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Office applications find replace function for numbers in word Jabberwock is right If you want to swap points to commas and commas to
points, you need an intermediate
replacement: 1) Commas to placeholder: 1,000.00
becomes 1###000.00 2) Periods to commas:
Daniel Grau Sep 6, 2009
Office applications Macro to get words Check PlusTools It's a free program (Word macro) at the Wordfast
oadpage&lang=engb ). Select the files in the
"Tools" tab and then go to the
Daniel Grau Sep 5, 2009
Spanish Castellano o Español? Comentarios interesantes Recordaba que recientemente se había discutido
eso mismo en este foro. Al buscar la mención,
sorprendentemente, encontré varias más: JUL
Daniel Grau Sep 5, 2009
Safe computing Possible scam: "agency" asking translators to buy software from them It's been around for a while See this thread:
. Regards, Daniel
Daniel Grau Sep 4, 2009
Apple/Mac operating systems Mac and MS Entourage problem I don't know why they made it so complicated Here is a possible solution: •
eipt.html However, note that not all email
programs support this "autoconfirm" feature, and
Daniel Grau Aug 13, 2009
Spanish Article: Cómo usar el gerundio en español Mi receta Si el gerundio describe o responde la pregunta de
cómo ocurrió tal cosa, está bien
empleado: • BIEN = La gente iba alegre y
cantando: ¿Cómo iba la gente? Alegre y
Daniel Grau Aug 12, 2009
Spanish Dilema sobre el uso de la palabra "negro" en cuestionario Yo veo una contradicción Y es que estás diciendo "Raza: Negro" en lugar de
"Raza: Negra". Mi sugerencia es cambiar los
términos al género femenino: 4. Raza: 0
Indoamericana o nativa de Alaska 0 Asiática 0
Daniel Grau Aug 6, 2009
Spanish ¿Hasta dónde respetar a la RAE? Los diccionarios son compilados por los intelectuales, pero redactados por los ignorantes Si todos siguieran los diccionarios a pie
juntillas, todavía estaríamos hablando el
español de 1726 (Diccionario de
Autoridades). Ten en cuenta que las palabras se
incorporan al
Daniel Grau Aug 6, 2009
Apple/Mac operating systems Joining Mac world Why a notebook? You pay a premium for portables, as compared to
what you would get for a desktop computer,
whatever the brand. So, do you actually need the
portability? The all-in-one iMacs are a delight,
Daniel Grau Aug 3, 2009
Software applications Visual Basic Macro: Can someone debug it? It seems two constants are not being defined The code sample I mentioned before defines two
additional constants at the top of the subroutines
(the "Declaration" section). If you don't define
SVSFlagsAsync and SVSFPurgeBeforeSpeak as
Daniel Grau Jul 31, 2009
Software applications Visual Basic Macro: Can someone debug it? Define "speech" as global? In this other script, they define "speech" outside
the subroutines, whereby it becomes
Regards, Daniel
Daniel Grau Jul 30, 2009
Business issues What do you make of these statistics (on searches for E/S translator v. google translate)? The graphs are not absolute, but normalized @jyuan_us: According to the Help section at
: [quote]Google Trends analyzes a portion of
Google web searches to compute how many searche
Daniel Grau Jul 25, 2009
Business issues What do you make of these statistics (on searches for E/S translator v. google translate)? I entered several strings in Google Trends, a
feature that keeps tabs of strings used in Google
searches. I discovered several trends that I
cannot quite explain. I used my language
Daniel Grau Jul 25, 2009
CAT Tools Technical Help .PHP file translation: which CAT to use? PrepTags, sold for € 39 Quoting from the PrepTags site (
): [quote]How do you translate HTML, PHP, XML,
ASP, Javascript, SQL, PO,... and many other
formats? Th
Daniel Grau Jul 13, 2009
General technical issues Anti-virus software recommendations OS X Leopard Sorry, couldn't resist. Daniel Grau Jul 3, 2009
KudoZ Kudoz - Leader list - A good moment to sort by usefulness rate too? When I think an existing answer is about right... ... I don't submit a new one. Rather, like many of
my colleagues, I contribute through references,
neutral comments or agrees, stating "Your term is
correct, but..." Thus, the "abstenti
Daniel Grau Jun 24, 2009
KudoZ Kudoz - Leader list - A good moment to sort by usefulness rate too? ProZ should curtail inaccurate answers A case in point is point chasers who reduce the
