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General technical issues Regular expression to catch same word twice in a sentence? Negated character classes [^ ] is any character except the space. An
alternative to b([^ ]+)b might be (w+) – it's
the edge cases that might make one or the other
preferable. One caveat with the above is that<
Endre Both Nov 20
General technical issues Regular expression to catch same word twice in a sentence? What regex flavour? The following works fine in a number of flavours
for simpler cases like your two sample
strings. b([^ ]+)b.*b1b But regex
capabilities and syntax vary widely among engines
as soo
Endre Both Nov 19
CAT Tools Technical Help Which CAT tools can be used online from a Chromebook? How about a backup computer? If price doesn't matter and you are concerned
about the availability of your work computer, how
about setting up a backup computer with the same
operating system and a similar software equ
Endre Both Oct 16
Translation Theory and Practice Conventions for writing SOPs/manuals with abbreviated form (in German) Ask a few KudoZ questions Technical German can be quite terse, but if you
know how to read it, it is clear enough if
well-written (which admittedly is often not the
case). A few
Endre Both Sep 24
Software applications BaccS now an SDL company Well done Congratulations to the developer. I hope they have
enough financial resources now to start a new
endeavour. (I might not be as sanguine if I
were a user of the software.)
Endre Both May 23
MemoQ support MemoQ does not launch - Activator version mismatch Delete license files Just had this error today, and while
uninstalling/reinstalling did not help, removing
the license files (License<nn>.dat) from
ProgramDataMemoQ did. Thanks indeedless for the
Endre Both Apr 17
CAT Tools Technical Help When a 50% match isn't a 50% match? SDL Trados – up there with the best of them SDL Trados Studio 2017 thinks 0 out of 1 word plus
different punctuation equates to a 62%
match: Both words are uppercased, after
Endre Both Apr 9
CAT Tools Technical Help When a 50% match isn't a 50% match? Nice 80% match from Crowdin A nice 80% match from Crowdin - one or two tweaks
here and there, and you should be good to go,
Endre Both Nov 30, 2018
CAT Tools Technical Help When a 50% match isn't a 50% match? Matches only start getting useful at 70-80% As Thomas and Nadia have mentioned, it’s usually
only somewhere above 70% that matches actually
have a chance to be useful in the sense of saving
any time at all compared to a fresh tran
Endre Both Nov 16, 2018
Business issues Final translation out-put format responsibility Agree in advance – or work out a compromise afterward Increased length is a potential problem that is
best dealt with in advance. Both project managers
and translators can acquire the experience to
recognise jobs where it is likely to happen,
Endre Both Oct 1, 2018
General technical issues use of regular expressions on Textpad Test this Never heard of Texpad before and didn't find
information on the regex flavour it uses, but you
could try something like
this: ^[^t]*t[^t]*t This is predicated on
the regex engine
Endre Both May 23, 2018
Translation Theory and Practice Is my workflow flawed? Working on brochures/manuals for print You're doing it right It boggles the mind that anyone would attempt the
kind of work you describe (translation + layout
adaptation) in PDF rather than in the original
editable files. So you're doing the only
Endre Both Dec 20, 2017
General technical issues Help identify unknown hyphen character Non-breaking hyphen It seems to be a non-breaking hyphen. Searching
for ^~ in Word 2010 I can find it, and looking
into document.xml within the docx file created
when saved in docx format, you will find that
Endre Both Nov 26, 2017
Déjà Vu support Translation Memory and Termbase windows disappeared from interface Reset the layout If all else fails (the buttons on the View tab
don't help and you also cannot find the missing
windows undocked somewhere on your desktop), you
can reset the layout to the
default: ht
Endre Both Sep 22, 2017
Hardware I need an inexpensive notebook Lenovo T series is a great choice A used Lenovo T series notebook (preferably with
some initial warranty as provided in your link) is
a great choice for low-budget professional use.
