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Translator resources General strike against TRADOS and other expensive CAT tools What is your definition of expensive? A CAT tool is an investment like any other. If the
ROI justifies the purchase, it is not too
expensive. If it doesn't, but you invest anyway,
you should strike against your own lack of bas
Speranza Feb 19, 2011
Business issues What happens when you see a translation test in internet forums? Nothing happens Come on, Argyro, let's not overrate prosaic stuff
like knowledge, or ability to open a dictionary,
or owning a dictionary for that matter.
Translation has nothing to do with that, it is an
Speranza Feb 10, 2011
Translation Theory and Practice Aren't these agencies taking too far? Nothing fishy or unprofessional here That they "are not requesting a marked up document
from the reviewer, only an evaluation" does not
mean "they are not allowed to disclose it": it
means there's nothing to disclose. The age
Speranza Oct 18, 2010
Business issues "My usual rate for Indians is X" - insulting to an agency? Business as usual Price discrimination is a normal part of business.
It is lamentable that many translators are
economically illiterate enough to find this
practice absurd. In terms of money, business
Speranza Jul 29, 2010
Poll Discussion Poll: Are you planning to take some time off work to watch the World-Cup? Most certainly yes Not only take time off, but also host a few
viewing parties. We'll raise our glasses to you,
people who find the idea of getting unglued from
your computers for 90 minutes outrageous :)
Speranza Jun 12, 2010
Business issues Anyone know why we are paying Lionbridge to work with them? Wrong Jeff, you got some of these backwards. When
you run a business, you don't get to work 9 to 5,
Monday through Friday, and take a sick leave
whenever you catch a cold. That's what empl
Speranza Jun 5, 2010
Business issues Anyone know why we are paying Lionbridge to work with them? "It sank." [quote]Sergei Tumanov wrote: why we are being
charged They need money. [/quote] Sergei,
you should go East and run for President.
Speranza Jun 3, 2010
Money matters How much do you make? Data For a thread started with a question that most
people apparently would rather not answer, this
one is generating replies pretty fast :). I'll
contribute some indirect (and therefore pos
Speranza May 31, 2010
Getting established The importance of becoming a member to Unimportant In terms of getting clients, ProZ membership is
unimportant exactly because it's cheap. It takes a
costly signal to make a message credible (in this
case, the message that you are a valuab
Speranza May 5, 2010
Business issues Lionbridge and IBM have announced an alliance to beat their competitors... News from a week ago: IBM, Lionbridge to Offer Real-time Translation for Business [quote]FarkasAndras wrote: I received the
email, too, and couldn't make heads or tails of
it. [/quote] It's very simple: in a move
aimed at adding insult to injury, LB is now goi
Speranza Apr 29, 2010
Poll Discussion Poll: What is the worst that can ever happen to a translator? We may need some perspective Now this is interesting indeed. Am I the only
translator whose list of the worst things that can
ever happen includes stuff like a loved one's
death, a friend getting seriously ill, family
Speranza Apr 26, 2010
Business issues Lionbridge's Translation Workspace: a letter voicing concerns What is different about it? This is a wonderful illustration of an already
obvious fact: there's no limit to the amount of
humiliation and disdain that some freelancers will
happily tolerate. It contains a useful
Speranza Apr 19, 2010
Business issues Translation Workspace / Lionbridge CAT tool Yes, they are [quote]Maruja Limon wrote: they are casting
their nets into all oceans [/quote] They
announced that on Twitter about two weeks ago.
They also "think this is the future of translatio
Speranza Mar 16, 2010
Business issues Translation Workspace / Lionbridge CAT tool Sounds familiar [quote]Felipe Gútiez wrote: The basic idea is:
why on earth has someone to work on something that
someone else has already worked and reached the
solution? [/quote] Just wondering.
Speranza Mar 12, 2010
Business issues Translation Workspace / Lionbridge CAT tool A whole page into the discussion... ...and nobody has said it is only natural to pay
agencies for the honor of working with them?
Because that is how things work in the real world
and we are facing recession and there's Indi
Speranza Mar 4, 2010
Money matters A project for 0.008 per word.. less than a penny a word Apparently not a joke A self-described "London-based translations agency
serving top law firms, banks, and marketing,
advertising and PR agencies" ("We offer
translators an excellent service," they add)
Speranza Mar 3, 2010
Money matters pricing for 75%-99% reps match Social engineering in action [quote]Tomas Forro wrote: Well Nadejda, but we
all know this is just a sweet
dream. [/quote] No, that is how things
actually work unless you believe everything
agencies tell you.
