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2012 Freelance translator virtual conference

The freelance translator as professional CEO

Drew MacFadyen
Drew MacFadyen
United States

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Conference speakers

Jared Tabor Claudia Brauer Konstantin Kisin Jeff Allen
Carmen Cross Joy Mo Sebastien Yanni Suzanne Deliscar
Colin Whiteley Pritam Bhattacharyya Eric Candle Alessia Vonau
Irene Koukia Izabela Ignatowicz Ioana Radoi Fabrice Michon
Gabriela Lemoine

Jared Tabor (Argentina), ( member services manager)
Bio: Jared oversees member services at An ex-language teacher, he has lived and worked in Argentina since 1996. He has been with through the La Plata office since 2007.

Web site: profile: Jared Tabor


Claudia Brauer (United States) (Licensed translator & interpreter and online trainer & writer)
Bio: Considered a subject matter expert in translation and interpreting, Claudia's career spans more than 35 years in Latin America and the USA, logging over 15,000 hours of interpreting assignments in a large diversity of venues and fields of knowledge, and translating more than 10 million words.

Claudia became a trainer of translators and interpreters in 2010 and is the sole proprietor of BrauerTraining:, creating proprietary content for more than 250 hours of language-neutral training in the form of webinars and workshops. She is also a blogger and speaker on the changes that are occurring in the industry and that directly impact translators and interpreters.

Web site: profile: Claudia Brauer


Konstantin Kisin (United Kingdom)
Bio: Konstantin Kisin is a highly successful legal, financial and video games translator. Since joining in 2004, he has made full use of the website to propel his business to new heights and build long-term relationships with clients and colleagues.

A regular contributor to on the business side of translation, Konstantin has extensive training in the psychology of communication and human behaviour. Sharing his attitude to doing business with his customary passion and enthusiasm, Konstantin's mission is to assist freelancers the world over in establishing professional relationships with clients, making more money, working less and having more fun. profile: Konstantin Kisin


Jeff Allen (France) (Professional translator, engineer, translation tools expert, real user of many MT systems)
Bio: Jeff Allen has 2 decades of experience in many areas across the entire business life cycle (marketing, pre-sales, sales, account management, project/program management, product management, development, custom development, QA testing, TEP production, release management, deployment, customer support, customer maintenance bug fixing, professional services & consulting,, partner/customer training, ISO9001 Quality Management, Executive Management, Advisory boards) at several language services /software companies (, SYSTRAN, Softissimo, MIT2, ELDA, Language Technologies Institute) and other (non-translation) software and engineering companies (Caterpillar, Mycom Intl, SAP, Business Objects, Cartesis). He has been a member of the MultiLingual magazine advisory board and the LINGUIST-List industry advisory board over the past decade.

He is known for his work in controlled language writing for translation, Machine Translation dictionary building and post-editing, translation memory, website and software localization, translation workflow management systems, terminology management, speech technologies, and now has recent publications covering areas including ISO9001 certification, cross-team/project engineering tool integration, and cross-cultural team building and conflict management.

Web site: profile: Jeff Allen


Carmen Cross (United States)
Bio: Carmen has been a professional German/Arabic --> English translator since 2005. She specializes in translating pharmaceutical and clinical trial documentation, including medical reports, research articles, informed consent forms, summaries of product characteristics, investigator contracts and site start-up documentation. Carmen is a current and active member of the American Translators Association, as well as a regular contributor to Caduceus, the newsletter of ATA’s Medical Division. Her article, “An Overview of Clinical Trials and the Drug Discovery Process,” will appear in an upcoming issue of The Chronicle. profile: Carmen Cross


Joy Mo (Canada)
Bio: I'm a freelance translator and certified Mandarin/English Court Interpreter in BC Canada.

Other than being a translator I'm also a business owner and the author of "Goodbye to Feast or Famine". I'm running a website helping language professionals find Translation Jobs and Golden Opportunities with their multilingual skills and talent.

With no formal business training, I obtained my marketing and business skills through my own experience of trial and error. From barely making ends meet to running a successful business, while taking care of two very young children at home, I know the challenges and problems freelancers face these days and how to deal with them.

Today my business is still growing, but I'm devoting more of my time helping fellow language professionals build their business.

I publish a free bi-weekly ezine "Translate Your Way to Success" helping freelancers attract higher-paying clients and create multiple income sources with their language expertise. For more information visit

Web site: profile: Joy Mo


Sebastien Yanni (France),
Bio: Sebastien Yanni is a SEO, Social Media & Digital Marketing Strategy Advisor as well as an Enthusiast Entrepreneur

He defends the highest standards of SEO & Social Media Marketing in Soyculto as the Principal Partner & Operations Director. He also brings the most innovative Serious & Social Gaming for Business Intelligence solutions in Quambi as the Chief Marketing Officer & Co-founder.

