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Office applications Spelling check for French and Dutch in Word 2007 Language is applied, not selected Just in case, let me clarify that language is not
a user preference, but an attribute of the text,
much like boldface, point size or font. Thus, just
as if you wanted to set that text in b
Daniel Grau Mar 21, 2014
Wordfast support Enabling macros - Wordfast It was probably a macro warning If you've set Word to warn you if a document
contains macros and you open such a document, you
get these options: disable macros and open the
document, enable macros in the document and op
Daniel Grau Feb 2, 2014
Office applications Set language in entire PPT presentation For Macs only Check this page. You'll have to replace the name
of your language. It's a little slow, but it
Daniel Grau Sep 5, 2013
Getting established Upcoming interview with UN - suggestions needed Here's a bit more info Try
Daniel Grau Nov 27, 2012
Office applications Word 2010: "Do not check spelling or grammar" keeps getting checked. This is what's happening Language, as well as the "Do not check spelling or
grammar" flag, are not settings or user
preferences—they are both attributes of the
text, just like Bold, Underline, Times New Roman,
Daniel Grau Oct 5, 2012
Safe computing What's a good anti-virus program for translators? How to evaluate relative qualities The next time you receive a suspicious file,
upload it to www. . The site
currently analyzes any file submitted using 42
antivirus packages. This service is free, but th
Daniel Grau Sep 6, 2012
Spanish RAE pasa de prescriptiva a descriptiva Dicen que "se le otorga un valor normativo" De la Presentación en
:“Especial cuidado ha de poner en ello el
Diccionario académico al que se otorga un valor
normativo en todo el mundo de habla española
Daniel Grau Aug 25, 2012
Translation Theory and Practice CAT tools are becoming a bureaucratic step The tendency of it all I do keep my TMs updated, but I just send
segmented files to my clients, not
TMs. However, for most of my clients my TMs are
no longer serving matches. All I need is to
maintain con
Daniel Grau Aug 22, 2012
Translation Theory and Practice CAT tools are becoming a bureaucratic step I have a several clients for whom I've worked for
years. I'm required to send them segmented
files. For the last couple of years, they've
been increasingly pre-translating text and
Daniel Grau Aug 22, 2012 job systems Why do my quotes get declined? Robert is right Price seems to be all that matters here. That's
why I seldom respond to job offers, excepting
those that require certain specializations.
Nevertheless, note that job offers are sadly
Daniel Grau Jul 31, 2012
Site forums Number of replies to a topic - how to discover? Try this search I was not able to fine-tune this, but it works if
you look for the header in the proper
webpages: • "Pages in topic" "6 7 8 9" Change the number
Daniel Grau Jul 15, 2012
CAT Tools Technical Help New CAT tool being advertised There was a recent post advertising a new CAT tool
that was immediately taken down by a ProZ
moderator. This by-subscription tool purportedly
obtained several computer-translated versions
Daniel Grau Jul 4, 2012
Spanish La importancia de una investigación de marca ¿Qué harán cuando quieran expandirse al mercado
hispano? •
Daniel Grau Jul 1, 2012
Machine Translation (MT) Blind trust in Google Translate Read the following thread in the Microsoft forum.