Speranza Feb 26, 2010
Money matters pricing for 75%-99% reps match 100% The fair rate is 100% of your rate. There is a
good clue: if it is you who makes an investment,
it is also you who gets the ROI. If agencies
didn't pretend it is normal to offer discounts<
Speranza Feb 25, 2010
Business issues How to handle the receipt of a poor translation? Agency or end client? If you are an agency, it's your fault. Pay and
never work with that translator again -- or with
any other translator, for that matter, until you
figure out a way to check qualifications be
Speranza Feb 20, 2010
Business issues On "getting established" (having 6 years of experience!) Look for clients, not employers Your entire list is essentially an extended
version of "be active on ProZ" and "have a
website." There is an Internet beyond ProZ and an
offline world beyond the Internet. Approach the<
Speranza Feb 20, 2010 suggestions New feature suggested for ProZ job section Upgrade it I suggest taking this one step further and
creating a separate website with similar forms for
world hunger, human trafficking and numerous other
issues that bother people. Talk all you wan
Speranza Feb 15, 2010
Money matters Word rates in euros and US dollars: do they seem to be identical? They are what you make them Do you mean rates that agencies get to pay to
freelancers? Those are (or at least should be)
established by the latter, so it's not like you
can look at the outside world and suddenly
Speranza Feb 4, 2010
Business issues How do you organise your business day in order to optimise your earnings? You mean you don't charge a per-unit rate? [quote]Astrid Elke Johnson wrote: I will need
to know how many hours I expect to work for that
amount of money. [/quote] Are you saying you
charge a per-project fee and not a per-wor
Speranza Feb 4, 2010
Business issues How do you organise your business day in order to optimise your earnings? Do not invent problems where there are none [quote]Astrid Elke Johnson wrote: that requires
a lot of e-mail correspondence to negotiate the
work. [/quote] No, it doesn't. If it is a
regular client with the typical project, e-
Speranza Feb 4, 2010
Business issues Where does a translator's job start and where does it end? Do what is right for you You are a freelancer, which means you don't have a
job description imposed from outside. As a
business owner, you are free to decide what
services you would like to offer. If editing is
Speranza Feb 2, 2010
Business issues Working for a non-paying agency? Demand advance payment My advice is, demand prepayment or reject the job.
Considering their current BB rating, they are in
no position to dictate terms of payment. They may
have revamped their accounting system,
Speranza Jan 23, 2010
Translation Theory and Practice Translating deliberately inaccurate entity names About the Office of Foreign Assets Control I recently translated a document that involved the
Office of Foreign Assets Control. It does indeed
arrange sanctions against foreign entities, but
that implies rules for U.S.-based busine
Speranza Jan 20, 2010
Being independent Working with agencies: content of purchase conditions In brief 1. From my experience, two scenarios are
particularly common. Some agencies, when they
need to assign a project, mass-mail all
translators meeting project criteria (such as
Speranza Jan 19, 2010
Translation Theory and Practice Translation of a College Name I would go for option 2 If the text contained Associação Internacional
de Educação Continuada instead of the
abbreviation, you wouldn't leave that part in
Portuguese, right?
Speranza Jan 18, 2010
Money matters DTP - does it pay? What are your alternatives? Are you better off, financially and otherwise,
doing DTP than dedicating that time to other
activities? If you are, it pays; if you are not,
it doesn't. (Edited to fix a
Speranza Jan 18, 2010
Money matters 2nd Translator quoted about 80% less Not necessarily a sign of poor quality Chances are it is just an aggressive marketing
strategy: if the client is promising and the other
translator is confident s/he is the best choice
for the job, s/he may be willing to offer
Speranza Jan 18, 2010
Business issues Do you really know your job/market, as a pro? (10k wds, legal, 5 langs: How much, via agency?) What am I missing? All professionals (even plumpers! who knew it was
a profession?) know how much things cost in their
markets. You claim to be a professional. Why,
again, do you need to ask the question?
