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The problem of being awkward with introductions is not, for many, an “unusual situation.” You may find that you are often uncertain about whether to introduce someone using their first name, last name, or both; about whether to use a qualifier (“this is my friend, ______”); even about whether or not it is in fact your responsibility to introduce two people in a given situation. But all of this is small potatoes compared with the seemingly inevitable mingling nightmare of having to introduce someone whose name you have forgotten.

It’s one thing to forget someone’s name if you’ve met them only once or twice, or if you haven’t seen them in a while. But all too often it’s someone whose name you really should know, and who is going to be insulted to find out you don’t. In other words, a faux pas in the making.

This is absolute agony when it happens, and I’ve watched hundreds of minglers try to deal with different ways, ranging from exuberant apology (“Oh GOD, I’m so sorry, JEEZ, wow, I can’t believe I’ve forgotten your name!”) to throwing up their hands and walking away. But there are better ways to deal with this kind of mental slip. Next time you draw a blank while making introductions, try the following ploy:

Force them to introduce themselves. This is the smoothest and most effective way to handle your memory lapse. When it’s done well, no one will ever suspect you. If you have forgotten one person’s name in the group, turn to that person first and smile. Then turn invitingly to a person whose name you do remember and say, “This is Linden Bond,” turning back casually toward the forgotten person. The person whose name you haven’t mentioned yet will automatically (it’s a reflex) say “Nice to meet you, Linden, I’m Sylvia Cooper,” and usually offer a hand to shake.

Entry #880 - Points: 0
Per a molts, el problema de sentir-se incòmode amb les presentacions no és pas una situació inusual. Hom pot dubtar, sovint, sobre si presentar algú fent servir el seu nom, cognom o ambdós; sobre si fer servir alguna mena de qualificatiu ("aquest és el meu amic ____"); fins i tot dubtar sobre si és o no, de fet, responsabilitat pròpia presentar dues persones en una situació concreta. Però tot plegat són foteses comparat amb l'incomparable, inevitable i horrible malson d'haver de presentar Show full text

Entry #918 - Points: 0
gloria montserrat
Per molta gent, el problema de fer malament les presentacions no és una “situació anormal”. De vegades pot ser que no estiguis segur de si has de presentar algú dient el nom, el cognom, o tots dos; de si fer servir un qualificatiu (“aquest és el meu amic, ....”); fins i tot de si és responsabilitat teva o no presentar dues persones en una situació puntual. Però tot això no és res comparat amb el malson social aparentment inevitable d’haver de presentar algú de qui no recordes Show full text

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I feel so lonely... It's so sad that there has been real contest in other languages with less speakers in this world. Either Catalan speakers need to believe that this language is worth speaking and enjoying... or they are too busy!!! :P.