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Office applications .pdf file conversion to .doc(x) Another one OCR Terminal works over the web and it's free for
20 pages per month. It's Abbyy-based, so it's
good: • It
converts imaged-text (i.e., pictures of text,
Daniel Grau May 13, 2011
Wordfast support TM attribute for bold... WF still has RichMemory I'm running Wordfast 5.92m and it still supports
Daniel Grau May 6, 2011
KudoZ Why could I not use KudoZ in China? Why not a proxy server? I just tried Kim Metzger's link
test.html) with regular proxy servers, by pasting
the resulting URL into the "Enter Text Website"
Daniel Grau May 4, 2011
Translation Project / Vendor Management Supplying passport info to agency? They would not think it unusual In Argentina, having your personal documentation
photocopied whenever you enter a business
transaction is very common. Perhaps this company
has just started outsourcing internationally and
Daniel Grau Mar 8, 2011
Marketing for translators Phrases/examples we can use to educate a client. If you think it's expensive... This is from a famous oil well firefighter: "If
you think it's expensive to hire a professional to
do the job, wait until you hire an
amateur." —Paul Neal "Red"
Adair (http://en
Daniel Grau Feb 18, 2011
Wordfast support Analysis The analysis is testimonial It reflects how much work you have done while
translating. Thus, Wordfast analyzes by looking at
the numbers in the middle purple marker. You
got 40% no matches because that was the per
Daniel Grau Feb 17, 2011
Office applications How to compare 2 Excel files for changes This is what I'd do Export each Excel sheet (in the old and new file)
to a Word file. To do this, select the cells with
data, copy to them to the clipboard and paste each
sheet in a Word document. Don't selec
Daniel Grau Feb 14, 2011
Translation in the US US/Mexican citizen, living and paying taxes in Mexico, being asked for the first time to fill out W9 You don't have to pay From the UNITED STATES - MEXICO INCOME TAX
) ARTICLE 14 Independent Personal
Services 1. Income derived by an individual
Daniel Grau Feb 11, 2011
Localization Comparing two files with strings and sorting the target file Here's my suggestion As long as you have a way of restoring the
original order of the strings, you can shuffle and
sort them any way you want. The short
recipe: 1) Open the files in Word and format
Daniel Grau Jan 26, 2011
CAT Tools Technical Help Is there any free or cheap translation software? Anaphraseus This is supposed to work like Wordfast Classic, so
it's compatible with Macs and PCs:
. Regards, Daniel
Daniel Grau Oct 28, 2010
Translation Project / Vendor Management How long does it take, and how much marketing is needed, to get established as a translator? I wish I worked 40 hours per week I regularly work over 250 hours per
month. There used to be a time when new clients
came via project managers that switched
translation agencies. Now, they come through my
ATA page.
Daniel Grau Oct 25, 2010
Wordfast support TM attribute for bold... There is a way Sorry, I misread your
query. Daniel -------------------------ORIGINA
L POST------------------- I don't know if it's
still supported, as I stopped upgrading WF Classic
two years
Daniel Grau Oct 23, 2010
Money matters Unilateral deductions from the due amount imposed by a client (translation agency) from Portugal Large American agencies enforce similar policies If you work for a large agency in the United
States, they will automatically deduct income
taxes from your invoice amount (i.e. they will pay
them for you) unless you do one of two
Daniel Grau Oct 16, 2010
SDL Trados support [TRADOS 2007] How can I just ignore some tags at the beginning / end of a translation unit? Do_not_translate? What if you were to do a global replacement of
those tags to the "Do_Not_Translate" style?
Afterwards, you would just change them back to
"t4winInternal". Daniel
Daniel Grau Oct 14, 2010
Money matters An outsourcer requesting refund for a delivered job @Katarina I've experienced similar rejections from clients
that use anti-spam services. Why is a message
flagged as spam? It can be as simple as a dollar
sign on the subject line, the absence of
Daniel Grau Aug 20, 2010
Linguistics Linguistic puzzle Creo que Raúl tiene razón El término inglés "layperson" tiene dos
sentidos: puede referirse a (a) una persona
religiosa no ordenada, o (b) una persona sin
mayores conocimientos sobre un tema dado. Creo que
Daniel Grau Aug 20, 2010
Wordfast support Trados client cannot read document done in Wordfast What would work... ... is Ctrl + Shift + 8, which is a toggle
combination for "Show/Hide (show hidden text)"
uts.htm ). If the shortcut does not
Daniel Grau Jun 30, 2010
Off topic Help from Argentina How about these?
Daniel Grau Jun 8, 2010
Scams Suspicious Email. This is what will happen You may quote outrageously high rates, which
they'll pay in advance by check without blinking,
only that they will "inadvertently" pay more than
you quoted and will eventually request a
Daniel Grau May 17, 2010
Wordfast support Does WF have a function to remove all tags? Mmm... It looks like a .TTX file The file appears to be an HTML export processed
with Tag Editor. Such files need to be converted
before being translated with Wordfast. See, for
Daniel Grau Mar 5, 2010
Wordfast support Does WF have a function to remove all tags? What is the format of those tags? Is it: [TAG HERE] "TAG
HERE" **TAG_HERE Because all you may need is a
global replacement in Word.
Daniel Grau Mar 4, 2010
Office applications MS Word Mac personal dictionary Where personal dictionaries are stored Find them in your Library > Preferences >
Microsoft. I have exception dictionaries for
spellchecking certain kinds of jobs, so I make
regular backups of the whole Microsoft folder. I
Daniel Grau Mar 2, 2010
SDL Trados support SDLX Lite - Is it compatible with Mac? I just tried VirtualBox I downloaded this free software
irtualBox-3.1.2-56127-OSX.dmg ) and installed it.
As soon as I tested it, I recalled why I had
Daniel Grau Jan 17, 2010