The funny part is the original poster's
reply. •
Daniel Grau Jun 22, 2012
Office applications Bizarre spelling issue in Word, any ideas? It could be a missing update on the PC side See
-compatibility-and-missing-spaces.aspx . To
understand the squiggly lines (
Daniel Grau Mar 12, 2012
Scams SCAM: FEA / WTACA - and a new reincarnation, Successful Translators Organization (STO) / Intlangua They are not ATA members Despite FEA's posting the ATA logo in their "Our
services" page (which resides in a free
web-hosting service), they don't appear in ATA's
directory. One job offer from a guy purporting<
Daniel Grau Feb 12, 2012
Money matters Need a reliable debt collector in the US Tried sending screenshots? I've had success posting negative feedback on the
various translator forums, then sending
screenshots of the postings to the company. Some
sites won't let you see the post once it's
Daniel Grau Jan 28, 2012
Spanish Qué se considera español latinoamericano Hace unos años hubo un intercambio interesante... ... que encontrarás en Spanish variants - Latin
Daniel Grau Jan 25, 2012
Spanish ¿Podría morirse alguno? Esta es una fotografía que tomé de la puerta de
emergencia de un avión de pasajeros argentino con
capacidad para unas cien personas, recientemente
fabricado en Brasil. ¿Es concebible q
Daniel Grau Jan 25, 2012
Office applications Word count glitch in Word 2007 - could it be exploited? Could it be the text boxes? PDF-to-Word converters tend to use text boxes. If
your document has text boxes and you do Select All
before counting, you will only get the count for
the text in the main flow. In order to
Daniel Grau Jan 24, 2012
Scams Have you had this experience? (Staff: "Wallet lost abroad" scam) Mmm... His email address what hacked? That would only
make it impossible for him to access his account,
presumably because the hacker changed the
password. But the poor guy ALSO had his computer<
Daniel Grau Jan 24, 2012
Money matters "$0.007 a word" - BaAAaHAhhaha... Check out the facilities Enter the company's address in Google Maps to see
take a look at the facilities. Use Google's Street
View feature to check out the neighborhood,
particularly their host services. I gues
Daniel Grau Jan 23, 2012
Apple/Mac operating systems Word 2011 for Mac suddenly not counting words in header Word never counts words in headers or footers To count words in headers or footers, you need to
select them and count them separately. For the
word count to include text within floating boxes,
don't select any text (the cursor shou
Daniel Grau Jan 16, 2012
Software applications How to search only some websites on Google (MAC) What about History If you used the complex search at any point, it
will appear in your History list.

at 2012-01-05 00:19 GMT]
Daniel Grau Jan 5, 2012
Software applications How to search only some websites on Google (MAC) It's not properly explained For a single site, you would use the site:
qualifier. For instance: "Andrea Re" The quotation marks above ensure
I'm looking for your name as a phrase, but are not
Daniel Grau Jan 4, 2012
Translation Project / Vendor Management Agencies' own CAT tools Re: No Thanks However, the spell checker was abysmal I forgot
that one. In Word, I have custom dictionaries
for each client's client, so that spell checking
no longer stops at "questionable" terms.
Daniel Grau Jan 2, 2012
KudoZ Proposed method to prevent Kudoz Abuse They can open a new account In my experience, uncivil KudoZ askers (no thanks,
no glossary entries, no closing of questions, no
points awarded, no information in their profiles,
often a blatant ignorance of the subje
Daniel Grau Dec 30, 2011
Machine Translation (MT) MT and Confidentiality Agreements Clarification on Google Translate This is what Google has to say about the Google
Translate API (my underlines): Does Google look
or use the text I send for translation? Google
will not use any of your content for any
Daniel Grau Dec 30, 2011
Translation Project / Vendor Management Agencies' own CAT tools They'll be the bane of the translator Picture this: Project Manager: "So, Mr. Grau,
what experience do you have in the field of
networking software?" Me: "I have an MS in
Computer Science and for the last year I've been<
Daniel Grau Dec 30, 2011
Wordfast support Strange segmentation in WFC 6.01g You need to use "smart" quotes for the error to happen If you use "straight quotes," the error does not
happen. But if you use “smart” quotes, it
Daniel Grau Dec 18, 2011
SDL Trados support How to clean bilingual file edited outside Trados Search for the Hidden attribute Just like you can search for text in Bold,
irrespective of what text it is, by leaving the
Search field blank and enabling "Bold" as a font
attribute, you can search for Hidden text (Forma
Daniel Grau Dec 13, 2011
SDL Trados support How to clean bilingual file edited outside Trados If it is a Word file... ... where segments appear as
