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Interpreting You're interpreting then your allergies kick in and you start sneezing. Protocol? How to avoid/delay sneezing Someone once showed me a little trick to avoid
sneezing: as soon as you feel the next outburst is
going to happen, you take two fingers and press
them against your face, between your cheek
opolt Sep 15, 2011
German Berechnung von Beglaubigungen / beglaubigten Übersetzungen Ganz normal Nach meiner Meinung kannst du berechnen, was du
willst, im Rahmen dessen, was nicht als
sittenwidrig gilt und sonst nicht gegen das Gesetz
verstößt. Aber wie es so schön heißt, IANAL,<
opolt Sep 14, 2011
Translation Theory and Practice Mental operation of translator during translation Internal speech Personally I have no idea either, and I think that
we're still very, very far from properly
understanding language/speech, let alone
translation -- the complete failure of machine
opolt Sep 6, 2011
Poll Discussion Poll: How many times do you proofread your translations when there's an ample deadline? Up to six But of course, things may vary a bit according to
the type of project, i.e. sometimes two stages are
merged into one. Three to four (depending on how
you count) is the absolute minimum no
opolt Sep 6, 2011
Poll Discussion Poll: Which is the weirdest place where you've ever worked on a translation/interpretation job? On a rail bridge over a river A manufacturer of rail points/switches had asked
me to interpret for a potential client of theirs.
I have survived other jobs related to the railway
industry, which involved going to repai
opolt Aug 31, 2011 technical support How to make a link to Proz profile It should be there ... ... on the top left corner of the page when you
open your profile, where it says "Share your
Just copy it over. Or don't you have that o
opolt Aug 16, 2011
Off topic Classical music I should listen to before I die :-D A guitar piece As I am a classical guitar player (amateur level)
myself, I would like to throw in a very biassed
suggestion here :-] The classical guitar has
lost a lot of prominence in the last two d
opolt Aug 12, 2011
Money matters Strange behaviour of an Agency It's just an excuse [quote]Rolf Kern wrote: .... In this country it
is completely different. There is no accounting
department to deal with. Your contact in every
respect is the PM, also in payment matters
opolt Aug 10, 2011
In memoriam RIP Hans G. Liepert I miss him, and ... ... it must be said, he was a very worthy KudoZ
leader in the English-German language
combination. I was really looking forward to
meeting him personally at the Berlin Powwow, but
opolt Aug 10, 2011
German Schnelles Reagieren auf Anfragen Heftige Anwürfe führen nicht weiter [quote]Richard Schneider wrote: ... Ich
finde es interessant, dass ihr einerseits die von
mir beschriebene Beamtenmentalität (oder anders
ausgedrückt die mangelnden
opolt Aug 7, 2011
German Schnelles Reagieren auf Anfragen E-Mail-Benachrichtigung u.a. Um zum Thema zurückzukehren, wollte ich noch
erwähnen, dass es die Möglichkeit gibt, bei
einer empfangenen E-Mail eine SMS verschicken zu
lassen, das funktioniert auch bei einem ganz
opolt Aug 5, 2011
German Schnelles Reagieren auf Anfragen @Richard: Realitätsferne Vorstellungen [quote]Cetacea wrote: [quote]Richard Schneider
wrote: [quote]Eine solche Arbeitseinstellung
kann man sich als Beamter oder Angestellter
leisten, als Selbstständiger aber nicht.