The T4x0 is a good size, though if you d
Endre Both Apr 28, 2017
Hardware Monitor advice My experience Without being totally au fait with the latest
products, here's some of my experience (having
worked with screens of up to 55" and 4K): The
spots you mention are likely pixel defects. Ev
Endre Both Feb 27, 2017
Déjà Vu support Need Help to build SQL to show only files from determined folder in Project FileSpec is full path, FileExt is extension and FileName is file name Try this for a folder: FileID in
(     SELECT ID FROM Files WHERE (FileSpec
LIKE '*/YourSubfolder/*') ) And this for an
extension: FileID in (     SELECT ID FROM
Endre Both Feb 24, 2017
CAT Tools Technical Help Trados Studio 2014 versus Worbee Exported file checked? Hi Robert, did you check the differences between
the first and the second file? Are there indeed no
<seg-source> tags in the entire file? If
there are none, I would be happy to ta
Endre Both Feb 13, 2017
CAT Tools Technical Help Trados Studio 2014 versus Worbee Re-sending? Sure, but you could re-send the corrected file,
no? If Wordbee were able to deal with
subsegmented translation units, I guess it
wouldn't have just skipped them on import. I doubt
Endre Both Feb 10, 2017
CAT Tools Technical Help Trados Studio 2014 versus Worbee Check xlf file type settings There is a setting in the xlf file type that
precludes Trados from saving its own segmentation
in exported xlf files (see screenshot). Try
unchecking that. I'm not sure if it will have an<
Endre Both Feb 10, 2017
CAT Tools Technical Help Trados Studio 2014 versus Worbee Clarifications [quote]Robert Rietvelt wrote: the screenshots (=
Wordbee) are showing 1 sentence in 1 segment,
Studio translated the same sentence over 2 or more
segments [/quote] You mean, Trados
Endre Both Feb 10, 2017
Software applications Keyboard Editing Software Giveaway Thanks again I've just downloaded KbdEdit Premium and cannot
wait to give it a whirl. I'll try to report back
with any findings. Many thanks once again,
Recep! Endre
Endre Both Jan 23, 2017
SDL Trados support Need help processing xml files in Trados 2015 You may need to define a custom XML file type The default XML filter in Trados is only
sufficient for files with a simple structure. For
more complicated stuff, you may want to create a
custom XML filter as described at length by Paul
Endre Both Jan 21, 2017
Software applications Keyboard Editing Software Giveaway Thanks Hi Recep, I had looked at KbdEdit before,
having found Microsoft's own tool wanting, and I
would love to give the paid version a go. Endre
Endre Both Jan 12, 2017 suggestions New profile feature: the NO-NO-list Don't respond to enquiries not specifying volume and subject [quote]Heinrich Pesch wrote: a mail arrived and
asked for help with a unspecified
project[/quote] I have come to the simple
conclusion that it is best to steer clear of
agencies whos
Endre Both Jan 12, 2017
SDL Trados support XTM and Trados Studio 2017 or MemoQ in Trados Check with your client [quote]spamalot wrote: The client's server setup
allows me only to download the files as .tipp
files[/quote] Funny, I see two export options in
XTM's file manager, XLIFF and XTM Excel (s
Endre Both Jan 7, 2017
SDL Trados support XTM and Trados Studio 2017 or MemoQ in Trados Cannot Trados import XTM's XLIFF files XTM can export pretty well-behaved XLIFF files.
Have you tried importing those in Trados? Endre
Endre Both Jan 6, 2017
Proofreading / Editing / Reviewing "Revision" to avoid paying full translation rates Incompetence rather than malevolence “Never ascribe to malice that which can be
adequately explained by stupidity” (Robert J.
Hanlon). I'd add to that: Never underestimate PMs'
cluelessness with regard to the translation<
Endre Both Oct 12, 2016
SDL Trados support ITD files in SDL Trados Studio 2015 Import as source files into a new project You can import ITD files like any other file
supported by Trados. There are even some options
in the file type settings that give you a small
degree of control over how statuses are
Endre Both Aug 18, 2016
Safe computing Is uploading to a client's server safer than sending a Dropbox download link? The question should be: Which option gives the client more control over security? Your hypothetical scenario lacks information
necessary to judge which option is safer. We don't
know for instance how well secured the client's
server is, nor how Dropbox responds to someo
Endre Both Apr 26, 2016
Software applications Easy to use XML Viewer/Editor with pretty printing and good Unicode support? Check font [quote]Artem Vakhitov wrote: I've tried
Notepad++, but it has problems with displaying
Russian Unicode text. [/quote] What problems
exactly? Have you tried a different font in
Endre Both Feb 22, 2016
Déjà Vu support TM can't be opened or accessed after migration Have you copied all accessory files? A DVX TM consists of several files (usually at
least four of them): <TM name>.dvmdb (the main
file) <TM name>.dvmdx <TM
name>.<language code 1>.dvmdi <TM
Endre Both Jan 16, 2016
Déjà Vu support Converting tmx in dvmdb memory format Link to Yahoo list I forgot the link to the DV help list on
Endre Both Jan 8, 2016
Déjà Vu support Converting tmx in dvmdb memory format Something is obviously wrong ... if DVX crashes. Are you using the latest
version available from (build 730 I
believe)? With an up-to-date DVX version, if
restarting the computer doesn't help, the next
Endre Both Jan 8, 2016
Déjà Vu support Converting tmx in dvmdb memory format Create new DVX TM, then import TMX Claudia, you just have to open the dvmdb you want
to import the TMX into, and then select the
"External data" ribbon and then the "TMX in"
icon. If you want to convert the TMX into a ne
Endre Both Jan 8, 2016
CAT Tools Technical Help Setting up translation strings for a website translation Golden rule No 2 While I'm at it, let's mention golden rule #2
(which admittedly is a special case of rule 1, no
incomplete utterances): Never concatenate
incomplete utterances to variables or other
Endre Both Dec 20, 2015
CAT Tools Technical Help Setting up translation strings for a website translation Beware of equating programming and natural languages [quote]This approach would be preferred due to the
"don't repeat yourself" (DRY) methodology of
programming[/quote] This is an honourable
approach in programming, which however will get
Endre Both Dec 20, 2015
Déjà Vu support Found how to «Go to next empty» DVX's SQL filtering is great [quote]mikhailo wrote: the only thing to do - how
to add shortcut to this. [/quote] Exactly.
