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Poll Discussion Poll: Have you ever submitted a translation test and received no reply? Once Once I had such an experience. I would not mention
it if the same agency hasn't placed a potential
job announcement here on ProZ, offering a free
test. When I checked them in my email hist
Platon Danilov Apr 4, 2018
Poll Discussion Poll: Post-editing work will become increasingly common in the next few years: Halt PEMT I am sure, PEMT is seen by many agencies as a
solution to save on translators without losing
quality. The translators have to halt these unfair
attempts if they don't want to lose their st
Platon Danilov Feb 23, 2018
Poll Discussion Poll: If you're using Microsoft Word, which version do you currently use most of the time? Word 2003 I don't find later versions any better. Platon Danilov Feb 4, 2018
Poll Discussion Poll: In general, do new clients contact you first, or do you contact them? Let's be honest I am not a member of a translation association. I
have a website, but it is not on the first page of
search engine results, so it's rather a visit
card. The same with my well developed pro
Platon Danilov Jan 4, 2018
Poll Discussion Poll: Formal or friendly: which do you most use with new clients? Formal The first contact with a new client is always
formal. Later, we may go to somewhere in between
or sometimes even to a "friendly" style. But on
this stage I can't call such client a new one
Platon Danilov Dec 15, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: In the Venn diagram of quality, price and speed, where would you place yourself? No data You never know where you are unless you have some
data from other translators. Certainly, you can
make some guess from demand, but it is still too
vague. How can you compare it when you do
Platon Danilov Nov 4, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: After how many translated words can you consider yourself a "professional" translator? Substitution? Many say "professional" while they actually mean
"good" or "trustworthy". But it is not the same.
Profession means an occupation one make ones
living with. One can do it good or bad. But i
Platon Danilov Sep 8, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: How many contacts have you made/met at >20 Almost all my clients came via Platon Danilov Aug 30, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: Would the quality of your work be greater without the increasing pressure on turnaround times? No increasing pressure I just turn down the job if I cannot meet the
deadline. However, sometimes for whatever reason
it may occur you need more time to complete the
job. In this case I'd rather sacrifice timeli
Platon Danilov Aug 4, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: If there were more time in the day, I would: Other - Reading I would use it for reading books and blogs. Platon Danilov Jul 26, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: Which running event would be your preferred choice at the "Translation Olympics"? Other I do not prefer running in
translation. However, if I were a visitor to
such "Translation Olympics", I would prefer 100m.
But it seems more like interpreting...
Platon Danilov Jul 24, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: At least 60% of freelancers say they started freelancing by choice. Are you one of them? Yes I agree with Chris, choice is always there. And
in my case, there was a necessity, too. However,
freelancing for me was not the only and not the
obvious choice. I do not regret of it.
Platon Danilov Jul 18, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: Where do your direct clients come from? one-off My direct clients were only one-off clients so
far, though they were happy with my work. I hope
to find some regular direct clients through
emailing and less probable via Poz and my own
Platon Danilov Jul 13, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: How many hours are there in a reasonable freelancer's work day? Exactly! [quote]Julian Holmes wrote: As many as you
need, want or like [/quote]
Platon Danilov Jun 17, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: Have you ever received a gift or a bonus from a client? Yes Two cases in my practice so far, when a customer
was willing to pay higher than we've initially
Platon Danilov Jun 9, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you offer additional services (beyond translation) to your clients? Yes Transcreation Copywriting Keyword
research Localization Recently I have
moderated 2 focus groups. The customer needed a
person who is fluent in both English and
Ukrainian. Basica
Platon Danilov Jun 8, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: What motivates you most in your trade? Yeap! Money is the best motivator ever ;-) While I
cannot call myself a mammonish nor a great fan of
money concept, mankind has not invented a better
equivalent for efforts vs opportunities.
Platon Danilov May 22, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: My biggest complaint with the CAT tools I've used is: Other Trados and MemoQ are too expensive. As for free
cloud based tools, I doubt they are good enough. I
use MemoQ, basically 5-6 features: confirm match,
concordance, term selection, find in
Platon Danilov May 7, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: When considering Continuing Professional Development (CPD), what is the most important factor? A combination of 1. Subject matter; 2. Reputation; 3. Cost; 4.
Pace. Location really does not matter, as I
used to take online courses.
Platon Danilov May 5, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you feel there is a lot of competition in your language pair(s) or field(s) of expertise? Definitely Yes Both EN>RU and EN>UK are highly competitive in all
of my fields of expertise.
Platon Danilov May 4, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: My biggest client is No local clients at all I purposefully avoid local clients as they
underpay translators compared to the international
Platon Danilov Apr 30, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: In terms of new trends/technology, are you an early adopter? No I'd better wait for the early adopters to test
beta version and then use it when the bugs are
fixed and if it really helpful for me.
Platon Danilov Apr 17, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you take any measures to prevent eye strain from working at a screen? Yes It's simple: make 5 mins breaks once an hour or
two at least. Look into your window, let your
glance walk on the horizon, if you have a
panoramic view (I