Key facts about Sebastien:
- Digital Marketing & Strategy Enthusiast
- Social Media, SEO, PPC, Conversion Architect
- Generous Raconteur, Trainer & Speaker
- Successful & Enthusiast Entrepreneur
- 15 years experienced in the Marketing Game
- Speaks French, English, Spanish Daily

Web site: profile: Soyculto


Suzanne Deliscar (Canada), Treasure Translations
Bio: Ms. Deliscar was called to the Ontario Bar in 2004. As principal of Suzanne E. Deliscar, Lawyer-Linguist, she focuses on matters involving both legal and language issues. Her practice was created through the combination of her language skills in French and Spanish and the practice of law in a variety of areas, including civil litigation, wills & estates, corporate/commercial, and family law.

Ms. Deliscar has extensive experience in the translation of a variety of legal documents. She has extensive experience in the translation of official documents, and has reviewed, analyzed and abstracted over 500 Spanish language contracts for a large multinational corporation. Ms. Deliscar is also experienced in providing document review in French.

Suzanne Deliscar is also the developer and presenter of over 13 popular translator training webinar programs in the areas of legal translation, official document translation, and marketing for translators and interpreters. She is also the founder of the Lawyer-Linguists Forum, an online community of lawyer-linguists which fosters discussion and exchange in an effort to improve awareness and growth of the profession.

Ms. Deliscar has been heavily involved in the community through her mission work in Haiti, as well as holding various positions locally, regionally, nationally and internationally within her church community. Ms. Deliscar has also hosted numerous “Ask the Lawyer” Days in banks and for community organizations.

Ms. Deliscar is a former member of the following organizations:
  • Ontario Bar Association
  • Ontario Trial Lawyers Association
  • Rotary Club of Bramalea
  • The Mentoring Partnership

  • Ms. Deliscar is a current member of the following organizations:
  • The Law Society of Upper Canada
  • American Translators Association
  • International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters
  • Certified Pro Network – Spanish>English

  • Specialities
  • legal translation
  • official document translation
  • foreign language contract abstraction
  • foreign language document review
  • legal services in Spanish and French (including Civil Litigation, Wills and Estates, and Family Law)

  • Education:
    - B.A. Latin American Studies and History, Minor in Science, Technology and Public Policy,
    McMaster University, 2000

    - Advanced Spanish, Semester Abroad, Universidad de Chile, 1999

    - LL.B. University of Windsor, 2003

    Bar Admittances:

    - Ontario Bar, 2004


    - French

    - Spanish profile: Suzanne Deliscar


    Colin Whiteley (Spain), Quicksilver Translations (Colin oversees the entire production process, with a global view of all projects and hands-on involvement in translation, proofreading, linguistic consulting, desktop publishing, etc)
    Bio: COLIN WHITELEY – President & Linguistics
    An honours graduate of Cambridge University (UK) in Modern Languages and Linguistics, Colin has over 30 years experience in global business. He has worked in the areas of Marketing, Communications and Knowledge Management and has extensive knowledge of the translation needs of large corporations. Colin speaks five languages fluently and has a working knowledge of several more.

    Colin Whiteley started work with Mather and Platt in the UK in 1971 and was trained in fire engineering before being sent by the company to Brazil in 1974. He was appointed General Manager of Mather + Platt Spain in 1976 – the youngest such appointment ever – just before the entire company was acquired by Wormald of Australia. For the next 30 years Colin held a series of upper management positions in Wormald and subsequently Tyco International, which in turn acquired Wormald, managing the Southern European companies and later serving as Global Special Hazards and Global Marketing and Communications Director. Throughout this period Colin was an active member of the fire protection fraternity, serving as President of Tecnifuego-AESPI in Spain, Vice-President of Eurofeu (based in Frankfurt), and representing Spain on many European industry committees, technical working groups, etc., notable at CEN and CEA. He was the editor of the first ever European sprinkler standard (EN12845) and involved in a number of other standards and industry initiatives.

    Colin has had a key role in creating and developing the Quicksilver brand and business, turning an internet start-up into a documentation services firm with nearly €1M yearly turnover, 10 employees and offices in 3 countries.

    Web site: profile: Jude Alaiz


    Pritam Bhattacharyya (India), Wordsmith Communication
    Bio: Pritam Bhattacharyya is the Founder and Chief Wordsmith of Wordsmith Communication. He had been trained and worked as a Telecom Engineer in various state-woned and private corporations and holds his Masters in Communication Management from Strathclyde Business School as British Chevening Scholar

    Web site: profile: Pritam Bhattacharyya


    Eric Candle (United States) ( NY State Representative, International Medical Interpreters Association)
    Bio: Eric Candle holds an MS in Computer Science and Computer Translation, and an advanced certificate “Creating and leading Strategic Growth". His college graduation work was executed and presented in English and Russian languages. Eric is a qualified medical interpreter with 15 years of professional experience at the largest NY State hospitals,a credentialed translator, an adjunct professor of medical interpreting and a licensed Lead Community Interpreter trainer. He has studied, worked and taught in Canada, Germany, Austria, Russia, and Ukraine. Eric is a Board Member of the International Medical Interpreters Association, a U.S. Chapter Chair Coordinator and the NY State Chapter Chair. He is a passionate advocate of the meaningful LEP patient’s access to healthcare services. Eric has delivered numerous presentations on the National Certification for Medical Interpreters and professionalization of medical interpreting field. Eric Candle is the President of ECdata, Inc. National Training Institute, a NY-based community interpreting and cross-cultural training company profile: Eric Candle


