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Linguistics the loss of mother tongue temporary loss? I did find when I was living in France and
visiting the Netherlands every 6 months or so,
that I had to get accustomed to the sound of Dutch
(when coming out of the station I could not
Edward Vreeburg Aug 16, 2010
Money matters End-client does not pay, so the translator is not paid either Blue board entry!!! Immediately, as said you work for the agency, not
the end-client, unless there is something wrong
with the quality of your work, they MUST
pay. Ed
Edward Vreeburg Aug 16, 2010
Money matters underestimated job: what to do? give it back I agree with most posters here, you (hopefully)
learned a lesson, you to solve it you can a)
give it back b) hire a professional yourself and
have him take over the job from you This
Edward Vreeburg Aug 16, 2010
Literature / Poetry Is a poem translatable? OF course!!! It just depends on the 2 languages (closely
related, or far apart), the subject (universal or
really personal), the audiance and the form and
freedom. Take "me" for instance, rather
Edward Vreeburg Aug 16, 2010
Translator resources How much does a translator earn? translators are amongst the lowest paid, university educated
professionals... At least in the Netherlands, Be
that as it may , there are a lot of parttimers,
students and people who do it for a seco
Edward Vreeburg Aug 13, 2010
Dutch 7th international conference in Prague bedankt.... maar eeeh Nederlands?? Geintje - but Proz rules are stricktly enforced in
other Languare Forums, so please make an effort
next time and have it translated, or just
say Hé, heeft iemand gekeken naar de volgen
Edward Vreeburg Aug 8, 2010
Dutch Vertalers aller provinciën, verenigt u! organiseren (?) of verzuipen? of... ... misschien moet je gewoon betere klanten
zoeken! Met de opkomst van internet en alle
andere mogelijkheden om zich als beroepsgroep te
organiseren, is het duidelijk dat de laatste jar
Edward Vreeburg Jul 8, 2010
Dutch Artikel ,Laat tolken en vertalers ook gekozen worden' en dan nog iets... >de verhouding 0.XX : 0.YY was 1 :
4,16... ...En dat was alleen nog maar jouw
tarief - uiteindelijk heeft het bureau nog iemand
gevonden die het voor nog minder deed... :
Edward Vreeburg Jun 29, 2010
Money matters Swedish rate for technical translation exotics Hi Jay, it's a question of offer and demand -
if they come looking for you in Korea it either
means they are looking for cheaper translator or
they want high quality, native speakers li
Edward Vreeburg Jun 24, 2010
Translation Theory and Practice Should I write the source language abbreviation out in full? a PVR manual If it's a PVR manual you are translating, the
consumer is very likely to know that PVR means
Personal Video Recorder. I think you may your
write out the full abbreviation one time, the
Edward Vreeburg Jun 13, 2010
Internet for translators Translation small icon I see what you mean... The PC icon and Mac icon show a PC and/or Mac
version is available The Globe icon tells you
there is an online version What about the Set
Language icon of Word (a globe with a book in
Edward Vreeburg Jun 8, 2010
Social networking How to get direct clients on LinkedIn? continue with friends, family and local businesses See who actually needs translation !!! Who are
your clients now, and what are THEIR
competitors Who would YOU LIKE to work for In
WHAT AREAS lie YOUR competences See if they are
Edward Vreeburg May 18, 2010
Money matters Pricing for Swedish translations Tools- community rates? There you can see averages, which are generally a
bit on the low side (considering global influences
and old profiles...) but it should give you an
idea... Ed
Edward Vreeburg May 18, 2010
French demande de conseil informatique ca chauffe! Ah Oui, comme les ordinateurs sont plus ou moins
le meme chose, (4 Go Ram, disque dur 400 Go, grand
ecran, clavier numerique (comme NMR) il faut
aussi regarder si il deviens chaud (par
Edward Vreeburg May 17, 2010
French Tarifs honteux Meme chose ici Anglais -> Néerlandais: récemment un client
Chinois pose comme "non-profit" directement sur
leur offre, mais quand je leur demande, alors
c'est quelle type de bon cause?? leur réponse :
Edward Vreeburg May 16, 2010
Translator resources Looking for Finance/Accounting Eng>French Terminology Bases Sharing? So why don't you share what you have and tell us
what is lacking? Perhaps the multilingual SAP
will help you? (English, German, French,
Italian) --- Ed
Edward Vreeburg May 16, 2010
Business issues Videogaming industry well, better quality perhaps? In order to win back their dwindeling clientele,
companies might decide to go for better
