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Date and time: 13:30-14:30, Sunday, 14 June, 2015
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Room: Panorama West

This session aims to explore the different options graduating students have to make the transition between the end of their studies and the beginning of their professional career. Internships at translation companies are a common choice, with benefits for both parties. But what other possibilities exist? How can experienced professionals get involved in mentoring and what can they expect? What role can associations play? What is at stake?
Language: English

Attila Piróth (France)

Bio: Attila Piróth holds a PhD in theoretical physics and an MSc in scientific translation. He made the choice between the two careers when he had the opportunity to translate some of Einstein’s original articles. In 2007, Attila passed the American Translators Association certification exam, which boosted his freelance career. In the same year he set up the Solidarités translation team with the twin aim of providing linguistic aid to a humanitarian organization and of creating a unique working environment in which translators can network around worthy projects. In 2009 he started mentoring new translators, and in 2010 he joined IAPTI to promote ethical business practices in the translation and interpreting sectors. Attila has given workshops and conference talks in 12 countries.

Web site: member: Attila Piróth

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