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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Jun 25 ita>eng piazza economic operators pro closed ok
4 Jun 24 fra>eng Il fait jour it is daytime easy closed no
- Apr 13 fra>eng se fondre dans le moule he/he conforms easy closed ok
2 Mar 11 fra>eng mettre en oeuvre to do easy closed no
4 Mar 9 ita>eng si facevano quasi sempre schermo di motivazioni scientifiche ...were almost always hidden behind the screen of scientific ... pro closed ok
4 Mar 2 ita>eng ordinamento stato civile legislation on vital records easy closed ok
4 Jan 22 ita>eng diedero vita a un periodo d'oro per il commercio delle pelli ...gave rise to a golden age of the fur trade... easy closed ok
- Jan 20 ita>eng giocando sulla circostanza taking advantage of the fact that... pro closed no
- Oct 8 '19 fra>eng de façon raisonnable cependant in moderation, however easy closed no
- Oct 4 '19 ita>eng dispensa (tipo dispensa universitaria) course notes pro closed ok
- Oct 1 '19 fra>eng activer et animer les clients motivate pro closed ok
4 Sep 23 '19 ita>eng perche' poi why in the world pro closed ok
- Sep 18 '19 ita>eng edificata senza soluzione di continuità continuously built-up pro closed ok
- Aug 29 '19 ita>eng Interventi progettuali design choices pro just_closed no
- Jul 8 '19 fra>eng seront de tous les combats, dont ...the students would participate in all battles, among which those that would lead... pro closed ok
- Jun 2 '19 ita>eng ridussero la baldanzosa armata a un branco di disperati turned the bravado-filled army into a despair-filled pack easy closed ok
4 May 30 '19 fra>eng mal de terre dizzy easy closed no
- May 16 '19 fra>eng fait son identité which gives it a distinctive character pro closed no
- Jan 25 '19 ita>eng subendo la naturale usura becoming trite pro closed ok
- Jan 24 '19 ita>eng Uscire dall'orbita to digress pro open no
4 Jan 18 '19 fra>eng personne de l’acheteur the buyer (himself/herself) easy closed ok
- Jan 16 '19 ita>eng raccontata con cura didattica related with scholarly care pro closed ok
- Jan 3 '19 ita>eng Rinformare e prendere padronanza master and strengthen pro open no
- Nov 30 '18 fra>eng atout coeur winning combination pro closed ok
4 Oct 1 '18 fra>eng considérés éliminés par incinération are deemed to be disposed of by... pro closed no
4 Sep 3 '18 ita>eng ed è fenomeno fin troppo frequentate di questi tempi (and this happens far too often nowdays) easy closed no
4 Aug 30 '18 ita>eng una punta di sufficienza with a touch of condescendence pro closed no
4 Aug 22 '18 ita>eng as X rumors Rumor has it that... pro closed no
- Jun 7 '18 ita>eng spipa his eyes wide open pro closed no
4 Jun 4 '18 ita>eng scoperte papiracee on papyrus easy closed no
4 Jun 1 '18 ita>eng di maggior respiro broader pro closed no
- Jun 1 '18 ita>eng sistemate a distanza per gusto di to introduce variety pro just_closed no
4 May 19 '18 ita>eng di per sé ancipite di intrinsically ambivalent pro closed ok
4 Apr 14 '18 ita>eng si è soliti farla giungere a is usually considered to have lasted until pro closed ok
4 Apr 3 '18 ita>eng mossasi per secoli sul doppio registro which for centuries proceeded along two tracks pro closed no
4 Mar 30 '18 ita>eng cerchia culturale della romanità area of Rome's [or Roman] cultural influence pro closed ok
4 Mar 29 '18 fra>eng canaliser les discussions moderates the discussion easy closed ok
4 Feb 20 '18 ita>eng punteggiano minutamente form a dense network pro closed ok
- Dec 5 '17 ita>eng basta mere knowledge easy closed ok
4 Oct 16 '17 ita>eng fare man bassa grab most of pro closed no
4 Sep 14 '17 ita>eng Dis.num Drawing number pro closed no
- Aug 23 '17 ita>eng Gentili dottoresse Dear Madam easy closed ok
- Apr 11 '17 fra>eng Il n’y a guère que la Suisse qui fasse mieux Only Switzerland does better (than this). easy closed ok
- Mar 3 '17 fra>eng au maximum de ses envies fulfilled pro closed ok
4 Feb 16 '17 fra>eng Prendre l'air sans être ébloui Enjoy the outdoors without being dazzled pro closed no
4 Jan 17 '17 ita>eng quella atmosfera di risica qua risica là that penny-pinching atmosphere (approach, culture) pro closed no
4 Dec 28 '16 ita>eng quasi si stesse as if one were rummaging pro closed no
4 Dec 9 '16 ita>eng "Ferma restando la mia assoluta disponibilità" While I am certainly available..., ... easy closed no
4 Dec 7 '16 ita>eng alla stessa compete she shall bear the... pro closed no
- Nov 2 '16 ita>eng non c'è che l'imbarazzo della scelta there is only the embarrassment of choice easy just_closed no
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