SDL Trados support SDLX Lite - Is it compatible with Mac? I installed Windows on my imac All new Macs have Intel processors and include
Apple's BootCamp, a utility that lets you
partition your hard drive (split it into two
logical disks), so you end up with two independent
Daniel Grau Jan 16, 2010
Machine Translation (MT) Understanding Google translate? @juvera [quote]if you connect the top or bottom ends and
the top and bottom lines of the board, the would
end up in a point somewhere in the
distance.[/quote] Granted, but I was not
Daniel Grau Jan 5, 2010
Translator resources Terminlogy Management with Word 2008 for Mac You are out of luck Word 2008 for Mac is a closed system, as it does
not offer the macro facility of older versions.
Any add-ons would have to actually modify the
software. According to industry news, they'll
Daniel Grau Jan 5, 2010
KudoZ Another slant on Pro/Non-Pro questions The discussion area can be used for context requests @Neil: Discussion area:This area is accessed
with the "Post discussion" and should be used for
additional exchanges of context information and
for linguistic discussions on the question
Daniel Grau Jan 4, 2010
Machine Translation (MT) Understanding Google translate? Not parallel! @juvera: I was referring to "the bottom of the
characters" (i.e., the ends of the vertical stems,
where the serifs would be), while you are
considering "the bottom of the text" (i.e., t
Daniel Grau Jan 2, 2010 job systems Vigilance - there's a scam about! Samuel, you are right The entries are from two different companies, and
the "poster banned" notice only appears in one of
them. It's the linking feature that causes
ambiguity, making it look as if they are rela
Daniel Grau Nov 13, 2009 job systems Vigilance - there's a scam about! You've been banned from posting jobs... ... in both of your ProZ pages: • Since July
30: •
Since July 3: Are these
events related? Regards
Daniel Grau Nov 13, 2009
KudoZ Suggestion: show hidden KudoZ answers to profile owners (Staff: 'done') You remind me of my sister... ... who used to store most of her files "in that
handy can on the desktop." No offense
intended. Daniel
Daniel Grau Nov 12, 2009
Marketing for translators Suggestions for a company name needed Have you tried these?
any+name+generator&lr=&aq=f&oq=&aqi=g6 Who
knows, maybe a little fiddling will yield
something viable. Regards, Daniel
Daniel Grau Nov 12, 2009
Health and lifestyle for language professionals What is your personal experience of the current 'flu pandemic? The H1N1 scare faded away in Buenos Aires At the start of the local flu season, some
government officials said that every Argentine
would know at least four people infected with the
virus. But I'm quoting from memory. At any rate,
Daniel Grau Nov 12, 2009
Business issues Help: Client is late paying and this seems ridiculous! Most of my clients pay late Not everyone manages their finances in an orderly
way and most of my clients, at one time or
another, appear to transfer their payment voids
onto me. I don't worry too much, as I have forg
Daniel Grau Nov 12, 2009
Spanish Uso de punto en "balazos" (PPT) Todas esas opciones son válidas Las listas que utilizan "topos" (según la
tipografía clásica, definición 4
TML=2&TIPO_BUS=3&LEMA=topo ) o "viñetas" (según
Daniel Grau Nov 6, 2009
KudoZ Is it correct and fair not to award Kudoz points? @Enrique: The key phrase is "closed sooner or later, anyway" And that's what my answer referred to. Some
questions do get closed by the system, but others
have remained in limbo for years. As for the
mechanisms in place for detecting multiple
Daniel Grau Oct 23, 2009
KudoZ Is it correct and fair not to award Kudoz points? @ Sheila: Questions don't get closed by themselves [quote]Sheila Wilson wrote: but doesn't it get
closed sooner or later, anyway? [/quote] No,
it does not get closed, Sheila. I have open
questions I answered that date back to March,<
Daniel Grau Oct 22, 2009
Business issues This has got to be a record (six quotes in ten minutes in response to a job posting) There was a 750,000-word English/Spanish job
posted at "Oct 20, 2009 13:58 ARST
(GMT-2)." When I opened the link, it said:
"This job was closed @ Oct 20, 2009 14:08 ARST
Daniel Grau Oct 20, 2009
Machine Translation (MT) Understanding Google translate? Translate server error I think this is a Photoshop hoax. If you zoom in
on the picture, you'll notice that the bottom of
the characters are actually parallel to the bottom
of the picture, instead of being parall
Daniel Grau Oct 16, 2009
Wordfast support Wordfast on Mac OS 10.5 You can'n run in with Word 2008 ... because it does not have macro support. You'll
have to keep on using 2004 until the next version
of Office comes out, which will once again support
macros. As for using it with Page
Daniel Grau Oct 2, 2009
SDL Trados support How to create/use the TermBase in SDLX Lite? No can do If you're using the Lite version, you are forever
a slave of those who have the full version (like
your client). They are the only ones who can
create glossaries and memories. Once you
Daniel Grau Sep 29, 2009
Wordfast support Wordfast Classic 5.5 crashing - urgent help needed There are three methods for macros/toolbars to show up in Word 1) The macros may be installed within your This is unlikely. At any rate, if
you've added customizations (key shortcuts,
styles, etc.), always keep a backup. 2) The
Daniel Grau Sep 29, 2009
Translation Theory and Practice Spanish variants - Latin America Localization within localization? My wife was born in Córdoba, a city 700 km away
from Buenos Aires. She names things using
different words than me: • my "atado de
cigarrillos" vs. her "etiqueta" •
Daniel Grau Sep 26, 2009
Wordfast support Wordfast & Powerpoint May be they are graphics? If they are regular text boxes, there is no reason
for WF not to find them, unless they are not. Try
clicking on them to make sure they actually are
editable. Also, I'm not sure WF can
Daniel Grau Sep 26, 2009
Spanish Problemas con TM de Wordfast Este es el procedimiento -- ANULADO Me acabo de dar cuenta de que estás trabajando
con WF pro, y no Classic.