quality?? While the language aspect of a game
only comes in at the later stages of the game, it
Edward Vreeburg May 15, 2010
Business issues Would you like to decide prices without opposition? Yes,no,no,yes,maybe,probably,yes .... and, what do I win? === Ed Edward Vreeburg May 13, 2010
Getting established Career Moves - Taking Translation to the Next Level ..... I'm just slow.... ... It took me ages to get it... I could see the
2nd part, but missed the first....(untill I read
it with a funny accent).... (and I kept coming
back to figure it out too) Mr Stuw Pi
Edward Vreeburg May 10, 2010
Business issues Translation of Machine Translation – how scary is that? Not scary A few weeks ago I was handed a text done with MT
and it almost sounded OK, but detailed
investigation with the original showed that some
parts where as hilarious as always - nonetheless
Edward Vreeburg May 8, 2010
Getting established Bachelor of Electronics needs job urgently in Germany, Freiburg engineering & IT jobs? Good luck Don't call
us, we'll call you Ed
Edward Vreeburg May 8, 2010
Dutch Uren berekenen tbv belastingdienst kom ik net tegen op een andere groep: .... Om op dat vlak aan efficiëntie te winnen,
hebben we nu zelf gelanceerd, een
gratis webapplicatie voor online tijdsregistratie.
Voorlopig als eilandje voor zelfstand
Edward Vreeburg May 6, 2010
Software applications free translation memory software What have you found, what are you looking for? Hi Zerus, Instead of us randomly suggesting all
sorts of things for you, why don't you tell us
what you have found sofar, what your needs are and
whatyou are looking for. And why do
Edward Vreeburg May 6, 2010
KudoZ Close to 45 medical questions in 3 days?? Stricter Kudoz limits please! Who's fault is it [quote]Stéphanie Soudais wrote: Or, people who
keep answering these questions? [/quote] I
agree if all the REAL SPECIALISTS keep helping the
abusers of the system for some points, no
Edward Vreeburg May 3, 2010
Subtitling Subtitling Rates Yes it depends, Hi MovingPix, As always it depends on the
length, complexity, deadline.., etc In your case
I would assume the language combination is also an
important factor. And yes if you have to
Edward Vreeburg May 3, 2010
Getting established Career Moves - Taking Translation to the Next Level hmmmm... overpaid secretary??? : ) Well I guess you just
insulted most people here. But if you're 24 - you
've got lots of money - and like travelling to
exotic locations... You should become
Edward Vreeburg May 2, 2010
Business issues Lionbridge and IBM have announced an alliance to beat their competitors... on the other hand... ... I hardly ever READ the manuals for any of
their products... --- Ed
Edward Vreeburg Apr 30, 2010
Interpreting Good practice/standards of max. interpreting time lengths This seems to be a good one... Check this out: Can domestic courts learn from
international courts and tribunals about good
practice court interpreting? Ludmila Stern,
University of New South
Wales http://e
Edward Vreeburg Apr 30, 2010
Business issues Lionbridge and IBM have announced an alliance to beat their competitors... Worlds apart I think IBM and Lionbridge are worlds apart - in
fact they are probably in different universes all
together... it will be interesting to see how they
will get along (unless all the IBM tra
Edward Vreeburg Apr 29, 2010
Getting established Working for an Indian agency + not being ripped-off some are good, some are bad... just like anywhere else in the world I've seen
Indian companies offer 0,02 / source word, but on
the other hand I have worked for an Indian company
offering 0,17 / source word (they where
Edward Vreeburg Apr 23, 2010
Getting established First documents first document = specialist document anyway You cannot not be a specialist. You must have
something that others do not have. Do you like
knitting, scuba diving, pyramids of Egypt, do you
like vampire movies??? There must be som
Edward Vreeburg Apr 23, 2010
Getting established When to start calling yourself a freelancer it's clear then [quote]KKastenhuber wrote: I don't really get
the point of this posting. [/quote] If I had
0,02 cts for every wannabe translator, cv and
email I receive from all over the world, fr
Edward Vreeburg Apr 22, 2010
Dutch Btis-tarieven via Maar volgens mij is dit een wet uit 2000 of
2003... === Het tarief voor de vergoeding van
werkzaamheden als bedoeld in artikel 3, eerste
lid, onderdeel a, van de wet, bedraagt voor tol
Edward Vreeburg Apr 21, 2010
Translation Theory and Practice How fast can you create a glossary hmmm superspeed vs client expectation OK the client is willing to spend a whole 50
pounds on this for 1600 terms...! and they need
