you/give you peace of mind pro closed ok
- Jul 6 esl>eng ayudante member of the help/support staff pro closed no
4 Jul 2 esl>eng operarán de manera reducida will operate at reduced capacity pro closed ok
- Jul 1 esl>eng éstas realizarán sus mayores esfuerzos para solucionarlos directamente will do everything they can to come up with a direct solution pro closed ok
- Jul 1 esl>eng Tener mucha tela por cortar to have a lot of ground to cover easy closed no
- Jul 1 esl>eng forma societaria company form pro closed ok
- Jul 1 esl>eng para la consecución realization of the operation pro closed ok
4 Jun 30 esl>eng emplea personas de la misma employs some of its residents easy closed ok
4 Jun 30 esl>eng virutas secas (cubitos) dry chips pro closed ok
4 Jun 30 esl>eng incluyendo, pero no limitado a including, but not limited to easy closed ok
4 Jun 30 por>eng tutela product protection measures pro closed ok
- Jun 30 ita>eng raccogliersi chill out pro just_closed no
- Jun 26 fra>eng s'égrènent are scattered pro closed ok
- Jun 23 eng>esl insight from God perspicacia compartida por Dios easy closed ok
- Jun 22 esl>eng pirracha damaged fruit easy closed no
- Jun 22 ita>eng sul suo muso di gattone sprovveduto over the nose of the big, clueless cat pro closed no
- Jun 22 fra>eng "réadmissible" renewal of academic eligibility pro closed ok
- Jun 22 esl>eng donde va a removerse el caldero will not be impacted by the revolution but by efforts on the part of the opposition pro closed ok
- Jun 22 fra>eng Aide sociale à l'enfance Aid to Dependent Children easy closed no
- Jun 22 fra>eng mener un travail mémoriel he carries out a high-quality kind of memory work pro closed ok
4 Jun 21 fra>eng Les gestes barrières preventive measures easy closed no
- Jun 21 ita>eng vuoti e pieni should be interpreted on the basis of its gaps/lacunae, rather than through its roundedness pro closed ok
- Jun 20 esl>eng bloque narrativo narrative breaks pro closed ok
- Jun 12 esl>eng raciones de pan a las que les falta medio chorizo bread portions meant for only half of a sausage pro closed ok
- Jun 11 fra>eng groupes intégrés integrated groups pro closed no
- Jun 10 eng>esl youth-engaging organizaciones que implican los jóvenes easy closed ok
- Jun 10 eng>esl If either one is si cualquiera de los dos lo sea pro closed ok
4 Jun 9 eng>esl closest to lo más similar/parecido a easy closed ok
- Jun 9 fra>eng "brûlot subversif" subversive/destructive attack pro closed ok
4 Jun 8 eng>esl demons acting like the humans demonios comportándose como humanos easy closed ok
4 Jun 8 esl>eng como elemento decorativo o cuando nos deleitamos al observarlas every time that we show our preference for them as decorative elements, or when we enjoy gazing at t pro closed ok
- Jun 7 esl>eng actores informativos news makers pro closed ok
4 Jun 7 esl>eng estudio Education: pro closed ok
- Jun 7 fra>eng légèrement bancale... rather questionable easy closed no
- Jun 6 esl>eng ha aprobado el plan de estudios successfully completed the course of studies pro closed no
- Jun 4 eng>esl went into the heavens un hotel, la cumbre de que ascendìa al cielo easy closed ok
- Jun 4 eng>esl goo sustancia viscosa pro closed no
- Jun 3 ita>eng Il progetto (dei paesaggi abbandonati) abandoned landscapes initiative pro closed ok
- Jun 1 eng>esl forehand (for left-handed players) drive easy just_closed no
- Jun 1 eng>esl dog-eat-dog una sociedad en que se despedazan unos a otros pro closed no
4 May 31 esl>eng Nota de Egreso patient discharge note(s) pro closed ok
- May 27 eng>esl to reenact recrear easy closed ok
- May 27 por>eng Todas as etapas serão tratadas de maneira mais detalhada all of the stages will be dealt with in a very comprehensive way pro open no
4 May 27 fra>eng ...pèse le plus lourd dans la balance what counts more heavily/carries more weight easy closed ok
4 May 26 eng>esl Mall map mapa del centro comercial easy closed ok
4 May 26 esl>eng empresa de firma digital digital signature company pro closed ok
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