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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Jul 6 '19 fra>eng repli in the back office or elsewhere pro closed no
- Jul 15 '13 fra>eng d'ici à imaginer from here we can imagine that the sun sets in the South pro closed ok
- Oct 4 '09 eng>eng to set up measures difficult to 'organise' pro closed no
4 Jan 30 '08 fra>eng lotissement apartment pro closed no
- Jan 25 '08 fra>eng pôle d'échanges (referring to le Quarter des Halles, Paris) interchange pro closed no
- Nov 13 '07 fra>eng en volume tetrahedron pro closed no
- Oct 23 '07 fra>eng sursis avant sa suppression annoncée. delay before its aboloition pro closed no
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