quality of the KudoZ general glossary by
responding 20 questions per day, all within 5
minutes of being posted, with the first
Daniel Grau Jun 24, 2009 suggestions Increase info required on registration to make life more difficult for spammers Incomplete profiles are unrealized income I'm referring in particular to KudoZ askers who
create blank profiles in order to bypass the
five-question daily limit for free members. If
they were forced to complete a full profile, the
Daniel Grau Jun 19, 2009
Wordfast support Wordfast Users: What do you say to agencies who ask for Trados? Actually, the question I'm asked is not "Do you have Trados?" The question from first-time clients has always
been, "Can you handle Trados files?" To which I
answer "Yes." However, I've always used Wordfast
on a Mac. Occasionally I've received TTX
Daniel Grau May 29, 2009
Wordfast support toolbar on mac is vertical. WHY??? How I fixed it This is what worked for me: 1) Make sure the
Wordfast toolbar is open and position it where you
want it. 2) Go to "Applications > Microsoft
Office 2004 > Office > Startup > Word" and
Daniel Grau May 27, 2009
Linguistics Looking for American "brick-sentence" How about these, from an actual job? • The generally accepted activated sludge plant
coarse bubble mixing air rate standard • To
help determine your enclosed track stand alone
workstation bridge crane’s specific runw
Daniel Grau May 27, 2009
Wordfast support WFC: length(target)<=length(source) No, but there is a workaround Change to a mono-spaced font, like Courier, where
all characters have the same width. Then, as the
source and target segments appear one after the
other, just make sure your translation do
Daniel Grau May 20, 2009
Spanish Renovar membresía? Simplemente el volumen no alcanza En mi caso, solamente he cotizado en ProZ cuando
se han dado las siguientes condiciones: 1) la
oferta requiere mis especialidades 2) la
cantidad de cotizaciones ya enviadas es aún
Daniel Grau May 18, 2009
Machine Translation (MT) '[MT] is most often used alongside [TM] as an adjunct to human translation'. Are you using it? Most of the time, it's garbage. But when it works, it's awsome. Most of the texts I translate don't result in
useful sentences. For example, technical
material. However, I find it works very well
with small TMs, as most terminology is not yet
Daniel Grau Mar 18, 2009
Business issues A German agency is using my CV, yet I've never worked for them Funny thing. I was looking for info on an old
employer of mine, and Google returned what seemed
like my résumé in a German site. The familiar
phrase "Wrote menu-driven accounting program
Daniel Grau Mar 2, 2009
Office applications VB script to search background colour in Word? You are right, it's a WF thing... ... and he does not list it among his
software. As regards this: [quote]changing
one style with another with Find and Replace is
rather trivial... [/quote] A global style
Daniel Grau Feb 28, 2009
Wordfast support define external tags An alternate solution Actually, they don't HAVE to be skipped, as long
as you "Copy Source" as your translation. Once the
file is cleaned up, the result would be the same
as if they had been ignored. Anyway,
Daniel Grau Feb 27, 2009
Office applications VB script to search background colour in Word? There is a problem with applying styles... ... and that is, the format of the text would be
altered. It is better to apply an untranslatable
attribute, such as Marching Red Ants, and then
enable it in WF preferences. The macro woul
Daniel Grau Feb 27, 2009
Office applications VB script to search background colour in Word? DELETED double post

[Edited at 2009-02-27 22:37 GMT]
Daniel Grau Feb 27, 2009
Wordfast support Double strike seems to force some segments to be skipped... I can think of two reasons WF does that, sometimes skipping a whole bunch of
segments (just one, if you are lucky) when it
finds some untranslatable text. This can be caused
by an external gray style (have not seen
Daniel Grau Feb 26, 2009
Spanish Expresión "Fines de semanas" Debe ser "fines de semana" Dado que en este caso "de" indica pertenencia, es
similar a "la mano de Daniel/las manos de Daniel"
(no pluralizarías el nombre propio). Además, los