[Edited at 2009-09-24 07:27 GMT]
Daniel Grau Sep 24, 2009 directory How often your profiles are visited through Directory? 4 for the last 30 days Anyway, I've never landed a job through
ProZ. Daniel
Daniel Grau Sep 18, 2009
KudoZ Answers left in limbo That's why I no longer answer community-graded questions In my experience, the community never shows up to
grade and the KudoZ entry rapidly fades into
oblivion. Daniel
Daniel Grau Sep 16, 2009
Office applications Word 2003 files just grow and grow Another possibility is "Fast Save" Check if your settings are using "Enable fast
saves." This feature appends the newly-changed
blocks of text to the end of the file, without
deleting the old text, so any save operation is<
Daniel Grau Sep 12, 2009
Spanish Terribles traducciones en la televisión A veces no les dan el guión y deben transcribir lo que oyen Recuerdo una película en que el terrorista
árabe, con un cinturón cargado de explosivos,
está en el punto más alto de un edificio. Se
niega a entregarse. Retrocede y tropieza con el
Daniel Grau Sep 12, 2009
Business issues Agency cheekiness No dilemma: great way to put it I was thinking along the lines of Andreas. In this
case it would take longer to complain than just
count the words and be done with it. Most probably
your contact lacks experience and is u
Daniel Grau Sep 12, 2009

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SDL Trados Studio 2019 has evolved to bring translators a brand new experience. Designed with user experience at its core, Studio 2019 transforms how new users get up and running and helps experienced users make the most of the powerful features.

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SDL Trados Studio 2019 Freelance
The leading translation software used by over 250,000 translators.

SDL Trados Studio 2019 has evolved to bring translators a brand new experience. Designed with user experience at its core, Studio 2019 transforms how new users get up and running, helps experienced users make the most of the powerful features.

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