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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Oct 31 '19 eng>fra moveable middle les influençables (au milieu) pro closed no
- Aug 9 '19 fra>eng l’échelle des chefs d’exécutif the focus is very narrowly on the level of chiefs of executive [departments] pro closed ok
4 Jul 14 '19 eng>fra receiving counter referrals ... manquer / ne pas voir les patients qui ont été renvoyés / retournés au médecin référent pro closed no
- Jul 11 '19 eng>fra causal impact pathways enchaînement de causes et d'effets / des impacts pro closed ok
- Jun 30 '19 eng>eng throw up the odd wrestler and even occasionally the odd **real** wrestler gets included in that melee pro closed no
- Feb 11 '19 eng>eng extend the Golden Rule very far expect people to practice the Golden Rule more often in their behaviour pro closed no
3 Dec 6 '18 fra>eng état de services contributions to the revolutionary [liberation? ...] struggle pro closed ok
4 Sep 17 '18 eng>fra incentives and accountability mechanisms mécanismes de motivation et de responsabilisation [du personel personnel enseignant] easy closed no
- Sep 2 '18 fra>eng pays de l'exception culturelle cultural exception country(-ies) / country(-ies) claiming the cultural exception pro closed ok
4 Jun 23 '18 ...>eng Zaprečavanje puteva blocking/barring of paths suitable for illegal border crossing pro closed ok
- Apr 12 '18 .cr>eng uhljeb political patronage pro open no
3 Mar 7 '18 fra>eng baie d'habitation openings on residentail buildings pro closed no
- Mar 5 '18 fra>eng délibération de prescription minutes from the meeting regarding the [urban planning] requirements/condtions pro closed no
4 Jan 15 '18 eng>... staggered terms мандати чланова комисије који се (временски) не поклапају / који се преклапају pro closed ok
- Jan 15 '18 eng>... disenfranchisement спутавање гласања / спутавање права гласа pro closed ok
- Sep 10 '17 eng>eng fraud to force they employed at the same time/combined falsehood and brute force easy closed no
- May 4 '17 eng>eng age is a relevant metric to use age distribution of the concerned population is a relevant factor for whatever the study is about pro closed no
4 Mar 30 '17 fra>eng bordereaux de douane custom duties pro closed no
4 Mar 21 '17 eng>... Project assurance [континуирана] провера оправданости пројекта pro closed no
4 Mar 2 '17 eng>fra THIS LETTER DOES NOT ADDRESS A CRIMINAL RECORD la présente ne concerne en rien un casier judiciaire pro closed ok
4 Feb 4 '17 ...>eng metod prvog rođenja Next-Birthday Method [of Respondent Selection] pro closed ok
- Sep 17 '16 eng>fra the drivers of violent extremism les forces motrices de l'extrémisme violent pro closed ok
4 Sep 16 '16 fra>eng tutelle d'Etats étrangers sponsorship from foreign States pro closed ok
- May 3 '16 fra>eng voter des crédits dans une folle course en avant [they] prefer to keep voting more and more appropriations, in a crazy rush forward pro closed ok
- Apr 30 '16 ...>eng delovodnik predmeta Keeping the register of cases pro closed ok
- Apr 26 '16 fra>eng droit libéral personal freedom law pro closed ok
- Jan 30 '16 eng>fra public constituency base constituante réelle easy closed ok
- Jan 29 '16 ...>eng vanplanske aktivnosti unplanned activities pro closed ok
- Nov 12 '15 fra>eng Découplage dis-alignment of territorial units pro closed ok
- Oct 4 '15 eng>... bid-at-three rule or procedure принцип / правило три понуде / понуђача pro closed ok
- Aug 20 '15 ...>eng Gradska uprava za imovinu i imovinske pravne poslove Department for the management of the real estate of the town of Leskovac pro closed ok
- Aug 20 '15 ...>eng LN parcel / plot number pro closed ok
- Jul 28 '15 fra>eng en faire un drapeau commun to make it our shared commitment pro closed ok
4 Jul 25 '15 fra>... Communauté des Communes du Pays Заједница општина подручја Романс pro closed ok
- Jul 10 '15 fra>eng armature normative regulatory backbone easy open no
- Apr 15 '15 ...>eng izjašnjavanje Direct democracy through referendum pro closed ok
4 Apr 13 '15 ...>eng naredbodavac authorizing officer/authority [execution of the budget] pro closed ok
4 Apr 12 '15 ...>eng imenovati/postaviti to nominate / to appoint pro closed ok
4 Apr 10 '15 ...>eng obeležja insignias pro closed ok
- Mar 17 '15 eng>fra Search calculations format la syntaxe correcte ... (pour) les recherches complexes pro closed ok
4 Jan 6 '15 eng>... deeming rules правила о претпостављеним приходима од имовине pro closed ok
- Oct 7 '14 fra>eng voisin (mé)connu a neighbour (not) so much is known about pro closed ok
- Sep 24 '14 fra>eng les règles d’une vie internationale normée the norms of well-ordered international relations pro closed ok
- Jun 19 '14 eng>fra Westminster bubble Le cocon de Westminter pro closed ok
- Jun 19 '14 eng>fra the biggest lead on the economy la plus grande marge d'avance pro closed no
- May 15 '14 ...>eng haustor entrance hall pro closed ok
- May 13 '14 ...>eng Prigodni poklon gift given to mark the occasion pro closed ok
- Apr 29 '14 eng>fra She read her Hayek elle a bien étudié son Hayek pro closed no
- Mar 23 '14 fra>eng Politique de la Ville urban regeneration politics pro closed ok
4 Mar 9 '14 fra>eng Pourquoi il n'en serait pas autrement de la nouvelle Constitution ? Why wouldn't the new Constitution suffer the same fate? pro closed no
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