it fast... That sounds like a job for
clickworker or humangrid or some kind of free /
Edward Vreeburg Apr 21, 2010
Getting established When to start calling yourself a freelancer no no no If you want be a professional, and get some
professional tariffs and you think the qualily of
your translations is professional - you are a
professional (and a freelancer who just happens
Edward Vreeburg Apr 20, 2010
Professional development Starting a Career in Translation no disrespect intended [quote]Jocelyne S wrote: I find the general
tone of this thread rather insulting and
disrespectful towards serious professional
translators in India. [/quote] But we are not
Edward Vreeburg Apr 20, 2010
Getting established What can I do next (staff: after working pro-bono for a NGO) what can you do? From working for an NGO you can - work for
another NGO - work as an inhouse translator -
work as a freelancer - work in voice recording -
work in games industry - work in subtitling
Edward Vreeburg Apr 20, 2010
Professional development Translating various fields depends if you are a walking dictionairy and have worked
in several fields, and you have a large list of
friends, family and acquintances working in
various jobs, you might be able to handle quit
Edward Vreeburg Apr 20, 2010
Getting established When to start calling yourself a freelancer I guess immediately Well, you seem to have it figured out already: -
you want to work in translation, but not at
student wages, so I guess that makes you a
freelancer. A freelancer however, is somebody
Edward Vreeburg Apr 20, 2010
Money matters 3 passed due POs but they still ask me to work more. BB entry update On that same subject, I've made a few entries a
couple of years ago and some of those clients are
starting to pay late (2-3 weeks late on both 45
and 60 days already), I believe my initial
Edward Vreeburg Apr 15, 2010
Professional development Starting a Career in Translation don't quit your dayjob With offers in India at around 0.50 INR / source
word (0,01123 USD) a "Carreer" in Translation is
something you might want to get a second opinion
on. Unless you develop a magical mindrea
Edward Vreeburg Apr 15, 2010
Software applications Time saving Invoicing software for freelance translators Word / Excel? With a few templates and automated letters you can
use Word and Excel I suppose, unless you send out
dozens of invoices a month.... Ed
Edward Vreeburg Apr 15, 2010
Wordfast support How can Wordfast be linked to most Machine Translation packages? have you tried just contacting WordFast support to see if they
say they can? --- Ed
Edward Vreeburg Apr 14, 2010
Localization Localization cerification (technical side) Like most things in IT Like most things in IT there is no official
certification in this field... I guess most
depends on what products you are using SAP,
Siebel, Oracle, php or COBOL... Some hands on
Edward Vreeburg Apr 14, 2010
Business issues Translation tests well, some do I've had loads of similar requests, and some
agencies actually have timed translation tests -
you must send them back within 2 or 3 hours - I
guess this is to keep you from getting externa
Edward Vreeburg Apr 14, 2010 job systems Does new rates feature take account of translation vs proofreading? is the reverse also a problem? i.e, if I accept only translation jobs for 0.10 or
higher, and somebody posts a proofreading job at
0,06 or something, will I be send a Job
notification? my proofreading rate is on my
Edward Vreeburg Apr 12, 2010
Money matters how to quote discounts for repeated terms try finding more info on Proz The degree of match between the source document
segment and a translation memory segment is
expressed as a percentage figure. For example, if
the content of a translation memory segment
Edward Vreeburg Apr 9, 2010
Getting established when is one considered a specialist? Could you speak Japanese if you had a dictionary? I guess not. A specialist is somebody who's
forgotten more than most people will ever
know. And sometimes even a specialist will look
into a dictionary, or contact his friends or a
Edward Vreeburg Apr 9, 2010
Getting established How can I get projects consistently at and elsewhere? I do receive some work but most of my work comes from agencies who
contacted me once (via Proz or others) and who are
very happy with my work. Others are also
agencies I contacted, because we had a match in
Edward Vreeburg Apr 9, 2010
Money matters "Amazing" rates from the agency which just won a big contract drop 'm like a hot patato! easy as 1 ..2 ...3... I spiek also ferry goed
Dunglish... meebie eye shoeld applij Ed
Edward Vreeburg Apr 9, 2010

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