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Hindi मुद्रित पुस्तक के अनुवाद का दर दोस्तों, कुछ दिन
पहले एक महोदय एक
किताब लेकर मेरे
पास उपस्थित हुए।
keshab Jun 2, 2014
Translation Theory and Practice Should I translate the address? Client's choice [quote]John Fossey wrote: an address isn't
always for the purposes of postal mail. Whether
it should be translated or not would (as always)
depend on the audience and use it will be p
keshab Apr 22, 2013
Scams Another scam from the same persons Professional hazard Just ignore it. keshab Dec 28, 2012
Machine Translation (MT) How long will human translation last? Machine cannot represent human sentiments in a language [quote]LucyPatterson wrote: I have been testing
out a well-known machine translation service
recently. It makes a real mess of free texts for
marketing and is absolutely terrible at
keshab Sep 17, 2012
Off topic Overdoing the thanks thing Gui lah hui dui dui ma Surely I did not know this "thank you" of Chinese
dialect before. But this thread has inspired me to
research on "thank you" and found this
keshab May 25, 2012
Bengali শুভ ১লা বৈশাখ সকল বাংলাভাষী
প্রোজ.কম সদস্যদের


keshab Apr 15, 2012
Business issues Would you work for an agency that does not have your work proofread? Not all agencies Of course my coment does not meant for all
agencies. There are many reputed agencies in the
world who maintain quality control by distributing
job between translator and proofreader. But t
keshab Apr 6, 2012
Business issues Would you work for an agency that does not have your work proofread? Common practice to deprive proofreaders [quote]LucyPatterson wrote: I feel like I am
taking all of this risk because if I did make a
mistake, there's no real safety net - no other
translation professional checking my work bef
keshab Apr 6, 2012
Business issues Has this ever happened to you??? Proofreader's Duty It is completely proofreader's problem. If he mess
the table, he should regain it from the original
translation file and all his previous
correction/comments should redone. This is his
keshab Mar 14, 2012
Poll Discussion Poll: When you access your inbox which emails do you handle first? Current [quote]patriciacharnet wrote: current clients
then potential clients then friends - from urgent
to non-urgent :) [/quote] Ditto
keshab Mar 12, 2012
Hindi होली की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं... Holi Greetings सभी अनुवादकों को
होली की हार्दिक

[Edited at 2012-03-07 17:04

keshab Mar 7, 2012
Money matters Half price for volume translation with no deadline??? No deadline? very fishy If there is no deadline for delivery, there may be
possibility of no deadline for payment also.
keshab Mar 7, 2012
Software applications Commenting in Adobe Reader Nitro Pro7 For a substitute of adobe acrobat, you can try
Nitro Pro7 which is multi functional and very
useful for proofreading of pdf file. You can
download its trial version from
keshab Mar 7, 2012
Business issues I have doubts (on ethical grounds) about taking on a certain assignment Ethics vs. Profession [quote]Aleksandra Mazur-Bryla wrote: I am in a
process of establishing my own business as a
freelance translator in the UK and have been
approached recently to translate some written an
keshab Feb 26, 2012
Bengali স্যাম্পল হিসেবে কি পাঠানো উচিত? পরোক্ষ অনুবাদ স্যাম্পল হিসাবে দিন স্যাম্পল হিসাবে
আপনার পুরানো
অনুবাদ কর্ম যোগ
করতে পারেন। সেটা
keshab Feb 25, 2012
Business issues I have doubts (on ethical grounds) about taking on a certain assignment Refuse politely- ethical or unethical As a professional translator, translation is my
primary duty. To keep confidentiality is also my
primary obligation. Yes, it is true that some type
of contents is not suitable for me. Ther
keshab Feb 25, 2012
Poll Discussion Poll: Where do you live? Incorrect and misleading 80% translators live in Europe? and 8% in Asia??
OK. Nothing to say. We can explain it with many
reasons (José already indicates one). But many
uneducated outsourcers may take wrong decis
keshab Feb 18, 2012
Bengali SDL Trados Studio 2011 ব্যবহার করছেন কেউ? বৃন্দা ফন্ট ব্যবহার করুন প্রিয় জাকারিয়া
ভাই, Trados Studio 2011 ক্রয়
করার জন্য জানাই
অভিনন্দন। আ
keshab Feb 4, 2012
Money matters Low rates + inner peace offer - a joke? Real joke [quote]Tomás Cano Binder, CT wrote: Replace
"translator" with "plumber" and their message is
equally valid. To me, this is not a customer, but
something else. [/quote] Yes, a plumbe
keshab Jan 20, 2012 Translator Coop Best wishes for 2012 from the site team Thank You Thank You and best wishes to