Speranza Jan 12, 2010
Lighter side of trans/interp You are working too hard on your computer when... When you... ...look at a bookcase and think you should zip
some of those books because you're running out of
space. (True story from the time when my brand-new
computer had a 1 GB hard disk.) ...ex
Speranza Oct 15, 2009
SDL Trados support Standard discounts for fuzzy matches, 100% matches and repetitions Discounts? Why? It's charming how agencies try to make it look
like it's only natural that they should get return
on your investment. Do you seriously want to cut
your rates because you purchased a pricey
Speranza Sep 10, 2009
Machine Translation (MT) '[MT] is most often used alongside [TM] as an adjunct to human translation'. Are you using it? Really? [quote]Pablo Bouvier wrote: my recommendation
is that they look for another job that could not
be easily exported to the East. [/quote] Since
when is translation into Spanish (or a
Speranza Aug 31, 2009
Off topic Inglorious Basterds For the sake of accuracy... ...he said, "à votre famille et à vos vaches, je
dis bravo."
Speranza Aug 25, 2009
Off topic How to keep your monitor clean - from inside Not totally impossible [quote]Aniello Scognamiglio wrote: Now imagine
Miss World instead of the cute dog
;-) [/quote] I remember seeing that kind of
display cleaning service offered in Russia years
Speranza Feb 28, 2009
Proofreading / Editing / Reviewing Something that happened to me with a translation test Not that I was surprised by the lack of logic, but still... [quote]Rod Walters wrote: I feel honour-bound
to point that out to them.[/quote] So if you
tell the client you know an acceptable translation
is already available online, the problem
Speranza Feb 21, 2009
Business issues Your business is thriving in these awful times: tell us why! How about practical solutions? Wow, five pages of revolutionary insights into how
important it is to translate well and on time,
generously spiced with "don't be so arrogant,
admit you're starving, too" remarks :-D. Fol
Speranza Feb 16, 2009
Money matters Credit Crunch hitting Translators? "Do you suffer from nightmares?" – "Come on, Doc, I enjoy them..." There is an upside to the crisis, too. Like, you
enter your favorite (and normally crowded) eatery
at 10 p.m. on a Saturday and immediately get a
table you didn't even bother to book. Or y
Speranza Feb 12, 2009
Money matters We MUST quote in low-price jobs with OUR prices! An inconvenient truth (not the movie) [quote]Viktoria Gimbe wrote: after the client
finds out the hard way that you get what you pay
for. [/quote] That is precisely the problem:
Many of them never find that out, and i
Speranza Feb 10, 2009
Money matters We MUST quote in low-price jobs with OUR prices! How about asking the crowd? Judging by what James Surowiecki argues in his
book which is both persuasive and fun, there is
plenty of evidence that a simple poll (something
like, "In 2009, translation rates will gener
Speranza Feb 5, 2009
Money matters who shall afford transfer fees No abuse at all [quote]Jose Ruivo wrote: my clients in Europe
have never tried to impose such
thing. [/quote] That's because bank
transfers within the E.U. are often free, and when
they are n
Speranza Feb 3, 2009
Translation Theory and Practice Translating in Joomla? Is this becoming a popular requirement? I have so far had only one request that involved
Joom!Fish. Am now wondering if I should check out
the software after all.
Speranza Feb 2, 2009 membership Making the most of my membership How much do looks matter? You may want to check out this blog post to get
some insight into how a more professionally
diverse group of individuals sees the
issue. That one is about good vs. poor looks;
as to
Speranza Feb 1, 2009
Business issues Have you considered an MBA? Practical knowledge vs. business school certificates I have a few friends holding MBAs from very
respectable schools and boasting years in top
management roles, and I can tell you they don't
know nearly as much about running a business as we
Speranza Jan 30, 2009
Money matters We MUST quote in low-price jobs with OUR prices! Think twice While the number of bids is visible to all, their
content, including the rates, remains private. A
new outsourcer or an inexperienced freelancer
trying to figure out what rates are OK for
Speranza Jan 29, 2009
Off topic Did you ever wonder... (Why the sun lightens our hair, but darkens our skin?) etc. Come on efreitag, of course cat food is made to please humans. Do
you think it comes in nifty glossy packaging and
is sometimes fish-shaped because cats prefer it
that way?
Speranza Jan 29, 2009
Off topic Did you ever wonder... (Why the sun lightens our hair, but darkens our skin?) etc. Mascara-2, cats and needles Same here, no mouth opening when applying mascara
:) As to cat food, I read somebody had
experimented with that and the cats turned their
nose away. Not sure if this is true or not, but
Speranza Jan 29, 2009
Money matters An attorney called me... (response from customer to complaint regarding non-payment) Why are you even considering taking anything less than the full amount? [quote]Luisa Ramos wrote: That someone wrote to
me and told me that she did not have authority for
that kind of money, but that he knew I had to be
paid. He then asked me to review the<
Speranza Jan 23, 2009

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