opolt Aug 5, 2011
German Schnelles Reagieren auf Anfragen Schlafmütze? Lieber Richard, ich schätze deine Beiträge in
den hiesigen Foren sehr und finde sie sehr
stimulierend, auch wenn ich nicht immer
übereinstimme -- und das meine ich ehrlich, ganz
opolt Aug 4, 2011
German Schnelles Reagieren auf Anfragen Je nachdem Ich persönlich nehme eine Mittelposition irgendwo
zwischen Nicole und Richard ein :-] Wer
hauptsächlich als Auftraggeber auftritt, muss die
Sache natürlich oft schnell vom Tisch beko
opolt Aug 4, 2011
Software applications Freeware glossary lookup tool wanted @Samuel I'm not sure what you want to imply by saying that
"dict is a format, not a program". Actually, it is
neither -- or either, depending on how you see it
-- because it's a network protocol (
opolt Aug 4, 2011
Software applications Freeware glossary lookup tool wanted Dict ??? Maybe dict is worth a look here -- though some
file conversion will be necessary (should not be
too difficult from what I have
seen): I
don't kn
opolt Aug 4, 2011
German Top 100: Die größten Sprachdienstleister in Deutschland Zusammenschlüsse und Konkurrenzdenken Ich wollte zunächst anmerken, dass es aus meiner
Sicht wohl kein Zufall ist, dass die größeren
Agenturen oft die schlechteren sind. Denn dort
greift wohl die wirtschaftliche Eigendynami
opolt Jul 26, 2011
Off topic British offended by Americanisms Here we go again :-] This topic just refuses to die :-]. I vividly
remember an angry discussion between Americans and
Brits many, many years ago in Compuserve's FLEFO,
after someone had quoted an article where
opolt Jul 21, 2011
German Beglaubigte Übersetzung - Stempel Nicht in Berlin ... ... zum Glück -- im Zentrum des längst
untergegangenen Preußens ;-] sieht man es ganz
relaxt: "Für die äußere Gestaltung des
Stempels (rund oder eckig, ein- oder zweisprachig)
opolt Jul 19, 2011 suggestions personal glossaries - order out of chaos Gracias Alejandro Thank you Alejandro for the feedback, I'm happy
this area is being considered for a much needed
update! Personally I don't have any further
suggestions at the moment, but I would be hap
opolt Jul 11, 2011
Getting established Looking for a Translator to sub contract with ... Put up an "Exchange" request Hi Jackie, maybe you'll want to publish an
offer or a request here
... for
"Mentoring", or whatever suits you best. Good
opolt Jul 8, 2011 suggestions personal glossaries - order out of chaos Agree with Susan 100% Susan, thanks a lot for bringing this up. As I see
it, and to put it bluntly, the Proz personal
glossary functions are rather limited and clumsy,
and look a bit outdated. Months ago I s
opolt Jul 8, 2011
SDL Trados support how to translate poetry in SDL Studio 2009 @apk12 [quote]apk12 wrote: [quote]opolt wrote: Of
course people should be allowed to position
themselves! The only thing, it was all OT.
[/quote] Erm, what? Positioning their view,
opolt Jun 10, 2011
SDL Trados support how to translate poetry in SDL Studio 2009 @apk12 As you can see, I have corrected/deleted the
"storm" comment I made, because it simply wasn't
correct. Apart from that, I think I've made it
clear that I can't follow Verónica in her
opolt Jun 10, 2011
SDL Trados support how to translate poetry in SDL Studio 2009 Thanks Veronica Thank you for the feedback. I will think about
what you said, though frankly right now I don't
get the point about repetitions/retyping,
especially when it comes to poetry, and even mor
opolt Jun 10, 2011
SDL Trados support how to translate poetry in SDL Studio 2009 Just wondering Excuse me, but why would one use a CAT tool for
the translation of a poem? Isn't that a bit of
overkill? Where is the benefit in doing so, given
that poetry (almost by definition) should b
opolt Jun 8, 2011
Fun with language European languages quiz 370 I didn't know I knew Phoenician so well
;-) Also, just imagine the silent stare of the
crowd after Kennedy saying: "Ick been ain
Hamburger ..." -- LOL
opolt Jun 2, 2011
German Ist es Deutsch? Hallo Andrzej Ich gebe meinen Vorrednern recht. Ich bin
normalerweise kein Freund der kurzen Schlagworte,
aber dieser Text ist streckenweise schlichtweg
Mist -- ganz egal wie er zustande gekommen ist
opolt Jun 2, 2011
Translator resources German-English glossary regarding energy sector/engineering/power plants/technical texts Guten Tag, Michael, maybe ... ... this is one of the dictionaries to
opolt May 31, 2011
Linux OS / Free software Are you a Linux Translator? The problem is MS Word compatibility Hi Milos, if you're serious about jumping on the
bandwagon :-), sadly you'll have to live with some
MS Word and Trados incompatibility, which is the
main problem when becoming a "Linux tra
opolt May 6, 2011
Translation news American decodes weird Spanish slang Hilo dental Thanks Henry, very nice! -- I didn't know any of
these, with one exception: the "hilo dental"
thingy, which is so funny -- and so true
oftentimes ;-) But I knew it already from Cuba
opolt Apr 28, 2011
Off topic Warum man Schilder nicht automatisch übersetzen lassen sollte.. Heh, heh :-) *Aufn Schenkel klopf* -- Ist ja wirklich
"brutalstmögliche Aufklärung" -- vielen Dank
für die Ablenkung, Gudrun! :-)
opolt Apr 18, 2011
General technical issues Unicode and .po files Makes sense Ambrose, though ... ... I'm puzzled why it should be opened as
ISO-8859-1 by two or three different editors?