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
keshab Dec 22, 2011
Poll Discussion Poll: Why do you participate in these quick polls? Fun and Fun Why do I participate in these quick polls?
hmmm....a serous question I have to
think deeply :) Never thought of that, just do
it : Nop! I can't underestimate myself in t
keshab Aug 11, 2011
Scams Does this sound suspicious/like money laundering? Money Laundering I think your initial guess was correct. It's a
case of money laundering. If anyone have
undisclosed money (in India it is called 'black
money') and now he want to legalize it, then he
keshab Jun 4, 2011
Getting established Reporting native languages If X is my mother tongue then I am native in X only irrespective of script Y Script and language are not always identical i.e.
we can not say that one knows very well a language
because one is efficient to write the script of
that language. Roman script is used to
keshab May 30, 2011
Business issues Colleagues... or not? 'Some of the people some of the time' is enough for a fraud [quote]JL01 wrote: Abraham Lincoln said: "You
can fool some of the people all the time, and all
of the people some of the time, but you cannot
fool all of the people all the time." <
keshab May 23, 2011
Hindi भाषाओं(हिन्दी व अंग्रेजी) में " " तथा ' ' के प्रयोग के नियम? कुछ तथ्य प्रिय मित्र मित्रा
जी, भारतीय भाषाओं
में उद्धृति चिन्ह
का प्रचलन
keshab May 14, 2011
Hindi 30 डॉलर में 3000 शब्द प्रूफ़रीडिंग, क्या कहते हैं आप बाज़ार में बदनामी है [quote]आशुतोष जी कहते
हैं: आपका गुस्सा
जायज़ है.......लेकिन
क्रेता और विक्रेता<
keshab Apr 16, 2011
Linguistics Which language is the most beautiful language for you? I love my languages Mostly,all languages are beautiful to the native
speakers, especially when they are monolingual. It
becomes a question of choice when the speaker
knows two or more languages. To me, Ben
keshab Apr 3, 2011
Hindi हिन्दी से बंग्ला अनुवाद वर्णमाला प्रिय मित्र जी, आप
के मित्र 'वर्णमाला'
सफ्ट्वैर का
इस्तमाल कर सकते
keshab Mar 31, 2011
Poll Discussion Poll: I personally see translation as... Yes, it is craft Science originates in a thoughtful, imaginative
mind, no doubt. But later it demands logic, a
concrete solution and then it forms a rule.
Everybody have to obey this rule because it stands
keshab Mar 12, 2011
Translator resources Resource: Subtitling Software Subtitle workshop Hi Roisin, Try Subtitle workshop. It is free,
reliable and easy to use. Subtitle Workshop is
very popular software in the world of subtitling.
Although it does not support all Asian uni
keshab Mar 3, 2011
Business issues How often do you turn down jobs? Politely describe my situation 'No' is a harsh word to anybody,especially for
them who favor you and more especially when they
are established clients. I always describe my
situation to any of my existing clients when m
keshab Feb 28, 2011
Business issues Translation of one word Dear Colleagues, Today a job is posted asking
the translation of one word! the budget range is
.04 USD to .06 USD. Their payment option is
'Online via PayPal and Payment 50 days after d
keshab Feb 22, 2011
SDL Trados support Trial version failure ("the trial has now expired") check the IP address Hi Layla, Did you download SDL Trados trial
version from a trusted site? Please
check. Another possibility can't be ignored. Are
you sure that you have downloaded it from your
keshab Feb 11, 2011
Poll Discussion Poll: When you find (a) typo(s) in the source text, do you warn your client? It depends on the context which may be clear to understand or not. If it is
clear, no need to interrupt client and also myself
who is busy to meet the deadline. But sometimes
context is not much clear to explain t
keshab Feb 2, 2011
Software applications Subtitling software for Hindi and Bengali Dear all, Can you name any subtitle software
that supports Hindi and Bengali Unicode fonts? I
am familiar with subtitle workshop and I believe