Platon Danilov Mar 27, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: Standing desks: yea or nay? Take it easy! [quote]nathalia woglo wrote: I want one. I
can´t afford one...yet! [/quote] Just put a
stool on your desk and your laptop on the stool as
I do. When a project is big and requires me
Platon Danilov Mar 26, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: Does your "translator's eye" make it difficult to enjoy subtitled movies? other I think yes, but not because of "translator's
eye". I find subtitles themselves are rather
distracting. A good voiceover is better, except a
few justified cases, like the film "Human" by Y
Platon Danilov Mar 2, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: How do you prefer to learn new things? it depends It depends on the type of knowledge. I prefer
MOOCs to gain skills, but for general awareness I
prefer my own research and/or one-off webinars.
Platon Danilov Feb 24, 2017
Translation in Ukraine / Переклад в Україні Регистрация ФЛП для переводчиков в Украине: ваше мнение? Діє [quote]Evgeni Kushch wrote: На жаль, не
отримав повідомлення на
пошту про залишений вами
пост і тільки знову виріш
Platon Danilov Feb 23, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: To how many countries have you traveled? 16 so far Switch flights are not counted. I also do not
count Kazakhstan, where I stayed around 40 minutes
near the border just for the purpose of crossing
it to renew my registration in Russia.
Platon Danilov Feb 11, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: The project you are working on right now came from what type of client? MLV A big project from a big MLV. Platon Danilov Jan 19, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: What would solve your biggest concern at the moment? Love :) All you need is love. Love! Love is all you need.
;-) (c) Beatles
Platon Danilov Jan 13, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: Of how many translation sites/resources are you a paid member? Same here [quote]Linda Ildevert wrote: ProZ
[/quote] Just well enough for me.
Platon Danilov Jan 12, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you place a limit on how much any one client can owe you at a time? Not yet But I may want to do so if one of my regular
clients overwhelms me with huge projects leaving
no room for other clients and life

2017-01-08 1
Platon Danilov Jan 8, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: What is your ideal vacation? Bike trip I like a bicycle trip through a countryside for a
week or more.
Platon Danilov Jan 1, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you have your own website as a professional translator? Sure I am going to update it
today or tomorrow at least. By the way, what's
the difference between the options "Yes" and "I
used to"?
Platon Danilov Dec 5, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: Can volunteer work lead to a job? It "may", rather than "can" It may or it may not... But the job is unlikely to
come from the organization you're volunteering
for. In my opinion, it may lead to a job from
somewhere else as a result of your increased
Platon Danilov Nov 22, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: Which is the main reason that may lead you to decline a job from a creditworthy outsourcer? other Most often it's likely to be either out of my
expertise or too short notice.
Platon Danilov Nov 15, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: Who is the boss? Nobody of them Freelance means no boss. You are your own
boss. If you feel like a client or anybody else
is your boss - congrats, you are hired! ;-)
Platon Danilov Nov 9, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you make/keep annual reports for yourself of project numbers and types, new clients, etc.? To some extent Something like this: [quote]Muriel Vasconcellos
wrote: I keep my assignment logs in Excel
spreadsheets (each year I open a new workbook). At
the end of the year I look at the languag
Platon Danilov Nov 3, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: Can you work on translation tasks on the go (i.e. at any time and anywhere)? No I take it seriously. I need to concentrate. I have
to check myself. However, recently I have got a
good offer right before my departure to Israel to
visit my friend there. I planned to
Platon Danilov Nov 1, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you enjoy being an invisible translator? 100% support [quote]Nikki Scott-Despaigne wrote: Do I
"enjoy" being invisible? I don't care one way or
the other as I generally enjoy being a translator.
Invisibility is neither here nor there. What
Platon Danilov Oct 8, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you enjoy being an invisible translator? The same here [quote]Jack Doughty wrote: I don't understand
the question. Invisible to what? To whom? Do you
mean isolated? Unable to publicize yourself? Or
what? [/quote] And my question is: who
Platon Danilov Oct 8, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you charge a surcharge for translation of PDF to Word converted documents? It depends It depends if a CAT tool is required, but usually
I don't.
Platon Danilov Oct 5, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: What writing skill would you like to develop to offer new services? All the above I already provide web content writing and SEO.
Currently, I have a web content writing job at
hand. And I have previous experience in business
writing. Naturally, I'd like to develop t
Platon Danilov Oct 5, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you have a social network account that connects you with other translators? Linkedin But to my mind, is a social network to
some extent, too
Platon Danilov Sep 28, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: In your opinion, which of these combinations is better to be more successful in your business? How can anyone know it or compare? Even if we had the people here representing all
the options mentioned above, I doubt we can really
compare their stories to agree on the best
combination. We all entered the market with ou
Platon Danilov Sep 26, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: What aspect of the profession do you find most frustrating? Non-paying clients & more [quote]EvaVer wrote: ... I am mostly BORED with
the blah-blah I translate. [/quote] Why not
consider another specialisation, for instance,
transcreation or even writing? [quote]Jo
Platon Danilov Sep 26, 2016
Translation Article Knowledgebase Article: “Metalesku blesku” or the Hell of Cultural Expressions Thank you Nice reading, thank you. However, I have
another point of view. Isn't it cultural
expressions that make the language vibrant and
'spicy'? And as soon as they are, I believe, we as
Platon Danilov Sep 22, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: What do you do to keep your back healthy during intense periods of work? Excercise I take breaks and/or do excercise regardless of
the intense of my work. I also try to avoid rush
Platon Danilov Sep 19, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: When asked by a client how many words of a large project you can translate, you... Save 25% I tend to save 25% or 1 day for whatever delays
may happen along the way. But large projects are
rarely happen to me. For a shared project, I will
ask for a term base and no discounts for
Platon Danilov Sep 18, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: Income tax: how much do you have to pay in your country of residence? Ukraine 5% :-) Being registered as an individual sole proprietor
and having no hired labour, you have to pay 5%
from your gross income + an equivalent of approx.
$12-13/monthly as a mandatory social cont
Platon Danilov Sep 15, 2016

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