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Translation in Argentina / La traducción en Argentina ¿Cómo transferir fondos a Argentina desde PayPal (sin recurrir a los cheques)? Directo a cuenta bancaria en USD Si están registrados en monotributo, solo es
necesario tener una cuenta en USD y el dinero
recibido se desposita automáticamente en esa
cuenta. Como señaló Roberto, ahora también
Marina Menendez Aug 9, 2017
Getting established Starting out: How to specialise in Education and Pedagogy Start starting... Hello Lucy, Yes, there is work in pedagogy and
education. You can do volunteer translation (TWB
or NGOs are a good option) to gain experience,
knowledge and publicity. Show -or build- y
Marina Menendez May 18, 2017
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you use term extraction tools? Sometimes Hi! I use text mining (including concordance)
software for large projects.
Marina Menendez Jun 29, 2016
Translation Theory and Practice Neutral Spanish: please, guidelines Clarito como el agua Thanks for the link, Merab. [quote]Merab
Dekano wrote: If you have to translate "it was
spot on", in Spain you could say "dio en el
clavo". However, this expression might not be
Marina Menendez Jun 25, 2016
Translation Theory and Practice Neutral Spanish: please, guidelines Pink flying pig Neutral Spanish doesn´t exist. Period. The
more academic or formal, the more neutral.
Right. First, we should avoid terms that have
negative or sexual connotations in some
Marina Menendez Jun 23, 2016
Poll Discussion Poll: Have you ever rejected jobs to boost your prestige? Other I don't get the idea... Are we supposed to
include in our CV " I have rejected several
Marina Menendez Apr 6, 2016
Translation Theory and Practice Customer is requesting to indicate quality of a revision job Revision job or revised text? Hi Fernando, Are you sure the agency wants you
to grade your own revision? They may be referring
to the revised text, i.e. the text that has been
revised... That's what they usually ask
Marina Menendez Mar 9, 2016 Translator Coop Announcing the new Service agreement tool for members Great! Thanks, Lucia. Marina Menendez Sep 17, 2015
Powwows Powwow: La Plata - Argentina ¡Este sábado! ¡Hola, colegas! Tenemos mesa reservada en la
parte de arriba de Frawen's, calle 9 y 47. Solo
pregunten por la reunión de Proz. ¡Sortearemos
un libro sobre traducción entre los
Marina Menendez Aug 5, 2015
Spanish Punto y aparte depende... Hola, Rosa. Si son frases breves que no
constituyen oraciones, no debe colocarse punto.
Pero si se trata de enunciados completos, sí se
coloca punto. Cito a María Marta García
Marina Menendez May 14, 2015 suggestions Membership Campaign with spelling mistakes (Site staff: not a spelling mistake) Nueva ortografía La versión de consulta online del DRAE es del
año 2001. La 23° versión, del 2014, sí
registra membrecía. Además, la grafía con c ya
estaba incorporada en el DPD. Y sí, es más<
Marina Menendez Nov 23, 2014
Translator resources Translation theory in English: a list of recommended books/resources? Three books Hello, We can recommend you some books but
don't expect to find everything you need in just a
few books. I guess you should consider an analysis
in several levels: grammar, lexis, seman
Marina Menendez Nov 23, 2014 profile help Customizing Your Proz Profile - A Love Story Creative Thanks for sharing! Marina Menendez Oct 23, 2014
Translation Theory and Practice Need links for practical translating techniques Libro de estilo In English: Interinstitutional Style Guide:
m In Spanish: Libro de estilo
interinstitucional de la Oficina de Publicaciones
Marina Menendez Dec 12, 2013
Translation in Argentina / La traducción en Argentina DÍA INTERNACIONAL DEL TRADUCTOR Gracias :) ¡Gracias, Mónica! Igualmente para vos (aunque
sea con demora)
Marina Menendez Oct 10, 2012
Arabic كفاءات المترجم direct link to the article Hi colleagues! Sorry for the late reply. This
is the link to the original article
1996/ It has been translated into Italian
Marina Menendez Aug 29, 2012
Translation news The Spanglish debate in the US Sorteando canas Thanks for the link, Anna. The
Spanglish/Espanglish/Inglañol phenomenon is very
interesting, I wrote an article about it on my
Marina Menendez May 3, 2010
Poll Discussion Poll: Do you check your email from your mobile phone? No I assume you are referring to job
notifications... If that is the case, my answer
is no. I check emails every day, several times
during my scheduled 'available' hours. I don't let
Marina Menendez Mar 27, 2010
