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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 May 17 fra>eng Erythrobl Erythroblasts pro closed no
4 May 8 fra>eng formations micronodulaires juxtascissurales micronodular formations adjacent to (or along) the fissure pro closed ok
4 May 8 fra>eng prise de contraste artérielle hépatique sous-capsulaire sub-capsular (liver) uptake of contrast during the arterial phase pro closed ok
4 May 8 fra>eng latéralisée à gauche lateralized to the left pro closed ok
4 May 8 fra>eng tassement du plafond de la vertèbre compaction of the roof of the vertebral body pro closed ok
- Mar 22 eng>eng water loaded rats rats who have lots of water in their bodies pro open no
4 Jan 31 fra>eng en évolution Breast neoplasia metastatic to the liver. pro closed no
4 Dec 4 '19 fra>eng IW Isotonic water pro closed no
4 Nov 14 '19 fra>eng Ventilation pulmonaire homogène (the lungs) are uniformly aerated pro closed no
4 Jul 13 '19 fra>eng TA qui peine à décrocher Blood pressure which is hard to measure pro closed no
4 Jan 26 '19 fra>eng topographie non spécifique non-specific appearance or shape pro closed ok
- Dec 21 '18 fra>eng IDP indice de poids pro just_closed no
4 Aug 29 '18 fra>eng état toxi-infectieux toxic or infectious (condition) pro closed ok
4 Feb 10 '17 fra>eng Dx dépressifs et E2 possibles Diagnoses of depression and side effects (of Effexor) pro closed ok
- Sep 29 '16 eng>eng Infectious or contagious? Contagious pro closed no
4 Sep 11 '16 fra>eng OTPN Orthopnea pro closed no
4 Jul 10 '16 fra>eng Image de composition Summation artifact pro closed no
4 Jul 5 '16 fra>eng paquet ganglionnaire cluster of lymph nodes pro closed no
4 Jun 27 '16 fra>eng une progression tumorale ganglionnaire progression of the lymph node tumour pro closed no
4 May 13 '16 fra>eng RS séquelle inf Sinus rhythm, inferior (infarct) sequela , 60 beats/minute pro closed ok
4 Apr 4 '16 fra>eng silence auscultatoire Absence of breath sounds at the right lung base pro closed no
2 Mar 11 '16 fra>eng dermite annulaire granulomateuse du sujet jeune Granulomatous annular dermatitis in a young subject pro closed no
4 Jan 25 '16 fra>eng florissant dramatic pro closed no
4 Jan 17 '16 fra>eng en sous périoste à la face antérieure beneath the periosteum of the anterior side pro closed ok
4 Jan 16 '16 fra>eng évoquant une atteinte radiale au niveau proximal suggestive of a proximal radial (nerve) injury pro closed ok
4 Dec 6 '15 fra>eng l'intérêt des explorations radiologiques refocus interest, pursue pro closed ok
4 Nov 11 '15 fra>eng tracé tracing pro closed ok
4 Oct 31 '15 fra>eng Culot non apparent sediment not visible pro closed no
4 Oct 25 '15 fra>eng à l'origine at the origin of pro closed ok
4 Oct 12 '15 fra>eng plan interne internal structure pro closed ok
4 Sep 27 '15 fra>eng sous-minée undermined pro closed no
- Sep 24 '15 fra>eng URGENT! une qualité d'équilibration glycémique the degree of glycemic control pro just_closed no
4 Sep 23 '15 eng>eng Project Kick-off versus Project Initiation They mean the same. pro closed no
4 Aug 3 '15 fra>eng tâche de Léopard translate literally, with explanation pro closed no
4 Aug 2 '15 fra>eng en regard de (different context) os acetabuli (or acetabular ossicles) next to the right acetabulum easy closed ok
- Sep 28 '14 fra>eng la cardio-vision est normale the cardia appears unremarkable pro closed ok
4 Aug 23 '14 fra>eng d'allure inflammatoire à confronter aux données cliniques Appearance of inflammation. Recommend clinical correlation. pro closed ok
4 Jul 30 '14 fra>eng petite ligne bordante axillaire Small streak (or line) bordering the axilla. pro closed no
4 Jul 29 '14 fra>eng en première intention [here] first impression pro closed no
4 Jul 2 '14 fra>eng cancer profond occult cancer pro closed no
4 Jun 17 '14 fra>eng canalisation [here] lumen (of the trachea) pro closed no
- May 23 '14 fra>eng colopathy fonctionnelle irritable bowel syndrome pro closed ok
4 Apr 7 '14 fra>eng RE forcé forced external rotation pro closed no
4 Mar 15 '14 fra>eng JNT No JVD pro closed no
- Mar 10 '14 fra>eng Answer hidden by answerer pro just_closed no
4 Feb 21 '14 fra>eng discret flou en nasal slight haziness on the nasal side pro closed ok
4 Jan 25 '14 fra>eng interligne interne du genou medial knee (pain) pro closed no
4 Jan 3 '14 fra>eng systématisé no well defined lesion pro closed ok
4 Aug 7 '13 fra>eng champs pulmonaires lung fields or pulmonary fields pro closed ok
4 Aug 3 '13 fra>eng pré 1 Pre 1 pro closed no
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