plurales "normales" se hacen agregand
Daniel Grau Feb 26, 2009
Wordfast support Wordfast - not segmenting after full stop. One possibility: Check your WF options In Setup > Segments, make sure you've selected
"Regular" instead of "Paragraph." Daniel
Daniel Grau Feb 22, 2009
Wordfast support Wordfast runs slow on my new Macbook Sharon, you've got another kind of problem Selecting a TM from within the WF dialog is an
instant process, independent of the TM size. What
does take longer as size increases is
reorganization, so I think your problem originates
Daniel Grau Feb 22, 2009
Wordfast support Can wordfast 6.0 deal with Indesign files? By "Open Space" I meant "Space Before" Sorry for the wrong terminology. Adding a 12 pt
Space Before to all paragraphs will make things
look a bit clearer and easier to follow, as
paragraphs will no longer bunch together. The
Daniel Grau Feb 21, 2009
Wordfast support Images in Wordfast Classic Next time try this global replacement See if these global replacement provide better
results in such problematic cases: 1) Simple
alternative Search for: Hidden text (the content
box should be empty, and the Font > Hidden
Daniel Grau Feb 21, 2009
Wordfast support Can wordfast 6.0 deal with Indesign files? I routinely handle InDesign tag files in WF5 All you need is this: 1) Copy the
tw4winInternal & tw4winExternal styles from a
previous document into the tag file (which is
text-only). The easiest thing is to just paste a
Daniel Grau Feb 9, 2009
SDL Trados support "Unexpected end of segment!" error Try exporting the TM to check it If you cannot see clearly the structure of the
faulty TM unit to decide whether its corrupt or
not, export the TM or part of it using one of the
formats that can be read with a word proces
Daniel Grau Feb 9, 2009
SDL Trados support "Unexpected end of segment!" error Wrong segment is not in TM I believe the wrong segment to blame is in the
document, Brandon, not in the TM. I guess you
should delete it in the document. I don't have
Trados but Wordfast (on Mac), so I'm basing m
Daniel Grau Feb 9, 2009
SDL Trados support "Unexpected end of segment!" error {XE} fields are cross-entries for the alphabetical index In Word, you would add this field to mark a place
in the document whose page number should be
referred to in an alphabetical index. Suppose you
have the following sentence on page 25:
Daniel Grau Feb 9, 2009
Translator resources resource for translating onomatopoeia? You may not need a dictionary There are established onomatopoeias (animal
noises, explosions, certain actions), but certain
actions don't have any. For instance, how would
you describe in French the sound of rushing wa
Daniel Grau Feb 9, 2009
Wordfast support How to delete redundant entries in TM? Is it possible you are not actually using the filter function? Perhaps you are confusing superseded TM units with
duplicates, Chirstel? The former are marked with a
leading "xx." If that is the case, you need to
use the TM editor (Alt M), click on
Daniel Grau Feb 8, 2009
Business issues How big of a threat is Google translate? No threat: the better it gets, the more money I make Driven by the impossibility of using Wordfast plus
an MT program on the Mac (a Windows-only
functionality), I developed my own MT macro, which
I've been using since last August. Whenever
Daniel Grau Feb 7, 2009
Wordfast support Networking and Wordfast Networking and Wordfast > " is this equivalent to mapping a network
address?" Yes, that's right, as all users need
to access files in the server. Make sure all
users have the same version of WF (very import
Daniel Grau Feb 13, 2008
Wordfast support Networking and Wordfast Networking and Wordfast I had similar problems. This is what worked for
me: 1) Only one user has to select "Share this
TM" for a local TM in the dialog box. Despite all
logic, I could not make it work otherwi
Daniel Grau Feb 5, 2008
SDL Trados support Creation of TM out of 2 TMs with different target languages How to do it [post-edited to show < & > symbols correctly] [quote]Marie-Claude Falardeau wrote: We have 2
TMs: EN>SP and EN>IT. They pretty much have the
same source segments (at least 75% of them, I'd
say). Now, we would like to have a IT>SP (o
Daniel Grau Sep 24, 2005

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