it is quiet simple to learn and operate. B
keshab Jan 26, 2011
Money matters Free translations? Perhaps there is a classification [quote]Enrique wrote: Hi keshab, TWB looks
for solid translators because they look for
translations that are done OK the first time, but
as far as I know certification is not a
keshab Jan 22, 2011
Money matters Free translations? I want to work for TWB but.... I met them in the last virtual
conference. Their work seems interesting to me and
I have applied to work for them. But they replied
that they need a certified translator because
keshab Jan 20, 2011
Lighter side of trans/interp How would you like your... Thanks Thank you to post the thread. One diagram explains
a thousand words about translation business and a
million words about all businesses.
keshab Jan 14, 2011
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you listen to music while working? No Music -specially song, detracts my attention. If
music is on when I engage to writing or reading, I
just stop my work and my mind tends to float in
music. Musicians must be proud for such
keshab Jan 11, 2011
Bengali Happy New Year Happy New Year Wish to all members
Happy New Year
keshab Jan 8, 2011
KudoZ KudoZ scam Hello, I have noticed a peculiar trend in one
of my pairs. A person asked many questions and
grade points only to one person neglecting all
negative peer comments. Not only that, when t
keshab Jan 6, 2011
Poll Discussion Poll: If I won the lottery and didn't need to work ever again, I'd... Work is the best way to live It is better to donate a portion of lottery-money
to charity. My earnings, my status everything came
from my work. So it is meaningless to say that "I
do not need to work ever again". Mone
keshab Jan 2, 2011
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you communicate with your clients in real time via Instant Message (IM) chat? is very very bad idea Although I select 'no' but I like to vote for my
caption. It is too much disgusting. I never
contact a client through IM but sometimes client
tried to contact me. I have to face such
keshab Dec 26, 2010
Poll Discussion Poll: Would you marry a translator? other I am a confirmed bachelor. I never married before
and hopefully not even after this post But I think
for a couple that one should be speaker (of a
foreign language) and other will be a tra
keshab Nov 7, 2010
Poll Discussion Poll: How many languages are spoken in your country of residence? In India - 22+ Hindi and English - These are two official
languages of communication for the government of
India but in aggregate there are 22 national
languages including Hindi and English in India. In<
keshab Nov 6, 2010
Office applications Horrible tables! Move to the technical forum Sumit, I think that you better re-post or move
this topic in the technical forum. Because this is
a general technical issue and this problem can be
happened to any language. In technical f
keshab Nov 3, 2010
Translation Theory and Practice first backtranslation BT's duty is to backtranslate, nothing else [quote]Samuel Murray wrote: I must say that I
see nothing wrong with having access to the
original source text when doing a
back-translation. It all boils down to two
different (bu
keshab Jan 28, 2010
Lighter side of trans/interp Funny job posting ( again) Beware of frauds Two days ago, there was a job posting in English>
Hindi and English>Bengali thread seeking a
translation of 62 words. It also provides a sample
test. After counting I found the sample te
keshab Jan 8, 2010
Bengali ২০১০ সাল সবার জন্য শুভ বার্তা নিয়ে আসুক ২০১০ ভাল কাটুক সকল সদস্যকে
জানাই শুভ ইংরাজী
নববর্ষের আন্তরিক
keshab Jan 2, 2010
SDL Trados support Problem of installing SDL Trados 2007 problem solved Many thanks friends for your kind
advises. According to your advise I have
contacted SDL and they solved my problem within
half an hour! It's really great!!
keshab Dec 14, 2009

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