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Fourth ProZ.com Translation Contest

English to Chinese


Source text:

When my wife told me she was pregnant, I got that stomach-churning sensation that hits you on a plunging roller coaster. I was excited, yes, but... oh my God. Parenting was for, well, parents.

So here I stand, bug-eyed and sweating buckets like some poorly-drawn cartoon character, the question marks floating in the air around my head while I try to prepare myself for the complete care and responsibility of another living being besides my cat. I'm responsible for making sure this little human doesn't grow up and turn into a complete monster. If the child turns out a social moron-- my fault. If the babe can't find Luxembourg on the map, blame me for not providing a better education. They'll need therapy, and of course that will be on my head too. So many opportunities for wrong turns!

I remember the day my father sat me down and awkwardly told me about the birds and the bees; it was perhaps the most excruciating and embarrassing half hour of both our lives. I can't do that to another human being.

Maybe I'm getting a little ahead of myself here. I can do this, I say; I'll be a great father. My child will be reared a well-rounded, educated, upstanding citizen of the world, and he or she won't hate me.

And then I imagine the baby, still safe within the confines of my wife's belly, suddenly opening an alarmed eye as the thought enters his or her mind: "What if my dad just can't hack it?

Entry #1862 - Points: 5 - WINNER!
Shouguang Cao

Entry #1858 - Points: 4
Ellen Xu

Entry #1961 - Points: 4
H. J. Zhang

    于是我站在那里,瞪大了眼睛,豆大的汗珠滚下来,活像一个画得很拙劣的漫画人物。从此,除了我的猫咪外,我将担负起悉心照顾另一个生命的 Show full text

Entry #2005 - Points: 4
Wenjer Leuschel (X)
This is a Traditional Chinese translation.


於是,我呆立在那兒,瞪大眼睛,流了一身汗,好像被畫壞了的卡通人物,試著準備要善盡責任,照顧我所養的貓之外的另一個生物,卻在腦袋四周飄浮著一堆問號。我有責任確保這小小人兒不會長成大怪物。如果孩子成了 Show full text

Entry #2137 - Points: 4

Entry #1810 - Points: 0
老婆告诉我她已怀孕时,我有过山车冲下时胃里翻江倒海的感觉。的的确确,我那时很激动,但是...... 我的天啊。从此养儿育女 --- 啊 --- 因此身为父母。

这下我瞪眼站着、汗如雨下,形如画得拙劣的卡通人物。为了我的猫之外的另一生命,我尽力准备着给予全面护理、担起所有责任时,我头脑里飘荡着问号。我有责任确保这个小家伙长大不会变质成彻头彻尾的怪物。如果变 Show full text

Entry #1994 - Points: 0
当我试着准备为除了我的猫咪以外的另一个生命全心投入并且负起责任的时候,一大堆的问题浮现在我的脑中,我愣在那里,瞪大了眼睛,浑身冒汗,就像有些被描绘得很糟糕的漫画人物。我有责任确保这个小家伙长大后不 Show full text

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