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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
4 Nov 8 '16 ron>eng care a urmat cursurile who attended the courses pro closed ok
- Jun 18 '13 ron>eng Ministrului Sanatatii Publice Nr. 262/2008 By order issued by The Ministry of Public Health pro just_closed no
4 Oct 11 '10 fra>eng Le régime de la communauté universelle des biens universal (general )community of property pro closed ok
- Nov 14 '09 esl>eng Name of him formal Name of husband pro closed ok
- Sep 2 '09 eng>ron certified copy of an entry copie conforma cu originalul pro closed ok
4 May 11 '09 eng>ita Superintendent Registrar Il Capo dell'Ufficio dello Stato Civile pro closed ok
- Apr 24 '09 fra>eng sans contrat préalable without premarital agreement pro closed ok
4 Apr 17 '09 ita>eng Capo ricevimento Front desk manager / Front office Manager pro closed ok
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