Having to point and click three times on the
ribbon is a real letdown for the marvelous feat
Endre Both Dec 8, 2015
Speech recognition Is there any point upgrading from DNS 13 to 14? No big changes from 13 Here's a good rundown in the KnowBrainer
Endre Both Nov 30, 2015
Hungarian Trados Studio 2014 segítség Tisztázd a helyzetet a megrendelővel [quote]Orsolya Kiss wrote: érdemes lehetne a
dologgal bíbelődni.[/quote] Gondolom, a
megrendelő szempontjából tartod érdemesnek az
új fájl használatát, nem a sajátodból
Endre Both Nov 3, 2015
Translation Theory and Practice How to cope with extremely boring source texts? Do you use CAT tools? Not being a patent translator, I realise my
experience might not be comparable. As a technical
translator I am almost always operating at full
steam – even with repetitive texts. My CAT
Endre Both Oct 3, 2015
Déjà Vu support DVX3 Rumour No, what you're revealing (or rather, putting into
the world) is unfounded rumours.
Endre Both Oct 2, 2015
Speech recognition Is 8GB of RAM enough for DNS13? RAM would probably not help lag With today's prices, stocking up to 16GB is not a
bad idea in general as it can help keep the
computer responsive in corner cases of heavy use.
But it is not necessary, and most likely not
Endre Both Oct 2, 2015
Déjà Vu support What to do about these unexpected errors? DVX seems to have problems loading settings Samuel, was this the very first install of DVX or
did you at some earlier point install DVX, DVX2 or
DVX3? The program seems to choke on finding or
reading the settings, which are store
Endre Both Aug 23, 2015 Translator Coop Please welcome Paula to the site team Willkommen, Paula! It's great to see you on board of what seems to be
one of the greatest teams to work for! Endre
Endre Both Aug 6, 2015
Déjà Vu support Modify standard HTML filter so it picks up some attributes in other tags? Try the XML filter DéjáVu's HTML filter unfortunately has virtually
no options, in particular none to import specific
attributes. The options I see are as
follows: 1. You convert the placeholder
Endre Both Jul 28, 2015
Déjà Vu support How to machine translate, but only on demand? MT providers need to be set in every project [quote]Michael Torhan wrote: Since there are two
places where one can put the API key (global area
and project-specific properties), it strikes me
that if you want auto-MT, then you'd set
Endre Both Jan 31, 2015
Proofreading / Editing / Reviewing Daily output for proofreading to calculate the rate Hourly rate – unless you get to see the full document in advance To add to the many excellent contributions so far,
here's one more voice in favour of an hourly rate
for proofreading. There are so many factors at
play (even more than in translation) tha
Endre Both Dec 16, 2014
Déjà Vu support Language pair corrupts when exporting .tpf file from DVX2 Do a(nother) code check [quote]Abi Weller wrote: It sounds from what you
say like that suggests I need to wait to hear from
Atril and hope they can shed some light on the
issue... [/quote] There is one more p
Endre Both Nov 2, 2014
Déjà Vu support Language pair corrupts when exporting .tpf file from DVX2 More information needed Abi, First of all, have you contacted Atril
support? If you are lucky, they might be able to
help. Also, do you know what segments the
client can see? The first 33? In that case it
Endre Both Nov 1, 2014

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