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French Nouvelle dans les traductions Bon il faut commencer quelque pars On peut aussi commencer de lire Proz, section
debutantes, mais voila... EXPERIENCE: 20
experience dans le domain - donc vous savez
exactement les mots et expressions utiliser - il<
Edward Vreeburg Apr 27, 2012's Virtual Conferences Discussion for Questions you have always wanted to ask one-day recruitment opportunities! session (2012): Translation Agency Interview very valid points made in this session I gues Apart from the shocking rates (or maybe it's an
eye opener?) I think some very valid points where
made - - you cannot be a generalist and know
everything about anything - so clearly sta
Edward Vreeburg Apr 25, 2012
Business issues How to collect money, when they do not answer any call, email, or the like. bad as it may seem basically you supplied a translation of a certain
text and now the client refuses to pay and have
either disappeared into nothingness or possibly
went bankrupt. The fact your (assigned?
Edward Vreeburg Apr 10, 2012
Business issues A labour of love? Translator because of free will...? I'm just guessing the positive side is because
most people have become translators because of
their own free will - I mean, how many parents
hope their children will ever become a
Edward Vreeburg Mar 26, 2012
Money matters Interpreting rates in France Start with 400-600 if not too stressy Ex transport, transport time, lunch.... Ed Edward Vreeburg Feb 17, 2012
Dutch Notificaties om 12:30 AM???? Alles staat op 'immediate' helaas - en mijn mailadres is ook juist) geen our
spamadres of zo...
Edward Vreeburg Feb 10, 2012
Dutch Notificaties om 12:30 AM???? Hallo collega's Krijgen jullie ook gebundelde
notificaties rond 12:30 AM? Maw voor alle jobs
die overdag op Proz worden gezet, krijg ik pas
rond 12:30 een notificatie, (en die lees ik
Edward Vreeburg Feb 10, 2012
German Ermittlung des Wertes eines TM unbezahlbar Der Wert eines vollständig geprüft und
referenziertes TM: unbezahlbar, andernfalls
können Sie Die Kosten rechnenfür die Zeit den
Sie brauchen ein TM zu lieveren -- ...Click, zip
Edward Vreeburg Feb 6, 2012
Scams A little suspicious, not sure what to do Do a little test...turn it around Pick up some nonsense document, use one of your
alternative email addresses, send an e-mail to
this person to translate that document from say
English to a bizarre and rare language, offer
Edward Vreeburg Jan 9, 2012
Dutch Let op: Je cv wordt illegaal gebruikt Ik kreeg gisteren een nieuw aanbod voor
vertalingen vanuit het Frans, Duits en Engels naar
het Nederlands... tegen tarieven van 0,03 en
0,04. Dat wilde ik natuurlijk controleren en
Edward Vreeburg Jan 3, 2012
Getting established How do I get jobs? look for another job Translation is no way to make money, you will
probably be happier in a call center, or in a
coffee bar, an office environment or
supermarket... You can start translating in your
Edward Vreeburg Jan 3, 2012
Money matters 2nd request for test translation from existing client My thoughts exactly! [quote]Emma Goldsmith wrote: ... will pay you
for such a test. In actual fact, they're not
testing you at all. It's the end client who is
testing the agency. And that's a paid job for<
Edward Vreeburg Dec 30, 2011
French Tarifs pour le révisions à l'heure... tariff normal par heure... Si vous tradisissiez
3000 mots par jour a 0,15 en 8 heures, ca fait 450
euro / jour, donc presque 60 euro
/heure.. Pourqoi le faire moins
chere? Ed
Edward Vreeburg Dec 29, 2011
Business issues Help me politely decline taking low-paying jobs from a regular agency well... It's probably different in Japan... ...but since you are a foreigner, you are probably
forgiven for being rude.. So, I don't see why
you should not just say:" please give me more of
the high-paid jobs, instead of the low-
Edward Vreeburg Dec 27, 2011
Translation Theory and Practice Any developments on 2010/64/EU? you can read it here but it's about the right to interpretation and
translation in criminal
Edward Vreeburg Dec 22, 2011
Business issues The length of sample texts You learn something every day ... I normally don't do any free tests, but one
think I always ask first is: what is the budget
for actual translations... this way I'm sure I
don't do any free tests for people who cannot
Edward Vreeburg Dec 15, 2011
Multilingual families Question about multi-lingual child-rearing I've got one! (13 year kid) The (ex) wife spoke French, I spoke Dutch , we
lived in France for a while and now we live in the
Netherlands. Besides perfect French and Dutch,
m,y son also speaks near fluent English (w
Edward Vreeburg Dec 5, 2011
Money matters Google Translate vs. post-editing - is it the future already? I don't thnk so I'm just discussing this with a client, for a
large tender, worth several millions, in IT -
Since the deadline is already rapidly advancing I
told them I needed to start working on the
Edward Vreeburg Nov 27, 2011
Interpreting How much to charge for interpreting get some more details It seems you've already asked yourself all those
questions, now you should be able to answer them
yourself... What is the reasonable amount I
should charge per hour? Just think what y
Edward Vreeburg Nov 23, 2011
Money matters How to find out if a US agency is going bankrupt Blue Board rating should go down otherwise you can actively contact other
translators who work for this agency /
client... If it takes longer and longer to
receive payment for your invoices, you get all
sorts of fun
Edward Vreeburg Nov 7, 2011
Money matters rates for voiceovers??? time based Just use your normal jour based rates, not much
work, so I guess you're looking at a minimum fee
of an hour or two...