JEdit, for instance, autodetects UTF just
fine. @Russell: In jEdit, you can do this:
"File -
opolt Apr 14, 2011
General technical issues Unicode and .po files Maybe a poedit bug then, though ... ... I couldn't repeat the behaviour on my machine,
even with some accented characters (like yours)
thrown in. (Then again I'm on Linux, plus the
version numbers of my software will be
opolt Apr 14, 2011
General technical issues Unicode and .po files With Samuel and Ambrose Russell, obviously, as Ambrose has said,
Wordpad is not fully Unicode compliant. You might
also have a font problem, i.e. lack of complete
fonts (though after seeing your language combo
opolt Apr 14, 2011
Off topic Food for thought It should be "a historic" ... ... at least that's what I believe :-], given that
(again) the /h/ counts as a consonant (see
Wikipedia link provided by me above). So in my
book this one doesn't count as an aberration
opolt Apr 10, 2011
Off topic Food for thought Makes perfect sense, Stéphanie ... ... given that the /j/ is among the group of
"palatal approximant consonants" ... so that
should go down well with a nice bottle of
Valdepeñas I guess ;-) Don't be too afraid, it
opolt Apr 10, 2011
Off topic Food for thought Because the "u" is pronounced as a consonant The "/j/", viewed as a phoneme, constitutes a
consonant, even though it's not written in this
case (pronunciation like in
opolt Apr 10, 2011
Linguistics Which language is the most beautiful language for you? True, all of them, but ... ... somehow one develops a preference, like with
food or anything else that matters in life ... I
guess it largely depends on the emotional context,
and also on what is fashionable in your
opolt Apr 3, 2011
Linguistics Which language is the most beautiful language for you? (Standard) Arabic -- at least the script I learned the basics of Arabic some years ago, and
as far as the script is concerned, Arabic wins
hands down! You may no believe me, but the
script is not difficult at all: *I had no
opolt Apr 2, 2011
Multilingual families German in Vietnam on raising multilingual child Clarification Just to clarify, Marco, my remark wrt the
importance of English was intended to express my
personal view that it's not really a "must",
especially if you look into the future. In many
opolt Apr 2, 2011
Multilingual families German in Vietnam on raising multilingual child I wouldn't do it Hi Marco, Congrats on becoming a daddy!
:-) Short answer: Hugely risky, I would go for
German (or maybe English) and Vietnamese, and wait
for the rest to develop. Long answer:
opolt Apr 1, 2011
Off topic Thoughts for Japan It's far from over [quote]Tomás Cano Binder, CT
wrote: [quote]opolt wrote: However, I have to
say, wrt the nuclear desaster now developing, my
feeling is that the Japanese authorities and TEPCO
opolt Mar 22, 2011
Off topic Thoughts for Japan Nuclear desaster developing My heart and my condolences go out to all those
people suffering in Japan. Natural forces have
treated them an unfair, brutal blow, and I hope
they'll recover as much as possible from this
opolt Mar 16, 2011
Translation Project / Vendor Management Bad bad postulants Mail option Lany, the mail option only appears (as a clickable
link) if you select at least one candidate
first. In the "advanced directory", things work
a bit differently, though it should be easy
opolt Mar 16, 2011
Translation Project / Vendor Management Bad bad postulants Translators directory Lany, do yourself a favour and play around with
the directories a bit. Go to "Jobs &
Directories" --> "Translators & Interpreters".
Select a few criteria and refresh/reload the list.
opolt Mar 16, 2011
Translation Project / Vendor Management Bad bad postulants Agree with Daina and polyglot Sorry, but you got what you asked for, Lany :-).
No surprise here. Of course you may specifiy
Trados as a requirement, but still ... RE "too
many variables": I don't quite see the po
opolt Mar 16, 2011
Linux OS / Free software Best Linux for ASUS N61Jv x64-based notebook & DSL-G31 Wireless ADSL Modem Router Probably Ubuntu Personally I don't know anything about this
notebook, but if you look around in Linux
discussion forums etc., you might find some
info. At any rate, unless you are really into
opolt Mar 12, 2011
Business issues Tricky business ethics & legal issue Get him moving Without touching all the issues at stake here,
what I would do (and quickly!), is to "force my
way through" to get into contact with him. That
should be your top priority, for practical
opolt Mar 11, 2011
Powwows Powwow: Berlin - Germany Erstaunlich ... ... wer hier alles nach Berlin kommen will, zum
Teil aus weiter Ferne. Ick sitze da und wundre
mir ... Gruß aus Bln.-Charlottengrad.
opolt Mar 9, 2011

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