Poll Discussion Poll: Freelancers: who sets your rates? Ideally, me. Realistically, the market. Me, the market and translator organizations. But
it's not that easy... we are always negotiating
rates. Some clients, who are part of the market,
offer hilarious rates. Some 'transla
Marina Menendez Mar 15, 2010
Translation Theory and Practice A translation iteration experiment: looking for English-Spanish & Spanish-English translators English-Spanish I guess it's too late... Just in case, count me
in! English- Spanish (Argentina)
Marina Menendez Jan 26, 2010
KudoZ Kudoz and ethics There is always an option: filtering I don't think it is silly. It may be irrelevant
for some people who don't take the time to help
other translators. It's not about points, it's
fair play. I used to actively participate
Marina Menendez Jan 22, 2010
Spanish Una muy triste noticia sin palabras Comparto las opiniones de ustedes. Una persona a
la que no conocí personalmente pero a la que
tenía presente por los intercambios en kudoz y
foros. Mis condolencias para María
Marina Menendez Jan 22, 2010
Poll Discussion Poll: What motivates you the most as a translator? a "jobhobby" [quote]abdulvahed amooie Ojaki wrote: The only
time to enjoy thought is when I am translating a
text and a chalenging one in particular.A sense
of ability to understand other min
Marina Menendez Dec 15, 2009
Internet for translators Google Wave invitations 15 invitations to share Hi, I can invite 15 people. Please, let me know
you e-mail by PM.
Marina Menendez Dec 9, 2009
Teaching and Learning Languages What are the most amusing mistakes your students made? Eng>Sp massage the ego Conference interpretation in Argentina: Speaker
was talking about the need to give emotional
support: ".... to massage their ego". The
interpreter (translating literally and
Marina Menendez Dec 9, 2009
Spanish ¿"El hecho que" o "el hecho de que"? Democratizar para abajo.... [quote]Tomás Cano Binder, CT
wrote: [quote]Yaotl Altan wrote: No tiene la
menor importancia, ¿o sí? :) Con o sin la
preposición "de", se entiende el resto del
Marina Menendez Nov 30, 2009
Lighter side of trans/interp SPANGLISH INFORMÁTICO la vida en metáforas... Desde los científicos "agujeros negros" al
trivial "ratón" de la computadora, las metáforas
demuestran que la mente trabaja por asociaciones.
Me gusta esta idea... SaludoZ
Marina Menendez Oct 20, 2009
Poll Discussion Poll: Have you ever advised anyone on how not to commit a cultural "faux pas"? Terms of endearment In certain social situations Spanish speakers tend
to address each other, even though strangers, with
terms of endearment. In Argentina, it's very usual
to hear men in a casual interaction
Marina Menendez Aug 7, 2009
Money matters Did I miss something? woww.. what a thread! or.... threat (to translators'
income and professionalism)?. A agree with the
idea of filtering job posts by rate. I also agree
with Kevin's ideas (and i like his witty
Marina Menendez Jul 6, 2009
Linguistics Do you know of a language that places surnames ahead of first names? Surname, Name (MN) Hi ; ) Also in Argentina, when we fill in forms
surnames are written first followed by name and,
optionaly, middle name/middle initial. HTH
Marina Menendez Nov 8, 2008
Poll Discussion Poll: How did you become a translator? Languages - a passion By option, definitely! I don't know why (innate
flair? quirk of fate? unconscious decision?) I
love communication and languages. When I was about
7 I struck my father's old notebooks and
Marina Menendez Oct 21, 2008
Poll Discussion Poll: How old were you when you started receiving input in your second language? Translators, not learners So, we can be translators although we haven't
learnt a language. Weird idea, isn't

[Edited at 2008-10-14 13:20]
Marina Menendez Oct 14, 2008
Poll Discussion Poll: How old were you when you started receiving input in your second language? Second vs Foreign language Hi colleagues! Though the question may lead to
some ambiguity, I assume Ryan resorted to 'second
language' as an umbrella term that includes three
'learning processes'. 'Mother tongue'
Marina Menendez Oct 13, 2008
Translator resources "New" financial words/phrases Thanks Nicolette !!! very useful ; ) Marina Menendez Oct 8, 2008
Powwows Powwow: La Plata - Argentina ¿Sólo entes que traducen? Nada de eso!!! Personas que comieron, charlaron,
se rieron y se conocieron. Saludos a todos y
muchas gracias Silvina. Acabo de deglutir tu dulce
presente! ja ja
Marina Menendez Apr 27, 2008

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