Edward Vreeburg Nov 1, 2011
Scams Corporate identity theft? What do I do??? same here somebody from the middle east used my complete
Proz resume and simply changed the email adres -
claiming to be native Dutch and trying to get
Dutch jobs, without being able to speak a
Edward Vreeburg Oct 8, 2011
Wordfast support WF Pro error: 'could not create the java virtual machine' lets think I think I had similar issues when I accidentally
moved the WF program files into a different
directory... Just check to see that the path for
the icon still refers to the actual location
Edward Vreeburg Sep 29, 2011
Dutch We don't work for free? Vers van de nieuwe jobs:... (bla bla bla).., laag
tarief... (bla bla bla.) kleine stukjes tekst
200-300 woorden, en dan dit: 0.02EUR/W for
repetitions and matches ≥95% Note: we expect
Edward Vreeburg Sep 26, 2011
Money matters Prices for Chinese to German/Europ. Languages try to calculate..
or the community rate calculator (under
tools).... I don't know how many characters you
translate in an hour, but 1000 signs (= words
Edward Vreeburg Jul 31, 2011
Multilingual families multilingual concern kids speak it all Generally kids will speak the language the other
person is most comfortable with. One clear example
of this was a niece (4-5 y.o. at the time) I met
in New York, both parents spoke French
Edward Vreeburg Jul 27, 2011
Multilingual families three languages? With Berni and Phil on this one Children have an amazing capacity to learn
languages and differentiate between them at a
young age. Most often the youngest person in a
expat family will speak the country's language the
Edward Vreeburg Jun 19, 2011
Dutch Nederlands made in India. die Nederlanders in den vreemde ... die zijn volgens mij een grote uitzondering, de
enkeling die daar zit, drukt niet op 'onze' markt,
en weet ook wel welke tarieven er gelden, het zijn
over het algemeen goed opgeleide mense
Edward Vreeburg Jun 15, 2011
Business issues Translation tests I do I do sometimes check a bunch of translation tests
agencies abroad who cannot read the target
language, and the source language is not native
either. I provide them with details on
Edward Vreeburg May 23, 2011
Dutch Nieuwerwetse media ach ik moest ook al de hulp inroepen voor een stukje
wat sloeg op een activiteit in twitter... ... en
dat was voor de ledensite van een
marktonderzoeksbureau... waar voornamelijk mensen
Edward Vreeburg May 23, 2011
Money matters Agencies & "recalculating the word count and analysis figures " it's easy you are paid a low fee you are not happy with the
TM matches and the way they client calculates
them if you just started the job, ( today,
yesterday), you can hand it back saying this is
Edward Vreeburg May 21, 2011
Money matters Rates for specialist/medical translations 0,08 for medical is cheap In vieuw of the risks and required expertise for
medical 0,08 is cheap, no matter if you are a
beginner - most agencies will forward your
translation directly to the client, so if you are<
Edward Vreeburg May 15, 2011
Office applications Establishing a word count for scanned PDFs another (VERY EASY) option Invoice based on TARGET word count - which is
easily verifiable by the client, although he does
not get an accurate upfront quote... depending on
your language combination this may be adv
Edward Vreeburg May 9, 2011
Subtitling subtitling market bad market Hi Sandra, From what I hear and see is that the
market for subtitling is sort of consolidating,
only a few big players remain, offering ever lower
rates and very thight deadlines. Feedb
Edward Vreeburg May 9, 2011
Getting established Choosing translation as a profession in India, is it worthy or not? everybody can translate however, the quality is an issue
here... Staying/living a few years in Sweden
and self proclaimed proficiency in a number of
languages does not make you a proper translator.
