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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Apr 18 '08 eng>por cut the arse off o vento é de rachar pro closed no
- Apr 3 '08 eng>por cutie patutie bonitinha pro closed no
- Aug 3 '07 eng>por come in for me veio a minha procura pro closed ok
- Jul 17 '07 por>eng pegar leve Chill out pro closed ok
- May 29 '07 por>eng mais sujo que pau de galinheiro lower than whale sh*t i on the ocean floor pro just_closed no
- Mar 3 '07 eng>eng wax this guy off. Keep it up wipe him out. keep going pro closed no
4 Mar 3 '07 por>eng queda de braço arm wrestling pro closed ok
4 Mar 3 '07 eng>eng Man, how you gonna put a guy down like that? Man, how ARE you GOING TO Knock a guy down like that?" pro closed ok
- Feb 26 '07 por>eng BABACA Idiot easy closed ok
4 Feb 26 '07 eng>eng ya whatever, over you anyway I am over you => I don't care about you anymore pro closed ok
4 Dec 24 '06 eng>eng to run low on lame Fabric interwoven with metal wire pro closed ok
- Nov 22 '06 por>eng baboseiras foolishness pro closed ok
- Nov 4 '06 por>eng bola de Suframa Bola da Suframa rotary pro closed ok
- Sep 25 '06 por>eng selinho a little kiss pro closed no
- Sep 24 '06 eng>eng they were on the move (idiom) were movng up in the ranking..becoming important pro closed no
4 Sep 18 '06 por>eng armação frame up pro closed ok
- Apr 24 '06 eng>eng Ruth, Toodles & Toots reference easy closed no
- Apr 15 '06 eng>eng Sheela a stone carving..or a carving in stone easy closed ok
- Jan 16 '06 por>eng ficar had a date with that girl easy closed ok
- Dec 21 '05 por>eng jogar na cara de [alguém] to rub it in their rub their face in it. pro closed no
- Dec 12 '05 por>eng enrolando you are conning me.. you are trying to dupe are trying to deceive me easy closed no
4 Nov 2 '05 eng>eng "Rough Stuff" Rough Stuff An undisciplined, reckless, indecent, disorderly person pro closed ok
- Jul 15 '05 eng>por hog-wild Endoidei .. Endoidei De Vez pro closed ok
- Jul 15 '05 eng>por leaps and bounds aos trancos e barrancos pro closed ok
- Jul 15 '05 eng>por bang for the buck o máximo que aquela quantia em dinheiro pode comprar..a melhor relação custo/qualidade..a melhor rel pro closed ok
- Jul 14 '05 eng>por Husky boy rapaz forte..rapaz robusto..nome de revista pro closed ok
4 Jun 15 '05 eng>eng freak on sb Don’t freak on me => Don’t freak out on me.=> don't lose your calm.lose your cool pro closed ok
- May 27 '05 eng>eng banana bender it is a joke pro closed ok
- May 10 '05 eng>por bullcrap bullcrap => BS => Bullsh*t => b*sta easy closed ok
- Dec 25 '04 por>eng recarregar as energias para um novo trabalho recuperate one's energy for a new job pro closed no
4 Dec 15 '04 eng>eng between a rock and a hard place in a very difficult situation pro closed ok
- Oct 20 '04 eng>eng hit it out of the park if you are not very successful easy closed ok
4 Sep 30 '04 por>eng curtindo muito o maridao enjoying being with my husband easy closed ok
- Jun 24 '04 eng>eng a man who uses women/the dirtiest you can come up with gigolo pro closed no
- Jun 15 '04 eng>eng fish (slang) possible slang usage of 'fish' pro closed no
- Jun 13 '04 eng>por cunt periquita..perereca pro closed no
- Jun 9 '04 eng>eng sharon gives me tough love and shes also given me tremendous bollockings Definitions of bollocks on the Web: easy closed ok
- Jun 2 '04 por>eng patricinha valley girl (in california) easy open no
- May 7 '04 por>eng Tomando Canto Tomando Canto => taking the corner..Tomando conta => taking care of easy closed no
- Apr 11 '04 por>eng cara-de-pau Helpful Expressions easy closed no
- Nov 3 '03 eng>eng a serious jones a serious addiction pro closed ok
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