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2012 Freelance translator virtual conference

The freelance translator as professional CEO

Drew MacFadyen
Drew MacFadyen
United States

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Thursday, 27 September, 2012
 Chat RoomOn-demand sessionsTrack 1
10:00 - 10:30
Pre-event coffee discussion
No Session

Join other attendees for an informal discussion about plans for the event via chat. Or just stop by to say hello before the first event presentation begins at 10:30 GMT.

PLEASE NOTE: In an effort to keep chat conversations manageable and enjoyable for all attendees, multiple chat rooms have been created with a maximum of 100 users in each room. If a room is full,...

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10:30 - 11:10
State of the industry: freelance translators in 2012
Prepared Speech

The State of the industry is an annual report on some of the changes that are affecting translators, as told by translators. The written version of this report is published online and is free to members. In this video version of the report we will look briefly at some of the trends, obstacles and opportunities to freelance work in the industry today, and how freelance translators are ...

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Jared Tabor

Language: English
10:45 - 11:45
Outsourcers' unrealistic deadlines - Group Discussion
Focus groups

The latest added 'Professional Guidelines' on minimum rates aim to guarantee the quality of the work produced. Some recent trends will increasingly jeopardize that quality from another angle: unrealistic or irresponsible deadlines.

This winning group discussion topic was suggested by the following member: mmb42
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10:50 - 11:00
Make your CV stand out from the crowd

During the session, we will provide guidance as to what we, as a company with 30 years of experience sourcing linguists, look for in a CV.

Izabela Ignatowicz

Language: English
11:00 - 11:10
Consejos para mejorar sus capacidades de negociación como traductor(a) independiente

Trabajar como traductor independiente implica manejar un negocio, y para que sea rentable, es fundamental adquirir capacidades para negociar mejores tarifas y fechas de entrega convenientes, entre otras cosas. Durante esta conferencia, empezaremos por analizar las características de los diferentes tipos de clientes y trataremos de entender cómo se relacionan con sus proveedores independiente...

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Ioana Radoi

Language: Spanish
11:10 - 11:20
Consejos empíricos para pasar de traductor autónomo a agencia de traducción

Algunos traductores precisan mejorar su productividad para incrementar sus ingresos, otros llegaron al tope de su capacidad y comienzan a manejarse como una mini agencia.

¿Pero cómo pasar de esa etapa a la de agencia de traducción? En esta presentación se les brindarán herramientas y consejos para encarar esta nueva etapa.

Fabrice Michon

Language: Spanish
11:15 - 12:15
Forces Shaping the Industry in the Global Village of the 21st Century
Prepared Speech

This session is a wake-up call to the future. Technology is transforming the profession at the speed of light. Instead of resisting technology, translators and interpreters must embrace it and learn how to use it to further their professional advancement and intercultural communication. Embracing constant change is vital for survival in the global village of the 21st century.

If tra...

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Claudia Brauer

Language: English
11:20 - 11:30
Cómo ganar productividad con Internet y otras herramientas

En esta presentación conoceremos o repasaremos algunas herramientas de Internet que nos permiten ganar productividad, y algunas otras herramientas que probablemente ya tenemos pero no nos hemos decidido a usar.

Gabriela Lemoine

Language: Spanish
11:30 - 11:40
La productividad de los traductores

Comenzaré con una descripción general de varios factores que pueden tener un impacto en la productividad de los traductores. Luego, me centraré en los factores no específicos de traducción en la productividad: gestion del correo, organización de datos, automatización de tareas, gestión de archivos, recuperación de datos. Compartiré consejos y mostraré las herramientas y procedimento...

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Fabrice Michon

Language: Spanish
11:45 - 12:15
What does not count in a triadic encounter: advancing professionalization of the community interpreting field

The presentation will address:
  • the importance of using credentialed interpreters vs. ad-hoc interpreters
  • professionalization as one of the key components in advancing medical/community interpreting field
  • the direct link between professional delivery in both languages and clients safety/well-being & providers ability to accurately and completely convey their message
  • mult...

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  • Speaker:
    Eric Candle

    Language: English
    12:15 - 12:30
    Découvrez vos talents commerciaux pour multiplier votre CA

    Avez-vous la fibre commerciale ? Dans votre vie de tous les jours, vous arrivez à fédérer des personnes et à les convaincre, mais dès qu'il s'agit de vendre vous partez en courant ? Vous vous dites : "je n'ai pas la fibre commerciale", "la vente ce n'est vraiment pas fait pour moi", "je ne sais pas vendre."