    Alessia Vonau (France), Dileal (Business coach)
    Bio: Alessia Vonau is a sales accelerator who shares her talent with solo entrepreneurs and small business owners who wish to develop their business. After obtaining a PhD in cognitive psychology in 1997, she demonstrated her value as a trainer, sales representative and sales director in a training company.

    In 2005 she founded DILÉAL, a sales training and coaching centre and a translation agency, where her experience and passion serves as the building blocks to enable others find their success in sales and other empowering courses. Her clients tell that she is a demanding and enthusiastic person with a contagiously good sense of humour. Since 2008 she has also given conferences and on-line workshops focused on sales development. In 2010 she decided to provide even more for her clients by investing in training and sales coaching with top American coaches.

    Alessia is French-Italian bilingual and speaks English fluently.

    Web site: profile: xanthippe


    Irene Koukia (Greece), Metafrasma (Technical Translator & Trainer)
    Bio: Irene Koukia is a freelance Translator; Trainer and Business Coach. She worked as an International Travel Consultant for 20 years and used to teach at IEK Naxos in the Hotel F&B Department. She became a translator only in 2008, but she managed to grow her business successfully on her own, implementing managerial and marketing skills obtained through her former occupation. She obtained a certificate in Translation in 2010 and became a certified Business Coach in 2015. She is currently studying Business Administration at the Hellenic Open University, aiming for an academic career in the future. Today she is making a living as a Freelance Translator & Trainer and she also a Tutor at Metafrasi School of Translation and a member of STEMG for Simplified Technical English.

    Web site: profile: Irene Koukia


    Izabela Ignatowicz (United Kingdom), thebigword
    Bio: I joined thebigword in February 2010 to work in the Interpreting Recruitment team; I was initially responsible for sourcing new linguists and assessing their suitability for the freelance interpreter position. Currently, one of my responsibilities is the selection and assessment of new full-time interpreters for our in-house team. profile: Izabela Ignatowicz


    Ioana Radoi (Specialized in translation from English to French, mainly in the economic field and for international organizations)
    Bio: De origen rumano, viví 18 años en Francia, 8 años en Argentina y 4 en Rumania. Siempre estudié en el sistema francés. Formada inicialmente en marketing y comunicación en una escuela de negocios en Paris (ESCP Europe), trabajé 4 años en publicidad. Manejaba una cartera de clientes, concibiendo estrategias para campañas de comunicación, manejando los equipos de creativos y los proveedores, y asegurándome del buen desempeño de los proyectos. Redactaba contenidos y era responsable de la pertinencia de los mensajes y de los conceptos visuales con respecto a la estrategia de los clientes. Luego me reorienté en traducción. Estudié en la ESIT (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3). Empecé mi carrera traduciendo presentaciones estratégicas para mi antigua agencia de publicidad, comunicados de prensa para una agencia estadounidense, artículos periodísticos e informes financieros para una consultora. Recientemente, me especialicé en la traducción de documentos para organismos internacionales y trabajo como profesora de francés, español y comunicaciones en el liceo americano internacional en Buenos Aires (Lincoln) profile: Ioana Radoi (X)


    Fabrice Michon (Argentina), Cultures Connection
    Bio: Fabrice Michon es economista y traductor. Se graduó en economía de América latina en La Sorbona y Cambridge (DEA) y siguió el curso de maestría en asuntos internacionales (MPA) de la universidad de Columbia.

    Fabrice Michon es economista y traductor. Se graduó en economía de América latina en La Sorbona y Cambridge (DEA) y siguió el curso de maestría en asuntos internacionales (MPA) de la universidad de Columbia.
    Fue gerente de exportaciones para América latina de Prepac SA (, Gerente de negocios para Centro América y el Caribe de Freelance technologies (, Gerente de proyectos de PriceWaterHouseCoopers y Economista principal de la Comisión europea. Es socio de Cultures Connection (, una agencia que se especializa en la traducción de documentos para organismos internacionales.

    Web site: profile: Cultures Connection


    Gabriela Lemoine (Argentina), Hispano Language Advisory
    Bio: Gabriela is an ATA-Certified English-Spanish Translator, who graduated in 1999 from a five-year program at the School of Languages, University of Córdoba, Argentina. She is currently working on the thesis for her MBA. Gabriela is the CEO of Hispano Language Advisory, a translation and DTP company based in Argentina. On the basis of her experience, Gabriela has given numerous seminars, workshops and conferences on topics of interest for freelance translators.

    Web site: profile: Gabriela Elena Lemoine


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