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Points Date Pair Term / Answer given Level Status Gloss
- Jun 4 eng>esl went into the heavens un hotel, la cumbre de que ascendìa al cielo easy open no
- Jun 4 eng>esl goo sustancia viscosa pro open no
- Jun 3 ita>eng Il progetto (dei paesaggi abbandonati) abandoned landscapes initiative pro open no
- Jun 1 eng>esl forehand (for left-handed players) drive easy open no
- Jun 1 eng>esl dog-eat-dog una sociedad en que se despedazan unos a otros pro open no
- May 31 esl>eng Nota de Egreso patient discharge note(s) pro open no
- May 27 eng>esl to reenact recrear easy closed ok
- May 27 por>eng Todas as etapas serão tratadas de maneira mais detalhada all of the stages will be dealt with in a very comprehensive way pro open no
4 May 27 fra>eng ...pèse le plus lourd dans la balance what counts more heavily/carries more weight easy closed ok
- May 26 eng>esl Mall map mapa del centro comercial easy open no
4 May 26 esl>eng empresa de firma digital digital signature company pro closed ok
- May 26 eng>esl spread the gap extender sus capacidades normales pro open no
- May 26 fra>eng producteur de séjours campground vacation entrepreneurs pro closed no
- May 26 eng>esl As such por consiguiente easy open no
- May 26 eng>esl Old beyond time más antiguo que el tiempo easy closed ok
- May 25 esl>eng alienación delincuente alienation based on criminality pro open no
- May 25 esl>eng peculio own money/money in their pocket/modest savings pro open no
- May 24 eng>esl drag his feet arrastrar los pies easy closed ok
- May 24 eng>esl die down apagarse easy closed ok
- May 24 eng>esl get shaky about volverse desequilabrados/trastornados easy closed ok
- May 23 fra>eng un turque d'outretombe Turkish of another world pro closed ok
- May 22 por>eng Ele é um pedrão. He's an uncivilized/ill-bred person/man/individual. pro open no
- May 22 por>eng não fala nada com nada says things that amount to nothing pro closed no
- May 19 esl>eng en la confianza de que in the hope that easy closed no
- May 19 esl>eng plan de desconfinamiento easing/lifting of restrictions plan pro closed ok
- May 17 eng>esl double down doblar/redoblar pro closed ok
- May 15 fra>eng travaillant comme dix works as is she has the stamina of 10 people,.. pro closed no
- May 14 fra>eng ll ne faut pas tout craindre, mais il faut tout préparer One/People should not be completely overpowered by fear, but should be prepared for anything pro closed no
- May 13 ita>eng spirito with the same kind of soul/esprit/verve (as) easy closed ok
- May 12 eng>esl getting lulled to sleep arrullando a alguien hasta que se duerma easy closed ok
- May 12 esl>eng servidor laborer pro closed no
- May 11 fra>eng déconfinement lifting of restrictions easy closed ok
- May 11 eng>esl stand on their own tener bases sólidos pro closed no
- May 10 eng>esl get it right lo hará como se debe easy closed ok
- May 10 eng>esl that’s it Eso es todo. easy closed ok
4 May 9 eng>esl extorted millions había extorsionado muchos miliones de dólares pro closed ok
- May 8 por>eng A vida é um prato cheio Life is a full plate. pro closed no
- May 7 fra>eng qui tient davantage du face à face that keeps the confrontation of two egos under control pro closed ok
- May 7 fra>eng entre deux impressions d’immensité amid two impressions indicative of grandeur/expansiveness pro just_closed no
- May 3 esl>eng "hacer el focus" monitor everything she does pro closed no
- May 4 fra>eng ramener ces formes à des notions exprimables, explicables. reduce these forms to expressible ideas, which can be elucidated pro closed ok
- May 4 fra>eng à portée de cœur within reach of the heart pro closed ok
4 May 1 eng>esl vividness of the vision la intensidad de la visiòn easy closed ok
- Apr 28 esl>eng la afectación debe ser total must be completely utilized pro closed ok
- Apr 28 esl>eng gastos aparejados and expenses related to it pro closed ok
- Apr 28 por>eng despoletar gives rise to pro closed ok
4 Apr 28 esl>eng Tecnología e Informática technology and computer science easy closed ok
- Apr 26 esl>eng Ministro de jornada Minister of the Day/Day Minister pro closed ok
- Apr 25 esl>eng una compra venta a plazos sales purchase, to be paid in installments pro closed ok
4 Apr 19 fra>eng monde pourri rotten world easy closed ok
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