    En amont de toutes les techniques de vente, il y a des personnes, avec ...

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    Alessia Vonau

    Language: French
    12:30 - 13:30
    Negotiate Your Way to Success!
    Prepared Speech

    In this exciting presentation, Konstantin Kisin, a renowned industry speaker, will share some of the latest negotiation tips and tricks that allow freelancers to increase their rates and build better relationships with their clients.

    Scroll down this page to view the recording of this presentation & the Q&A session with presenter Konstantin Kisin

    Konstantin Kisin

    Language: English
    13:45 - 14:25
    Machine Translation – the new generation - questions and concerns
    Prepared Speech

    The relevance of Machine Translation (MT) for translation service production contexts is touching the daily lives of translators and other language-related roles. We have seen a new flood of info during the past 2 years about statistical MT being the new generation of tools that obsolete the old generation. Is it really that new and innovative? Jeff brings his experience over 2 decades on all ...

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    Jeff Allen

    Language: English
    14:15 - 15:15
    Best way to set up our rates - Group Discussion
    Focus groups

    We want to be competitive but we also want to be paid fairly for our skilled work. Furthermore, it is not always easy to know what others doing similar work are charging.

    Some clients might expect discounts for higher volume of work, but if you offer a discount, will you still get a fair rate per hour of work?

    This winning group discussion topic was suggested by the foll...

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    14:45 - 15:25
    An Introduction to Clinical Trials
    Prepared Speech

    The pharmaceutical industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Every day we hear about a new drug being tested or the results of a clinical trial that has just been completed. So, now is the perfect time to specialize in this ever-expanding field. This webinar series will provide participants with a solid foundation to do just that. I will discuss all of the aspects related to clinical tri...

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    Carmen Cross

    Language: English
    15:45 - 16:10
    What do outsourcers expect from a translator?
    Prepared Speech

  • What outcourcers expect from you when you apply for a job.
  • What are the things they expect during the cooperation.
  • What do they expect after delivery of the job.
  • A few points a new translator should pay attention to in order to get a good reputation in the branch.

    Scroll down this page to view the recording of this presentation & the Q&A session with presenter I...

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    Irene Koukia

    Language: English
    16:45 - 17:30
    Panel discussion - Price point strategies
    Round table

    Join moderator Konstantin Kisin and other panelists in a LIVE & lively discussion about pricing strategies for freelance translators via webcab.

    This panel discussion is an opportunity to hear the views of experienced industry contributors on topics like market price trends, price setting and the future development of the translation industry.

    An interactive session, the ...

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    Leader: Konstantin Kisin
    Participant: Sebastien Yanni
    Participant: Jeff Allen
    Participant: Suzanne Deliscar
    Participant: Colin Whiteley

    Language: English
    17:45 - 18:35
    The Case of the Double-Hyphenate Linguist
    Prepared Speech

    For anyone starting a new career, it is a time of excitement and nervousness. For people who are working in one profession and want to move completely into a new business, such as translation, or combine their current career with an old or new love in a different skill-set, it can appear challenging to start over. However, with the proper attitude and information, the transition to “double-h...

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    Suzanne Deliscar

    Language: English
    18:45 - 19:25
    Freelance Translator as a Professional CEO : The Tips from a practising 'Actor'
    Prepared Speech

    A Freelance Translator is a CEO from the moment of inception. So, the question is not - How to become a CEO (as for an ambitious MBA) but how to 'act' like a CEO. The session will provide home-brewed and experiential tips from a practising 'actor'. The Tips will include on-stage performance and off-stage preparation.

    The session will provide the following:
    1. De-linking ...

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    Pritam Bhattacharyya

    Language: English
    19:45 - 21:00
    Price point strategies to optimize your revenues
    Prepared Speech

    Getting your price right is not driven by fate, it is a logical process. Take a fresh perspective from your translation routine and approach the price with a marketing angle.

    In this 1h session, you'll learn how to Determine your price influencing factors; Build a pricing model and Optimize your pricing communication... All that to improve your revenues

    Learn how to...

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    Sebastien Yanni

    Language: English
    21:15 - 22:10
    The endless potential of outsourcing
    Prepared Speech

    Outsourcing is not just about finding other freelance translators to do your extra work, it's about helping you create more time to build a solid business and generate more business profit.

    Scroll down this page to view the recording of this presentation & the Q&A session with presenter Joy Mo.

    Joy Mo

    Language: English

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