{0>Source<}0{>Target<0}, then all you
need to do is find the Hidden text and replace it
by nothing. Check your Word preferences/options
Daniel Grau Dec 12, 2011
Wordfast support Disable copy source to use a macro Some comments It seems WF uses Application.OnTime associated to:
a "WfLauncher" macro (whatever it launches), and
"{Escape}" sequence (possibly MT), and AutoCorrect
(the AC tab) with delays from 0 to 2
Daniel Grau Dec 9, 2011
Wordfast support Disable copy source to use a macro Just experience I just looked at how WF works. For instance, by
looking at the bookmarks as WF is running and
looking at the names of the macros in the WF
template. You can't reverse-engineer software<
Daniel Grau Dec 8, 2011
Wordfast support Disable copy source to use a macro This is what I'd do 1) Run WF's Next Segment Application.Run
MacroName:="WfNextSegment" At this point, your
macro continues with the segment in an opened
state (source and target in separate
Daniel Grau Dec 8, 2011
Business issues 6,250 translators at 11.25 an hour / cheating translators I particulary liked these bits • You initially have two minutes to complete
each proofreading task. • However, you won't
ever see the whole project. For security reasons,
Translation Cloud gives you only one line
Daniel Grau Nov 22, 2011
Scams Poor Agency A paid test should be paid, whether you pass it or not When doing a paid test, the quality of the
translation cannot be reasonably brought up as
reason for non-payment. The company did not pay
and they are at fault. You have every right
Daniel Grau Oct 27, 2011
Translation Theory and Practice TMs from Clients I never give them away An updated TM is a natural byproduct of a CAT
translation task, so I don't think one should try
to charge extra for it. Samuel, after I've
worked with a given memory for a couple of mon
Daniel Grau Oct 22, 2011
Spanish ¿Subtitulaje, subtitulado o subtitulación? Yo diría "subtitulación"... ... porque tenemos "título" y "titulación" (
TML=2&TIPO_BUS=3&LEMA=titulación ). Lo lógico es
agregar el prefijo a ambos términos.
Daniel Grau Sep 13, 2011
Translation Theory and Practice Yet another mainstream article on how great Google Translate is ! And here is the subtitle at the top ORIGINAL: The web giant's translation service
might serve up the odd batch of nonsense, but it's
still one of the smartest communication tools of
all time, as David Bellos explains ENG
Daniel Grau Sep 13, 2011 suggestions Help with searching reference posts How about these? German to English Kudoz:
n_to_english German to English Kudoz, with
Daniel Grau Sep 12, 2011
Translation in Spain / La traducción en España Me piden la TM o no me pagan, ¿es legal? Esto es lo que yo digo "La tengo combinada con traducciones de otros
clientes sobre el mismo tema, porque me resulta
cómodo tener una memoria para medicina, otra para
ingeniería, etc. Por motivos de confidenci
Daniel Grau Aug 24, 2011
Office applications Tabulator insertion after bold fonts on MS Word 2003? You made me laugh, Carvallo I can't tell—Bill would get mad at me. Daniel Grau Aug 20, 2011
Office applications Tabulator insertion after bold fonts on MS Word 2003? How about this one? Find: bold text (using nothing in the Find
field) Replace: ^&^t That will add a tab at
the end of the bold text. Then cleanup the extra
spaces, changing "space tab" and "tab space" int
Daniel Grau Aug 19, 2011
Office applications Word seems bugged Try this You may have a macro virus. 1) Quit Word. Hold
the Control key down and start it. This will
momentarily bypass your and your
Preferences, effectively turning your Word into
Daniel Grau Aug 19, 2011
Translation Theory and Practice Sticky wicket: My author seems to have lifted 75% of his book from English language sources! Don't tell yet My main concern would be the chance of not
receiving compensation for your translation work,
in particular if you will not be paid by the word
when you deliver the text. If you've instead
Daniel Grau Jul 22, 2011
Translator resources Translator rates calculator Using a similar method to the rates calculator... ... in this BMI chart: • I
just determined I am over 2 meters tall.
Daniel Grau Jun 11, 2011
Translator resources calculating money amount from 1960s Here's an historic inflation calculator
Daniel Grau May 30, 2011
Software applications What is, in your experience, the best OCR software nowadays? @Jo Macdonald Like I said, PDFtoWord does not work with
OCR. Submit a PDF with accessible text and
complex tables—it will do a good work of
exporting to Word.
Daniel Grau May 13, 2011
Software applications What is, in your experience, the best OCR software nowadays? Abbyy for OCR However, no PDF converter will convert complex
files (tables in particular) flawlessly. PDF files
were designed as a delivery mechanism, not as
working files. To see what to expect from
Daniel Grau May 13, 2011

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