But who
Edward Vreeburg Apr 18, 2011
Getting established Choosing translation as a profession in India, is it worthy or not? makes you wonder... [quote]Madeleine MacRae Klintebo wrote: Are you,
for example, able to understand the sarcasm in
Edward's posting? [/quote] ; ))
Edward Vreeburg Apr 16, 2011
Getting established I got no experience at all looks to me you started out with the wrong idea... [quote]SamuelV wrote: ...What to do when I
don't got any experience at all? ..., but I could
definitely translate a software manual.
[/quote] Why do you think you can translate a<
Edward Vreeburg Apr 16, 2011
Getting established Choosing translation as a profession in India, is it worthy or not? cheap rates - join the club If you are in India you probably have a lower cost
of living, and if somehow your language skills in
Swedish and English are perfect ,you can offer
translations at a much lower rate, comp
Edward Vreeburg Apr 14, 2011
French Paiement différé sur Paypal les comptes sont connecte Je pense que leur compte Paypal n' a pas assez
d'argent et Paypal prends l'argent sur le compte
bancaire ou visa du client... ca prends quelque
jours (jus'qu 3 semaines parfois) A+ E
Edward Vreeburg Apr 8, 2011
Dutch OT: voetbalplaatjes ruilen? Bedankt allemaal - ook namens Jeroen!! Zijn boek is mooi vol en hij is heel erg
blij!!! (@Ingeborg, ik heb de plaatjes gisteren
op de bus gedaan), @Suzan, ik hou m'n ogen open
voor olifantjes...) Ed
Edward Vreeburg Mar 1, 2011
Dutch OT: voetbalplaatjes ruilen? Ik heb er een aantal Hi Ingeborg, Ik heb 46, 116, 208, ,
276.... Maar ik moet vandaag nog boodschappen
doen en ik zal ook nog ff bij de buren kijken
(zeker voor de andere helft van FC
Utrecht!) Wa
Edward Vreeburg Feb 26, 2011
Dutch OT: voetbalplaatjes ruilen? Bedankt Ed Vreeburg Rompert Park 25 5233 RJ Den
Bosch BEDANKT!!! ... eeeh ...Troeteltjes -
welke winkel is dat?

[Edited at
2011-02-25 10:21 GMT]
Edward Vreeburg Feb 25, 2011
Dutch OT: voetbalplaatjes ruilen? In dit soort situaties mis ik wel eens mijn
kantoorcollega's... (en ik had me nog zo
voorgenomen om me er niet mee te
bemoeien....) het zoontje van mijn vriendin
mist de volgende:
Edward Vreeburg Feb 25, 2011
Dutch OT: Vertaler in Veronica Magazine OK 'het' [quote]Ingeborg Gonizzi wrote: Aha. En wat
heeft/staat Marlon te melden? In de/het

[Bijgewerkt op 2011-02-24 14:31
GMT] [/quote] we zullen er maar 'het' van
Edward Vreeburg Feb 25, 2011
Lighter side of trans/interp Google Translate for Animals!!!! Forget the nerds at IBM with their Watson, here is
what Google Translate can do for you
pw ; )
Edward Vreeburg Feb 24, 2011
Dutch OT: Vertaler in Veronica Magazine Jawel, dames en heren: een vakgenoot heeft staat
vandaag in het nieuwe Veronica Magazine (of DE
Veronicagids) op pagina 127: Marlon Hanssen uit
Heerlen - beëdigd vertaler Frans, Duits, En
Edward Vreeburg Feb 24, 2011
Powwows Powwow Belgium or the Netherlands? Nuenen is coming up.... That's pretty south... (near Eindhoven) This
summer I'm thinking about organizing one in Den
Bosch - when we have some nice weather
again... Ed
Edward Vreeburg Feb 18, 2011
Dutch Help needed with Dutch football league Just rummaging through my son's AH soccer stickers select a club
and select SPELERS Or here: select spelers
top20: 1. Vleminckx - NEC 2. Boelynkin - FC
Den Haa
Edward Vreeburg Feb 13, 2011
Subtitling How to calculate rates for subtitle editing by the minute I guess you also need to check the spotting, so
you are going to have to check translated and
extremely shortened text - not an easy task.
If you charge word-rate, you will be extrem
Edward Vreeburg Feb 13, 2011
Money matters Fee for interpreting jobs full day fee Probably upwards of 300 - 450 euros, even if you
just have to sit in the car all day. (or even if
your services are not really required
onsite)... You just miss a whole day of
Edward Vreeburg Feb 8, 2011

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