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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Oct 22 '08 eng>esl ring the check preparar la cuenta pro closed ok
- Oct 20 '08 eng>esl storyknife dibujar los cuentos con cuchillo pro closed no
- Oct 19 '08 eng>esl and afterward y a continuación pro closed ok
- Oct 17 '08 eng>esl do stand dismissed quedan desestimadas, rechazadas pro closed ok
- Oct 8 '08 eng>esl if any share of the trust fund should fail Si cualquiera de las participaciones de los fondos en fideicomiso/ del fideicomiso fallara pro open no
- Oct 8 '08 eng>esl is about producing action, causing decisions to be made La diplomacia se trata de emprender acciones, desencadenar que se toman decisiones,... pro closed ok
- Oct 8 '08 eng>esl enforceability coercibilidad pro closed no
- Oct 7 '08 eng>esl shall control for all purposes prevalece en toda circunstancia, en todos los casos, en cada uno de los casos pro closed ok
- Oct 7 '08 esl>eng le saldrían al paso that arise pro closed ok
- Oct 7 '08 eng>esl maybe-friend supuesto amiga pro closed ok
- Oct 6 '08 eng>esl Time window ventana que atraviesa el tiempo easy closed ok
4 Oct 5 '08 eng>eng eros Greek god of love pro closed ok
- Oct 4 '08 eng>esl Estreat extracto, copia o traslado, pro closed no
- Sep 29 '08 eng>esl mind you ocuparse, preocuparse pro closed no
- Sep 23 '08 eng>esl writ of error auto de casación. pro closed ok
- Sep 23 '08 esl>eng dar a conocer lo cer to make public, to promote the day to day things that surround us pro just_closed no
- Sep 22 '08 esl>eng en pos del mejor resultado del evento should search for, look for, try to obtain the best possible result pro closed ok
- Sep 22 '08 esl>eng con el que soñamos of which we dream pro closed no
- Sep 22 '08 esl>eng surtir be in effect pro closed ok
4 Sep 22 '08 eng>eng returnable sample you get the sample to see the quality of the product firsthand but you have to send it back pro closed no
- Sep 22 '08 esl>eng bienes terrenos worldly goods pro closed ok
- Sep 20 '08 esl>eng pan de amasijo bread paste, "hotchpotch, jumble"* pro just_closed no
- Sep 18 '08 eng>esl "LACG Placement Fee" LIMITED ACCESS COMPETITIVE GRANT pro open no
- Sep 17 '08 fra>eng CONDITIONS MATERIELLES General conditions pro just_closed no
- Sep 16 '08 eng>esl assignees cesionario, apoderado o incluso sucesor pro closed no
- Sep 16 '08 esl>eng Tipificación characterization pro closed ok
- Sep 16 '08 esl>eng se le imputa accused of, imputed pro closed ok
- Sep 16 '08 eng>eng to be relevant to be pertinent, applicable pro closed no
- Sep 14 '08 esl>eng en concepto de compromisos accesorios al presente acuerdo complementary commitments to thye present agreement easy closed ok
- Sep 15 '08 esl>eng perteneciente belonging to pro closed ok
- Sep 15 '08 esl>eng ... evitar pararme a pensar.... avoid thinking, avoid to stop and think easy closed ok
- Sep 14 '08 .fl>eng 't Is goed in 't eigen hert te kijken, nog even voor het slapen gaan It's good to look in your own heart, before you go to sleep pro closed no
- Aug 20 '08 eng>esl councel I think it means council easy closed ok
- Aug 20 '08 eng>esl at this point in time llegado este momento, en este momento, ahora pro closed ok
- Aug 20 '08 esl>eng en apariencia apparently pro closed ok
- Aug 19 '08 esl>eng para que subsane los incumplimientos en que hubiere incurrido to make up for the (possible, supposedly) incurred breaches pro closed ok
- Aug 18 '08 eng>esl term of court el presente período de sesiones easy closed ok
- Aug 16 '08 eng>esl National Center for State Courts Centro Nacional para "State Courts" pro closed ok
NP Aug 15 '08 esl>eng otros dos estrenos de cine nacional inedito two more premieres of first-run national movies pro closed ok
- Aug 15 '08 eng>esl is in no way dependant on my granting consent. no depende en modo alguno de mi consentimiento otorgado pro closed no
- Aug 15 '08 esl>eng cause estado Bring into force, pro closed ok
- Aug 14 '08 eng>esl The devil take her vows Al diablo con ella pro closed ok
- Aug 14 '08 esl>eng respecto de la comisión por otro regarding to commission by another pro closed no
- Aug 13 '08 esl>eng obligaciones contraídas obligations incurred pro closed ok
- Aug 13 '08 eng>esl bring the point home Cumple su proposito perfectamente easy closed ok
- Aug 13 '08 esl>eng Volumenes de obra volumes of work pro open no
- Aug 12 '08 eng>eng based on the legislation of Ukraine according to easy closed no
- Aug 12 '08 eng>eng receive money on(?) monetary orders and letters of credit by (could be another choice) pro closed no
- Aug 11 '08 tur>eng çekicilik puanını görmek için lütfen buraya tıklayın makes me think of turkish easy closed no
- Aug 11 '08 esl>eng Proteger el vehículo de ser remolcado. protecting the car against beeing towed away pro closed ok
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